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Volume 4 Issue 6

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1. A Robust Perturb & Observe MPPT Technique with Directional Step Perturbation to Tackle Steady State and Rapidly Varying Atmospheric Conditions
Kamala Devi V. and Premkumar K, Dr. Bisharathu Beevi A , Jayakumar J.S.
2. A Low cost and Scalable Research Platform for Validating Ultrasound Signal Processing Algorithms
Jayaraj U Kidav, Dr. M. N. Sivamangai, Prasad Menon , Fathima Nyla
3. Ionic liquid TETAL as good CO2 absorbent
Amita Chaudhary, Ashok N Bhaskarwar
4. Efficient Image Inpainting using Morphological Structuring Element
Arjun Abhishek, Vishal H. Shah, Prajna P. Dash
5. Techniques for Task Reallocation in Cloud Computing
Amandeep Kaur, Dr. Rekha Bhatia
6. Microfinance- A Mechanism for Women Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation
Ms. Komal A. Dave, Ms. Tasmiya Hussni, Mr. Pruthvi Raj V
7. High Capacity of Radio over Fiber link in Free Space 75 Ghz- 110 GHz
Chetna , Amit Kumar Garg
8. Voltage Quality Enhancement using Unified Power Quality Conditioner
Saurabh S.Jadhao , Gajanan P. Ratnaparkhi , Dr. G.M.Dhole, Dr. S.R. Paraskar
9. Performance Analysis of SPM and FWM Nonlinear Effects on WDM Link
Manju, Surajmukhi, Kuldeep Singh
10. Energy efficient Wireless Sensor Networks using Cooperative MIMO
Manish Kumar Singh, Syed Akhtar Imam, and Vibhav kumar Sachan
11. Effect of Harmonics on Distribution Transformer Losses and Capacity
Jaspreet Singh , Sanjeev Singh , Amanpreet Singh
12. Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of Leaves Extracts Of Nicotiana Tabacum
Anjali Jijhotiya, Dr. Madhuri Singhal, Dr. Sadhna Goyal
13. Intelligent Mobile Human Fall Detection System
Poonam Sheoran, Akshay Sandhu
14. Communication Spectrum within the Healthcare Industry: A Gap Analysis
Dr. Devjani Chatterjee, Mr. Archan Mitra
15. Development and Characterisation of Biodiesel-Biogas Dual Fuel Engine
Saket Verma, S.C. Kaushik and L.M. Das
16. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair
Sanya Kalra, Dr. Komal Mathur
17. Production of Induction Pressure Welded Joints of T91 Tubes Using Amorphous Interlayers for High Temperature Boiler Applications
S. Senthil Kumar, Dr.V. Muthupandi, Dr. K. Ashok Kumar
18. Interpretive Structural Modelling of NAAC Criteria
Nameesh Miglani, Rajeev Saha, R.S. Parihar
19. Chemoprotective Evaluation of Ameliorative Effect of Fragaria × Ananassa Duch Fruit Extract against Doxorubicin Induced Toxicities in Wistar Rats.
Sulakshana Pal Singh, Shakeel Ahmad Bhat
20. Steady Laminar Free Convective Flow through Porous Medium along a Moving Porous Hot Vertical Plate in the Presence of Heat Source with Mass Transfer
Dr. Dharmvir Singh
21. Speed Control of DC Motor using Fuzzy Logic with Pic Microcontroller
Mr. Amol Patil, Mrs.Ashwini Pawar
22. Knowledge Regarding Antenatal Care Services in Mothers (15-49 Years) in Rural Areas of Aligarh
Uzma Eram
23. Performance Improvement using Scaling in DWT-SVD Image Watermarking
Savita Joshi, Garima Gupta , Jasdeep Kaur, V.K.Gupta
24. Determination of an Index for Applying Basic Maths in Real Life Situations for Students Who Do Not Have Mathematics Background
Sanjive Saxena
25. Comparison of Magnetic properties of Ni 2+, Co2+ and Cu2+substituted in CuCo, NiCu and CoNi Nanocrystalline Spinel Ferrite respectively Prepared by Sol Gel Auto Combustion Method.
