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Volume 4 Issue12

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1. Development and Testing of Novel Mini Wind Turbine (NMWT) Set
Prof. Pramod B. Magade, Dr. S. P. Chavan
2. Terminal Heat stress in Bread Wheat: A Critical Study
Radha Sharma, Richa Sharma
3. Removal of Fluoride from Ground Water using Pineapple peel as Biosorbent
Achla Rani, Dr. Archana Tomar,Dr. Rajiv Sharma
4. Global Tourism Recommendation System Based on GPS and Geotagged Web Photos and Optimization
L.Maria Michael Visuwasam, 2.Deepika, 3.Babyshamini
5. Portrayal ofWomen in Khalid Hosseini’s Novel: A Thousand Splendid Suns
Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Tantray, Dr. Kranti Vats
6. An Experimental Study on Clock Stabilization of IRNSS-GPSSBAS (IGS) Receiver
Somnath Mahato, Atanu Santra, Sukabya Dan, P Banerjee and Anindya Bose
7. An Exploratory Study for Enriching TPM Implementation through OD Interventions
Ashok Kumar V
8. Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Helical Coil
Malik Parveez
9. Influence of Altered Ph Media on the Gill Histology of Prawn Litopenaeus Vannamei during Acute Aand Chronic Exposure
Suneetha.T., Ramanamma.T., Sailaja.V
10. Building Information Modeling Interoperability Issues
Prof. Narinder Singh , Prof Bikramjit Singh , Prof. Harvinder Singh, Prof. Hardip singh rai
11. Aquifer Modeling for Identifying the Dry Cells in Greater Noida Region for Rain Water Harvesting
Mohd. Saleem, Shobha Ram , Gauhar Mahmood
12. A Study on the Cause and Relationship of the Stock Exchange Rate, Inflation Rate, Industrial Production Index and Oil Price in India
Akhil Bhargava, Dr. Shivi Khanna
13. Harnessing the Mammoth through Artificial Intelligence: Managing Number in ODL
Dr. S K Pulist
14. Design and Analysis of Impact Attenuator for Formula SAE Race car And Passenger Vehicle
Prateek , Awaishuddin , Sandeep, Mr. Gurpreet Singh Matharou
15. Vertex Coloring Problem Approach using Adjacency Matrix
Charu Negi, Ajay Narayan Shukla
16. Optical Properties of Amourphous Se90Sb10-xAgx using TAUC and URBACH Model
Nidhi Yaduvanshi, Deepak kumar, Nikhil Rastogi
17. Consumer Decision Making in Rural Market
Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Neha, Ranu Kumar
18. The Role of Environment and Eclectic Personality of Ved Nayar in His Contributions to Indian Contemporary Art
Ghazala Parveen
19. Estimation of Vehicle Operating Cost for Railway Over Bridge with Geometric Parameters
Prof. Omprakash Netula, Saurabh Agarwal, Er. Nikhil Kr. Sharma
20. Comparison of Algorithms used for Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using MATLAB
Shubhra Aakanksha, Sucheta Singh, Manisha R Singh, Dr. Mohit Shani
21. A Review Paper on SPC Process in Tablet and Syrup Manufacturing Area of a Pharmaceutical Company.
Deepika Gurjar
22. Empowering the Employee: Managing Job Stress in the Workplace
S. Kumari, Dr. M. S. Arunachalam
23. Congo Red Dye Removal From Aqueous Solution Using Activated Orange Peel
Seema, Anil Yadav, Mamta Bhagat, Virender Yadav
24. Meaning & Benefits of G.S.T
Neetu Rani
25. Concept of Underpinning & Response of Underpinned Building for Ground Excitation
Shubham Babar, Prof. B. S. Karkare, G. R. Chillal
26. Reflection of Women in Contemporary Indian Art Context
Mohsina Aaftab
27. Sheikh ul Alam’s Poetry: The Discourse of Knowledge
Sumaya Firdous
28. Career Opportunities in Home Science
Mrs Ranjit Kaur
29. Long Term Impact of Financial Education Courses Taken in High School and Under-Graduation on Financial Behaviour
Movina Periwal, Dr. Shivi Khanna
30. On the Asymptotically Regular Sequences and Maps with Application
Umashankar Singh, Neeraj Malviya and Naval Singh
31. Developing an Index to Determine the Degree and Influence of Management Subject Taught to Students Pursuing Technical Courses
Diksha Singla, Akash Bharadwaj and Sanjive Saxena
32. Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine in the Presence of AscorbicAcid using Curcumin Modified Carbon Paste Electrode
Harshavardhan Aand Manjappa S
33. Combustion of Polluting Gases from Automotive Exhaust
Marvi Kaushik, Sanchita Chauhan
34. Ozone Hole and Global Warming
Gursharn Singh, Beant Singh
35. Light Weight Aggregate Concrete by using Coconut Shell
B.R. Gautam, L.R. Gangwani
36. Experimental Study on Grain Sized Crystals in the thin Layers of OFETs
Silpa S. Prasad and K. Shreekrishna Kumar
37. An Analysis of Impact of Brexit on the Indian IT Sector
38. Cultural Empathy and International Adjustment: A Study of Professional Indian Expatriates
Shavina Goyal and Navjot Kaur
39. Fluidized-Bed Combustion Technology in the India; A Review
Raghvendra Gautam
40. Nutraceuticals-Health Benefits : A Review
Tehmeena Ahad, Jasia Nissar and A. H. Rather
41. Sustainable Development Imperatives for new Towns in Hilly Areas: A Case of India
Arbooj Gaurav, Khakhar Mona
42. Detecting Hate Speech and Insults on Social Commentary using NLP and Machine Learning
Hitesh Kumar Sharma, T.P. Singh, K Kshitiz, Harsimran Singh, Prince Kukreja
43. AC Conductivity of Ternary Chalcogenide Glasses Se85- xTe15Inx (x =2,6,10 and 15)
Ram Murti, Navdeep Goyal
44. Effect of CTAB on the Surface Activity of Hydroxypropylcellulose
Paray Aijaz Ahmad
45. Transforming Growth Factor-β and Smad Dependent Signaling
Sabreena Aashaq, Asiya Batool, Younus A Bhat
46. Applications of Biotechnology in Food Technology
Jasia Nissar, Tehmeena Ahad, Fiza Nazir, Rehana Salim
47. Introduction to Prebiotics
Fiza Nazir, Rehana Salim, Jasia Nissar
48. Antimicrobial Food Packaging
Rehana Salim, Fiza Nazir, Furheen Amin and Jasia Nissar
49. QSAR and QSPR Model Development and Comparison for Drugs Having Low Solubility
Nupur S Munjal, Sumita Dutta, Manu Sharma, Chittaranjan Rout
50. Investigations on the Impacts of Mining Activities on Water Bodies and Its Mitigation Measures
Ravi K. Jade
51. A Study on the Impact of CSR on Financial Performance of Companies in India
Arpit Bafna
52. Irrigation scheduling to Potato based on soil matric potential in the North-Western Indian Plains
Sanjeev Ahuja, Kulbir Singh