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Volume 4 Issue 9

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1. Status of Social Adjustment of Adolescence Boys with Hearing Impairment
Bhola Vishwakarma, Dr. Sita Ram Pal
2. Influence of Host Lattice Cations on the Charge Transfer Band (CTB) of Scheelite Host Lattices
J. Mastan, G. R. Patta, U.V. Varadaraju and S. Asiri Naidu
3. The Non-Linear Dynamics in Weather: “The Butterfly Effect”
Patan Akram Khan, B.Harika
4. Indian Women and Compensatory Consumption: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach
Dr. Shallu Singh
5. Dynamic Analysis of Multistoried Regular Building
Devath Nagababu, Dr. S Sunil Pratap Reddy, Syed Viqar Malik
6. Experimental and Analytical Study on Torsional Behavior of RC Flanged Beams with Strengthened with Glass FRP
Kamadri Sriveena, Dr. S Sunil Pratap Reddy, Syed Riyaz
7. Unifying Electric Theory and Circuits in Engineering Curriculum
Sridhar Chitta, Dr. V. Kamaraju, Vedula Kavya
8. Effect of Silica Fume on Steel Slag Concrete
Karthik, Dr.S Sunil Pratap Reddy, Muchakurthi Karthik
9. Design and Synthesis of Some Quinazoline Derivatives as Anti- Inflammatory Agents
Ranju Bansal, Gurleen Kaur
10. S.P.A.C.E - Statistical Process Analytical Control Exercise: A Rapid insights generation methodology for Incidents, Problems and Changes in IT Infrastructure Services
Dr. Selvan C, Jitendranath Palem
11. Spectroscopic Evidence for Steric Enhancement of Resonance in Rhodium (III) Chloride Complexes
Manam Sreenivasarao ,V B R Krishnan K
12. Inter Linkage between Life Science and Medicine
Dr. Darshana, Dr. Amitabh
13. Flexural Behavior of Ultra-High Performance Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete: A State of the Art Review
G.Gautham Kishore Reddy, P.Ramadoss
14. Assessing the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment
Joiceswarnalatha.R, Dr. V.Murali Krishna
15. Distribution of Creep Stresses and Creep Rates in Transversely Isotropic FGM Cylinder
Vyankatesh S. Kulkarni, Dr. Brajesh Tripathi
16. A Study of Bio-medical Image Registration Algorithms
Rakesh Prabhu, A. M. Khan
17. Emerging Trends and Technologies in Big Data Analytics: Applications in Libraries
Dr. J.Vivekavardhan
18. Teaching English: Going beyond Imparting Values in an ELT Classroom
Dr. Nirmala Rita Nair, Dr. Gitasri Mukherjee
19. Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment and Disposal of Concentrated Rejects: A Review
Parimal Pal and Ritwik Thakura
20. Control and Management Scheme of PV Integrated Charging Facilities for PEVs with Texas CC3200 IoT Technology
R.Vijayakumar, Dr. K.Malarvizhi, S.Divyapriya
21. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Cultures Sensitive to High Doses of Vitamin C and Anti Tuberculosis Drugs is Most Likely Due to Pro-Oxidant Activity
G.Mary Manjusha Rani
22. Optical Studies of Metal Substituted Phthalocyanine Thin Films
Lekshmi Vijayan, K.Shreekrishna Kumar
23. Spectral And Theoretical Studies On The Impact Of M(II) Complexes Of Amino Acid-Nucleobase Hybrid Ligand On BSA Binding: An Approach Towards New Metallodrugs
V. Violet Dhayabaran, T. Daniel Prakash
24. Simple Spray Pyrolysis Deposition of SnO2 thin Films and their Structural, Morphological and Optical Characterization
Mekane S.M, Bhalekar R.S
25. Integrated Reporting: Comparative Case Study of 2016 Annual Reports of Five Companies
Dr. Pramod Damle, Kruthika More, Sabarinath Reddy Dereddy
26. Optimisation of Pressure Loss and Flow Distribution at Pipe Bifurcation
Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, Abhijeeth Nagaraj
27. Drying of Red Chilli in Photovoltaic Powered Greenhouse Dryer
Samreen, M. Madhava and A. Rama Rao
28. Automatic Age Estimation Based on LBP and GLCM using BGMM
Venkatarao Rampay, Ch. Satyanarayana
29. RTD studies in Liquid – Solid Tapered Fluidized bed
D. Anitha, T.Bala Narsaiah, V.V.Basava Rao
30. Commodity Derivatives Market in India: Evolution, Development and Growth
Dr P N Harikumar, Manoj Narayanan K S
31. One Dimensional Nanostructure Scaffolds for Biomedical Tissue Engineering
Sanchit Kondawar, Dattatray Late
32. Performance Comparison of Image Stitching Methods under Different Illumination Conditions
Venkat P. Patil , Umakant B. Gohatre
33. Shashi Deshpande: Women Oriented Writer
Dr. Deepali Sharma
34. Comparative Estimation of Trajectory based Tracking System and Impact of Subsequent on Projectile Course in 3-D Utilizing Motion Technique
