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Volume 5 Issue 4

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1. Evaluation of Service Quality of Public Sector Non Banking Financial Institution in Kerala: A Case Study
Varsha N S, Pradeep Kumar P, Arsha Bhadra S
2. Digitalization of Ecotourism and Allied Services in Melghat Tiger Reserve of Vidarbha
Shradha Chourasia
3. The Domain of Culture in Discourse of Nationalism in Colonial India
Farrukh Shahzad
4. Effect of confinement through MS Rings on Lateral Deformations of Circular RCC Columns Subjected to axial Compression Loads
Chaitanya Mishra, Dr. A.N. Patel
5. Development of Hybrid Microbial Fuel Cell for Waste Water Treatment System and Electrocoagulation
Anam Sayed, Dr. Anil.N.Ghadge, Sanjukta Bhowmik
6. Design, Analysis and Development of Air Cleaner System for Cummins Genset
Arti N. Chavan, Dr. S. Y. Gajjal, Rohit S. Thakur,Rohini R. Dingane
7. Qualitative Study on Construction Project Risk
Ayaz Ahmed Qureshi, Dr Hansa Jeswani
8. An Experimental Study of Coil Side Heat Transfer Coefficient in Shell-and-Coil Exchanger
Mr. Yogesh A Landge
9. A Review on Research Aspects and Trends in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
Anand Singh, Ankit Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Akshay Kumar, Shrikant Vidya
10. Personalized Healthcare Management using R Programming
Nikita B. Kothari, Prof. Shankar M. Patil
11. Inhibition Studies of ALP on Heavy Metal Ions for the Design of Enzyme Based Biosensor to Heavy Metal Ions
Valarmathy, K., Suma, T.K., Manjunatha, B.K., Apoorva, L., and Vidyashree. D
12. Qualitative study on Stressors- Stresses- Absenteeism pattern among Indian construction professionals
Manish kumar Dubey, Dr Hansa Jeswani
13. Investigating the Factors Influencing Disputes in Construction Industry.
Krutika. M. Bugade, Dr. A. N. Ghadge
14. A Brief Study of Smart Card Based Electronic Passport, Resident Identity Card and Driving License Projects in India
Somak Maitra
15. Brain Neural Network Controlled CAR - A Review
Abhishek P. Lalkiya
16. Smart Grid Technology: Prediction and Monitoring
Sanket Junagade, Asmita Kadam, Jill Harsora,Mayank Kapadi, Prof. Suresh Mestry
17. Experimental Investigation on Low Velocity Impact Resistance Characteristics of Polycarbonate Sheets
Harshavardhan Shetty, D. Sethuram
18. To Study the effect of Improvement in Logistics Management using Interpretive Structural Modelling
Dr. Amrita Jhawar
19. Effect of Metakaolin on Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Rakesh Muduli, Bibhuti Bhusan Mukharjee
20. Experimental Analisys and Comparison between Properties of DLC and PCC
Patel Tushar, Agrawal Ankit, Mehta Pranjal
21. Performance Evaluation of Concrete Containing Recycled Aggregates with Surface Modification
Patel Virenkumar, Solanki Hardik, DR. Sharma Manish
22. Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Durability of Green Concrete by using Locally Available Waste Material
Bhatt Vatsal, Solanki Hardik
23. Utilization Ceramic Waste Substituting Natural Coarse Aggregate in Concrete
Mistry Jiken , Solanki Hardik, DR. Sharma Manish
24. Effect of Replacement of Natural Sand by Quarry Dust on Mechanical Properties
Ashish Patanwadia, Hardik Solanki
25. Evaluation of the Properties of Hardened Concrete Produced by Waste Marble Powder
Binyo B Shah, Hardik J. Solanki, Mr. Chetan M Kambad
26. Classification of Cardiomyopathy ECG Signals based on Principal Component Analysis
P.Megana Santhoshi,Mythili Thirugnanam
27. Demand Side Management for Industrial Consumer: A Review of Worldwide Approaches
Sanket Gautam, Tripta Thakur
28. Development of Portable Wireless Environmental Monitoring System
Umesh Rane, Priyanka Mohite, Patil V.P., Umakant Gohatre
29. Design and Development of a Disc Brake Test Rig for Experimental Investigation of a Disc Brake Temperature under Repeated Braking Cycles.