A.M. Tamboli, Dr. S.M. Rathod, Dr. Gulam Rabbani
26. Master Data Management: Emerging Issues
Praveen Kumar Gupta, J. P. Singh, Jagdeep Kaliraman
27. 2D Electromagnetic Design of Flux Reversal Generator for Low Speed Wind Applications using Finite Element Analysis
Arshaad S, Selvi V
28. Changing HR Dynamics in the Current Workplace Practices
Dr. Neeta Sinha, Dr. Neelam Kshatriya
29. Managing Step-wise Automation process: First Step
Rakesh Kumar Pandey
30. Projecthiko 1.O - The Voice & Internet Enabled Smart Home
Vedant Aggarwal, Shreyas Bapat, Nidhika Kadela, Parimal Kumar, Rakshit Matta, Niraj Yadav
31. Comparison and Analysis of Profitability of Top Three Indian Private Sector Banks
Dr Gagandeep Sharma, Dr Divya Sharma
32. Image Retrieval System in Combiantion with SIFT and Relevance Feedback
Sneha deep, Vrajesh Chawra
33. Radioactivity Levels and Radiological Risk Assessment in Soil Samples of Nasiriyah Thermal Power Station, Iraq
Awsam Abdulstar Mirza, Hussain Hamid Al-Gazaly and Ali Abid Abojassim
34. Structural Integrity Assessment of I-Beam with Semi-Elliptical Cracks
Spoorthy S, Neethu Urs, Ajay Krishna V S
35. Genetic Variability in Thirty half-sib families of Diospyros melanoxylon (Roxb.)
Gunjan Kumari, Afaq Majid Wani
36. Pre-mining Prediction of Quality of Water and its Application in Environmental Management Plan
H. L. Yadav, A. Jamal, and A. K. Ranjan
37. An IHS based Multiscale Pansharpening Technique using Wavelet based Image Fusion and Saliency Detection
38. Comparison and Compatibility of Different Types of Aggregates in Pavement
Er. Shahbaz Singh, Er. Lovedeep Singh
39. Graft Copolymerisation of Acrylic Acid onto Starch using Oxy- Catalyst/ Aluminium Triflate as Initiators
Aliyu Danmusa Mohammed
40. Removal of Chromium from Wastewater using Activated Carbon as an Efficient Adsorbent
Renu, Madhu Agarwal, Kailash Singh
41. Respirable Particulate Matter Pollution Characteristics and their Correlation with Meteorological parameters in Kota city
Shikha Saxena, Anil K Mathur, A.K Dwivedi
42. An Energy Efficient Cluster-Based Protocol using Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Network
M. Shanmukhi, K. Spandana, M. Aruna Jyothi
43. Emerging Technologies in Food Processing and Preservation
44. A Review on Wind Tunnel Design for Aerodynamics Testing
Palwinder Singh, Noor Danish Ahrar Mundari
45. Experimental Investigation on Effect of Microsilica and Nanosilica on Compressive Strength of High Strength Concrete
Arshdeep Singh, Rattanjot Singh Dhillon
46. Optical and Structural Properties of Copper-Doped Borate, Phosphate and Boro-phosphate Glasses
Devinder Singh, Randev Singh, Sharanjeet Kaur
47. Histological Study of Action of Alcohol on Hippocampal Region of Brain and Use of “Mandukaparni” as a Brain Rejuvenator
Dr. Sachin Gupta and Dr. Anuj Saxena
48. λ_g^δ-Neighborhood in Topological Spaces
Vaishnavy V & Sivakamasundari K
49. Review on Reflectors for Box Type Solar Cooker
Neha Garg, Dr. Noor Danish Ahrar Mundari
50. Optimization and Sensory Evaluation of Moringa Biscuits by Using Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Leaf Flour and Oat Flour
B. Manjula, R. Aruna, S.Anvesh Reddy,G.Yashwanthi, Ch.Rajashekar, K Ravi Kumar, KV. Venkata Adarsha
51. Photoconductivity and Dark Conductivity Studies of (ZnS – CdS - Cu) Mixed Lattices
Dr. Meenu S. Sachan
52. 720 Degree Performance Appraisal : Moving Towards An Overall Review of Employee Performance
Suman Si
53. A Study on Various Tools for Generation of the Plan Form of Odishan Temples: In Search of a Measurement Unit
Rinku Parashar, Dr Abir Bandyopadhyay
54. Techno-Economic Analysis for 200 kWp Solar Photovoltaic System Using Homer Software
Rajdeep Singh, Dr. Sudhakar Panday
55. Corporate Endeavours towards Sustainable Development – Evidence from History and Existing Literature