Umakant Bhaskarrao Gohatre , Venkat P. Patil
35. Issues Pertaining to Successful Rural Tourism in the Malda District of West Bengal.
Dr. Monirul Islam
36. An Optimization Model to Estimate Railway Network Capacity
Neeraj Saini, G. Agarwal
37. Adaptability Reasons: to Implement e-Learning in Organizations and Companies.
Lovkesh S Vermani
38. Shear behaviour of BFRP Strengthened RC T Beams
Vookanti Amarender, B.V.Rajiv Vinayak, Dr. Sunil Pratap Reddy
39. A Study of Employee Retention in the Pharmaceuticals Sector in Ranchi City
40. Treatment of Water and Waste Water, using Adsorption
P. Sreenivasulu, S.Altaf Hussain, P.Pramod Kumar
41. Transition mechanism from IPv4 to IPv6 -A Review
Suresh Kumar Jha, Amit Mishra, Nitesh agarwal
42. A Study of Moral Values and Contemporary Social Problems
Dr.M. Chandramouli, M.Rama Priya, Dr.John Wesley
43. Why Fake Profiles: A study of Anomalous users in different categories of Online Social Networks
Mudasir Ahmad Wani, Muzafar Ahmad Sofi, Suheel Yousuf Wani
44. Classification of Liver Data using a New Algorithm
B.Saritha, S.V. Ramana, Narra Manaswini, Rama Priyanka, D.Hiranmayi, K.Eswaran
45. Classification of Diseased Plants using Separation of Points by Planes
C. Kavya Reddy, G. Gayatri Likhita, D. Hiranmayi, B.Saritha, K. Eswaran
46. OFDM Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging with Sufficient Cyclic Prefix
Anitha Bujunuru, M. Priyanka, K. Prem Charan
47. Molecular Modeling of Human Carbonic Anhydrase I Inhibitors with Sulfonamides
Anupama Tiwari
48. Critical Evaluation of Super Structure Construction for Metro Corridor
Harshit Soni, Dr. Paresh Shah, Amol Shah
49. Perception of Households on E-waste Management in Tamilnadu
Dr. A. Merlin Thanga Joy, Dr. K.S. Chandrasekar
50. Smart Gas Network (Smagan) based on IoT Ecosystem for Smart City
Pravesh Kumar Tejan, Pankaj Mohan Gupta , Moreshwar Salpekar
51. A Comparative Study on the Performance of Classifiers in Predicting Frequency of Drug Intake: A case study with Ketamine, Heroin, Crack and Meth
Shomona Gracia Jacob, Sahitya Sridhar, Nikhilesh Murugavel
52. The Role of HR Service Providers in delivery of quality service with special reference to Software sector in Hyderabad .
Dr. T.S. Poornachandrika
53. A conceptual review of Automatic Question Generation from a given Punjabi Text
Ashminder Singh Gill, Gagandeep kaur Virk, Abhinav Bhandari
54. Insights of Forex Markets Perspectives and Possibilities of Centralized Electronic Trading Exchange.
K. Subhash
55. Application of Taguchi methods and ANOVA in optimization of process parameters for Hybrid Power Transmission in Fluid Coupling
V. Narasimha Reddy, Dr. P. Ram Reddy, Dr. Syed Nawazish Mehdi
56. Synthesis, Characterization, DNA Binding and DNA Cleavage Studies of Transition Metal Complexes of Schiff Base Derived from 2-Amino Methyl Benzimidazole and P-Methyl Benzaldehyde
Pragathi Jogi, M.Padmaja
57. Feather Shaped Hyper-Band Antenna
Sarthak Singhal
58. Project Management KPI’s in Infrastructure Developments
CA. Binoy Joy
59. Improvement of Hardness of Aluminium 7075 Metal Matrix Composite with Silicon Carbide Powder by Friction Stir Processing
D.S.Chandra Mouli, A.Sarath Kumar, Dr. R. Uma Maheswara Rao
60. Use and Preferences of Promotional Tools by Small and Micro Business Organizations in South Gujarat Region, India
Mulchandji Sen, Dr. Jitesh Parmar, Dr. Jaydip Chaudhari
61. Implementation of Power Efficient Parallel Chien Search Architecture using Modified Booth Encoding
I.Kanaka Durgamma, K.Murthy Raju
62. Goods and Service Tax: A new frontier in Indirect Taxation
Somesh sharma, Nitin Sareen
63. Force Feed Effects on Process Stability in Turning
Tulasiramarao.B, Dr. Srinivas. K., Dr. Ramreddy.P
64. Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engine with Esterified Algae Oil
V.Naresh, S.Prabhakar,K Annamalai, S.Naveen Chadra
65. In Silico Analysis of Structural Impact of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Human KRAS Gene-Implications in Lung Cancer
A.Rajitha, Dr. Jayasree Ganugapati
66. A Study On Organizational Climate at Aptransco, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh
Dr. P. Chakradhar, K.V.R.Satya Kumar
67. Growth and Characterization of Sputter Deposited ZnO Thin Film
Divya G, Sasidharan V, K. Shreekrishnakumar
68. Automatic Detection of Brake Failure in Train Brake System
Sabari Aarthi N M, Saranya R, Sindhuja M
69. Self –Help Groups for Women Empowerment in the Present Scenario – A Review
70. Educational Establishments for Girls in Dickens’ Novels
71. Study of Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline ZnS Thin Films Fabricated by CBD Technique
S. Nabadwip Singh, A. Nabachandra Singh and L. Raghumani Singh
72. Mechanochemical Synthesis of Coumarin-3-carboxylic acid using Water Extract of Papaya
K. Kantharaju,S. Y. Khatavi.
73. Indexing Student Performance with Fuzzy Logics Evaluation in Engineering Education
N. Aruna Kumari, Dr. D.N.Rao, Dr. M. Sudhir Reddy
74. Trend of Area, Production and Productivity of Major Cereal Crops in Context of Food Security: Sikkim, India
Vishal kumar, G. T. Patle, D. R. Singh, Rajshree Chand
75. Geological and Geomorphological studies at Khadki Nala Basin, Mangalwedha Taluka, Solapur District, Maharashtra, India
A. S Deshpande and A.B Narayanpethkar
76. A Case Study: Design of 16 bit Arithmetic and Logical unit using Xillinx 14.7 and Implementation on FPGA Board
Manish Kumar, Suresh Kumar Jha, Ravindra Sharma
77. Advancement in Suspension System for Automobile Industry: A Review
Gaurav Vaidya, Pranay Kanoje, Nikhil Tidke
78. Soil Stabilization using Plastic
Dr. Babitharani.H, Pavan siva kumar.Ch, Sindhu Shankar, Dimple Bahri, Koushik.B.
79. Determinants of Product Attributes on Retailing: A Study on Hyderabad Retail Market
N. Muneendra, Dr. N.R. Mohan Prakash
80. Survey on College Admission using Regression Analysis in Excel
G.Hari Priya, G.Sivaranjani, N.Suruthi, R.Susithra
81. Assessment of the Torsion Effect on Buildings under Lateral Seismic Ground Motion.
Dr. Dushyanth Veerendra Babu, Dr. Babitha Rani.H, Pavan Siva Kumar.Ch.