Taminder Kaur, Diksha Kakkar
56. Performance and Emission Characteristics of VCR Diesel Engine using Diesel-Nitromethane Blend
Chandan Kumar, K.B. Rana, B. Tripathi
57. A Journey of Hindu Women from Shakti to Sati in Ancient India
Dr.Pallavi Thakur
58. Optimization of Single-Cylinder Compressed Air Engine Equipped with Prechamber
Deepak Dahiya, Ravinder Kumar Sahdev
59. A Review on Design and Performance Evaluation of Low Cost Water Wheel
Vinay Kumar
60. Constructed Wetlands for Domestic Wastewater Treatment – A Promising Technology for Rural Areas in India
Umer Mujtaba Khan, Nadeem Khalil
61. A Review Work on Multi Objective Fire Station Location Problem Using Different Algorithms
Shourabh Sholliya, Ruchi Oberoi, Sharmistha Dey
62. Personalized Web Search based on User Profiles
P.V.Kavitha, A.Kayalvizhi
63. F.E. Analysis of Mass Concrete Structure for Estimation of Spatial stress Distribution
Raj S. Rathod, Dr. H. S. Chore
64. AI Methodology for Automated Selection of Playing XI in IPL Cricket
C.Deep Prakash, C.Patvardhan, C.Vasantha Lakshmi
65. Slope Bottom Tuned Liquid Dampers for Suppressing Horizontal Motion of Structures
Amardeep D. Bhosale , Dr. Mohan M. Murudi
66. Internet of Things: A Survey Paper on Architecture and Challenges
Anamika Choudhary, Sunita Godara
67. Energy Efficient Cloud Computing using DAX with DVFS and Migration Manager
Roshni Sharma , Dr. Siddhartha Choubey , Abha Choubey
68. A Systems Biology Approach: Prediction of Interacting Genes and Proteins to SRF of Psoriasis Diseases
Ms. Aparna Babanrao Patil
69. A Brief Review of the Incorporation of the Safety Measures in the Industrial Sector w.r.t. the Industrial Robots
Ankita V., Dr. K.N. Vijaykumar, Dr. Suhasini V., Pavithra G., Dr. T.C.Manjunath
70. Strengthening Analysis of RC Beam using (GFRP) Composite
Prem Lata
71. A New Better than used Process for Studying the behavior of Anti-Mullerian Hormone and its Relative Hormone.
S.Lakshmi and K.Sheeja
72. An Assessment of Fire Safety Measures and Management in India
Dr. Manish Chugh, Gagan Deep Devgan
73. Introduction to ANEKA Cloud Application Platform by MANJRASOFT – An Overview
Ms. Disha Grover, Dr. BarjeshKochar, Dr. Y.S.Shishodia
74. Hybrid Compression Technique Using Linear Predictive Coding for Electrocardiogram Signals
K. S Surekha, B. P. Patil
75. Spectral Analysis to Evaluate the Effect of Treatment on Autonomic Nervous System in Pulmonary Metastasis
Reema Shyamsunder Shukla, Yogender Aggarwal
76. Stability Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dam for Seismic Loading in Afghanistan
Mohammad Ejaz Shahir, Priyanka Dhurvey
77. Increasing the Strength of Existing Building using Retrofitting Techniques
Vijay Singh Rawat, Dr. Satya Narain
78. Production Of Biodiesel From Castor Beans (Ricinus communis)
Ashif Ashraf, Sunil Kumar, Harcharan Singh Dhaliwal
79. Influence of Rice Husk Ash and Recycled Coarse Aggregates on Properties of Concrete
Rupali Subhasmita Padhi, Bibhuti Bussan Mukharjee
80. IOT Based Health Alliance Help Desk
Yashkumar Thakur, Geetanjali Kale, Shital Akhade, Vrushali Nikam, Shalini Chavan
81. A Study on the Essential Elements in a Destination Rating Scale
Jose K Antony
82. Understanding Linkage between Usage of Technology and Acceptance by Guest in Hotel Industry- An Introspection
Navaz Zarir Bharucha, Dr Leena Nitin Fukey
83. Hidden Markov Model and Genetic Algorithm Based Credit Card Fraud Detection
Swati Gaur, Aastha Maheshwari, Leena Dhruwa, Amit Upadhyay
84. Transmission Line Fault Detection and Classification Methodology Using Frequency Domain Analysis of Equivalent voltage Phase Angle
85. Reliable, Room Temperature and Flow IndependentUV DrivenHydrogen Sensor
Karthikeyan L, Akshaya M V, Palash Kumar Basu
86. On Shielding of Data Access control for the Systems of Cloud Reserve
Shruthi R, Suresh Kumar K R