82. Effect of Cadmium on Oxidative Damage in the Liver Of Freshwater Heteropneustes fossilis(Bloch).
Anjali shah, Suresh Kothari, M.S. Parihar
83. Availability and Utilization of Rapeseed Mustard stalks and Groundnut stalks Biomass Residues as Renewable Source of Energy
Kalpana Patidar
84. Behind The Threshold and beyond: A Study of Anjana Appachanas Short Stories
Dr. S.S.V.N. Sakunthala
85. Performance Assessment by using SVM and ANN for Breast cancerMammography image classification
I.V.Vijaya Lakshmi, G.Krishnaveni
86. Thermoluminescence (TL)Studies of the Ancient Monuments of the Ahom Civilizations in Sivasagar, Assam, India
Md Raheijuddin Sheikh
87. Raman Microscopy and Electron Beam Analysis in Characterisation of an Iron Smelting Slag from Tumu Hills, Manipur, India
Md Raheijuddin Sheikh
88. Characterization of iron ore Sample from the ancient iron smelting Site in Manipur by Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) Spectroscopy
Md. Raheijuddin Sheikh
89. Structural and Optical Properties of CdS Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
A. Nabachandra Singh, L. Raghumani Singh, S. Bidyaswor Singh and Md. Raheijuddin Sheikh
90. A Comparative Study of the Traditional Iron Works in Manipur and Bagan District of Myanmar by Physical Techniques
Md. Raheijuddin Sheikh
91. Thermoluminescence Studies of Ba2SO4 by CGCD Method
A. Nabachandra Singh
92. Communicating Across Cultures
Dr. I. Suhenya
93. Importance of IT in Textile Industry for Effective Decision Making
Dr. Bhisham Kapoor, Dr. B. K. Sharma, Ms. Harshita Sharma
94. A Study on Customer Preference towards Online Shopping with Special Reference to Bikaner City
Avadhesh Vyas, Dr. Gaurav Bissa
95. Fire Evacuation- High-risebuildings
Ar.Shruti Kanotra, Ar. Esha Sharma
96. Case Based Approach to Collaborative Filtering Recommender System
Apurva Vashist, Bhu Dev Sharma
97. Geodynamics and Seismo-Tectonics of North East India: A Review
Laishram Sherjit Singh
98. Effect of Isolated and Combined Training of Aerobic and Yoga on Mean Arterial Pressure among School Students
Mr. N. K. Poovaiah, Dr. P. V. Shelvam
99. Spotting Words in Devanagari Manuscripts
Milind Bhalerao, Sanjiv Bonde, Madhav Vaidya
100. Colonial Medicine and Public Health under the British Rule- Issues with Special Reference to the United Provinces
B.B.Bandyopadhyay, Dr.(Prof.) Roumi Deb
101. Analysis of Developments in Mechanical Design of Textile Warping Machines
Prof. Ashwin Thakkar
102. Machine Learning wearable device information in Parkinson unwellness Health Watching.
Bala Brahmeswara Kadaru, Siva Chintaiah Narni, Dr. B. Raja Srinivasa Reddy
103. Analysis of Agility of Netball Players among Different Age Groups
Dr. K. Umarani, Dr. P. V. Shelvam
104. Effect of Strength Training on Hemoglobin among Pre Pubescent, Pubescent and Post Pubescent Males
Dr. R. Saravanan
105. Role of Plants in Indoor Air Remediation
Parul Chauhan, Mahender Singh Rawat, Pammi Gauba
106. Conflict between Self and Society in Anita Desai’s Fire on The Mountain
107. A Comparative Study of Precast Pre-stressed Integral & Continuous Bridge Deck
Navin Kumar Chaudhary, Shashi Kant Duggal
108. Strategies for Effective leadership in School Improvement
Kamalpreet Saggi, Dr. H L Kaila
109. Growth and NLO Studies of Glycine Doped Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate, A Nonlinear Optical Crystal by Conventional, Rotation and SR Methods
Dr. Arsala Sheikh,Mr. Zamir Khan
110. Initiatives and Challenges of E-governance in India
Dr. Geeta Sachdeva
111. Recruitment – A Major Challenge in Indian Higher Educational Institutions
Appari Gouri Sankar Rao, KJNV Narasa Reddy
112. Impact of Parental Attitude on Successful Intelligence
113. Fluorescence Spectrophotometric Determination of 6- Thioguanine in Biological Sample
Vikas Kumar Verma, Kavita Tapadia, Tungabidya Maharana
114. A Green Catalytic System for the Knoevenagel Condensation using WEPBA
K.Kantharaju & Prashant B.Hiremath
115. Estimation of Load Carrying Capacity of Bored Cast In-Situ Piles
Amol Shah, Pinki Advani, Jitendra Patel, Harshit Soni
116. Social Entrepreneurship
Mrs. Harshada.S.Rayate, Mrs. Amrutha. A. Hippalgaonkar
117. Green Consumerism - An Overview
Mousumi Chaudhuri, Dr. Vivek Singh
118. Object Oriented Adaptive Instructional Systems - A Model for Open and Distance Learning
Dr. G. Mythili, Dr. K. Gowthaman
119. Effect of silver doping on properties of ZnO nanoparticles by chemical precipitation method
ShavetaThakur, Jyoti Sharma, Sanjay Kumar
120. Development of Sanitation Protocol for Leaf Explants of Ocimum gratissimum for in Vitro Culture
Chaudhary Priyanka and Sharma Vikas
121. Global Official Development Assistance and Impact on Economic Development
Dr. Ashwani
122. Fire Fighting Vehicle: Constructional Design
Dr. Raju N.Panchal, Anant D.Awasare, Dr. Jagruti R.Panchal
123. System Recovery Time Improvement using SEIG and STATCOM
Puneet Singh Ghuman
124. Potential of Geoinformatic Studies in Urban Planning with Special Reference to Monsoonal Floods in Lucknow, A Northern Indian City
Purnima Sharma, Vibhuti Rai
125. Techno-Economic Sustainable Option Adopting Zero Liquid Discharge in Wastepaper Based Pulp & Paper Industries
V. Hima Jwala, A.K. Vidyarthi, Kamlesh Singh
126. Object/Pattern Identification and its Survey
T.R.Vijaya Lakshmi
127. Hand Gesture Recognition using fusion of SIFT and HoG with SVM as a Classifier
Farah Jamal Ansari
128. General concept and history of Internal Combustion Engine
Prof. A. D. Anjikar, Ashutosh Zode, Harshal Ramteke
129. MRI Brain Image Segmentation using Fuzzy C Means Cluster Algorithm for Tumor Area Measurement
Rajesh Kumar T , Geetha K, Satheesh R , Barkath Nisha S
130. Impact of Total Quality Management on the Organizational Performance
Nitu Yadav
131. Perception Compared and Contrasted in the selected Novels of Anita Desai, Shashi Deshpande and Bharti Mukherjee
Ms. Roopali Jain, Dr. Prachi Dixit
132. Regional Disparities in Socio-Economic Development in Post Reform Era: A Study of Indian economy
Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Mor, Sarita Devi
133. Pedestrian Safety on Indian Roads – A Review of Recent Studies
Er. Sachin Dass, Dr. Praveen Aggarwal, Dr. Dhirendra Singhal
134. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of bis{O,O’-di(4- chloro-3-methylphenyl) dithiophosphato} mercury(II).
Atiya Syed
135. Innovation Development Model for India
Pradeep Mishra
136. Generation Gap: An Emerging Issue of Society
Mehak Aggarwal, Mahender Singh Rawat , Saumya Singh, Sahil Srivastava , Pammi Gauba
137. Recycling of Dress-Cleaning Oil-Refuge
Dr.Geeta Jallan
138. GST- Finally Implemented
Dr. Anita Sharma
139. Comparative Study of Pesticide Residue in Seasonal Fruits from Charkhi Dadri, Gurgaon & Jhajjar Districts of Haryana (India)
Savita Sharma, Akriti Agarwal, Sudeep Mishra, Dr L.K. Thakur
140. Changing Consumption Basket in Rural and Urban Areas- A Journey From Conventional Food To Convenience Food
Dr Kiran Mor, Savneet Sethia
141. Challenges and Benefits of Learning English as a Second Language (ESL)
Abhinav Dahiya
142. Role and Importance of Female writers in English Literature in context to Bhabani Bhattacharya Fictions
Dr. Sangeeta Ahuja
143. Study on Gender Controversy in English Language
144. Anti-consumption of Brands which Leads to Sustainable Development
Mr. Kiran Cotha
145. Constraints for First Generation Entrepreneurs (FGEs) in India
Manisankar Datta, Dr. Mihir Kumar Shome
146. Thermoluminescence Study of Saline Water of Ningel, Manipur.
A. Nabachandra Singh
147. Thermoluminescence Dating of Fluvial Terraces Of Itok River, Chandrakhong, Manipur (India)
A. Nabachandra Singh