Kamble Sidhhant Uttam, Patil Pruthviraj Nagnath, Satape Pratik Sanjay, Charapale Suhas Sambhaji, Sutar Ashok Tukaram, Mr. Amitkumar Bhimrao Salunkhe
30. Demystifying Herd Immunity using Fish Models
Rajalekshmi N, Emy Florence W, Dhasarathan P
31. Advanced Desiccants for HVAC System: A Review
Gyanesh Pallav
32. Evaluating the factors affecting Quality of Residential projects in Construction Industry
Ashish Mutha, Dr. Anil Ghadge
33. Synthesis of Fused and Linked Heterocyclic Ring Systems via Cyclization of Functionally Substituted Alkynes
Saurabh Mehta
34. Renovation of Boilers during Life Extension Programme of Power Plants
T. Mathevan Pillai, T. S. Ravikumar
35. A Review on Open Sorption Thermal Energy Storage System using MgCl2ˑ6H2O
Vaibhav A. Patankar, Rupeshkumar D. Suryawanshi
36. Rice Plant Disease Detection Based on Clustering and Binarization
Amanpreet Kaur , Vijay Bhardwaj
37. Design and Construction of Perpetual Salvage Asphalt Pavement
Manikanta Vangari, Gopi Sai Reddy, N.Rajesh,D.Devsingh,
38. Experimental Study on Effects of Process Parameters on HAZ of Plain Carbon Steel Using GMAW
Narender Sura, Kanwarpal Singh
39. Soil Nutrient Tester
A.Niranjan, S.N.V.Sai Mukhesh, Konda Anudeep Reddy and M. Surya Pratap
40. Radicals-Catalyzed Oxidation Reactions for Degradation of Benzoic Acid
Dr. Pratibha S. Agrawal
41. Effect Of Silica Fume on the Properties of Concrete : A Review
Harleen Kaur
42. Effect of Uplift Pressure under Hydraulic Structure Founded on Isotropic and Anisotropic Soil
Aseel A. A. Al-Katib, Haider A. A. Al-Katib, Hayder H. Alkhudery
43. Emerging Trends in Science & Technology
Dr. D.Rita Suguna Sundari
44. Sensitivity Analysis of Fatigue Crack Growth Life Prediction Model for Discontinuous Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
Abhishek Tevatia
45. Review Paper on Use of Waste and Fly Ash on Road Pavement
Vishal Rohilla, Rohit Prabhakar, Sandeep Sanwa
46. Automated Highway Systems and their Impact on Intelligent Transport Systems Research
Vijay Rohilla, Arnav Thakur, Aman Mishra
47. Study of Super Plasticizer on Concrete
Sumit Kumar, Sudhir Malik, Gourav Arora
48. Effect of Severe Temperatures and Restraint on Instability and Buckling of Elliptical Steel Columns
Durgesh Nandan Verma, Sudhir Malik, Ajeet Kumar
49. Study of Design Criteria & Design Loads on Underground Tunnel and Bridge Bearings in Delhi Metro Structure
Sudhir Malik, Durgesh Nandan Verma, Vipul Aggerwal
50. Failure of Bridge Structures in Extreme Floods
Durgesh Nandan Verma, Mayank Vashisht
51. Review Paper on Submerged Floating Tunnels
Ravi Chopra, Pulkit Sharma, Hemant
52. Hydroponics Water Management Utilizing A streamlining Optimizer
Devvrat Akheriya, Pallavi , Vijay Rohilla
53. Distinct Features of Collaborative Innovation
Mr. Vikram Kapoor , Mr. Jeetndra kumar
54. To Study the Mechanical behavior of Friction Welding of Similar and Dissimilar Material
Mr. Lalit kumar, Mr.Vivek Garg
55. Virtual Store-A Future of Retail Market
Aarti Mittal
56. Comparison Analysis of the Upcoming Applications in the Era of Calculating Structural Dynamics
Durgesh, Anshu Sharma, Preeti
57. Modeling & Simulation Analysis of Conductive Fabrics for Evaluation of Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness using FEKO Simulation Tool
G.V.T. Swarupa, P. Siva Kumar, G.Appala Naidu
58. Character Sketch of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s Othello
Rekha Mann
59. Punching and Local Damages of Fiber and FRP Reinforced Concrete under Low-Velocity Impact Load
Sumit Kumar, Himanshi Bhardwaj
60. Need of Retail Management in Indian Economy
Surbhi Gupta
61. Parametric Effect on Performance Enhancement of Offset Finned Absorber Solar Air Heater
Er. Vivek Garg, Dr. Shalini Rai
62. To Study the Mechanical behaviour of Friction Welding of Similar and Dissimilar Material
Mr. Lalit kumar , Mr. Vivek Garg
63. Use of 3D Printing Technology to Print Wax Pattern for Investment Casting
Mr. Shivprasad Mallappa Shintre, Mr. Sudarshan Manohar Sutar, Mr. Sourabh Sudhir Thorat, Mr. Nayan Pandurang Sajane, Prof. M. B. Tandale
64. Study of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams through Cyclic Loading
Durgesh Nandan Verma, Ganesh Chauhan
65. Digital Marketing Hubs: Emerging Trend
Vardha Mago
66. Effect of Metakaolin on Non-destructive Parameters of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Rakesh Muduli, Bibhuti Bhusan Mukharjee
67. Project based Physics Teaching: Improving in Agriculture Sector
Rama M Pandey
68. Savings Of Total Energy Consumption By Using Sequencing Rule-Based System
Md. Shahzar Jawaid, Dr. Sharad Chandra Srivastava, Dr. S. Datta
69. Ion Beam Excited Dust Alfven Wave Instability in Plasma with Dust Grains
Ved Prakash
70. Relativistic Effects on Excitation of Oblique Whistler Waves in Dusty Plasma
Ved Prakash
71. Dust-Lower-Hybrid Instability in Streaming Dusty Plasma
Ruby Gupta
72. Structure-Stability Relationship with Weak Secondary Interactions in a Series of Cadmium Chloride Metal-Organic Compounds
Bikram Singh, Mukesh Kumar and Dinesh Jasrotia
73. Adsorption Studies of the Sugar Phenolic Acids onto Activated Corn Cob Powder (ACCP)
Sudhir Kumar Verma, Ram Bharose, Kaman Singh
74. Review on Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicle
Navneet Raj, Ajay Kumar & Dr. Vijay Mittal
75. “Enhancing Teaching-Learning in Engineering using ICT Tools” : An Implementation Approach
Narender Kumar, Anunay Sinha
76. Superposition Model Analysis of Zero-Field Splitting for Mn2+ Doped in Zn (ClO4)2 -6H2O Single Crystals
S. S. Hooda
77. Growth, Structural, Optical and Mechanical Properties Of L- Leucine Hydrobromide: A NLO Crystal
Shishpal Rathee, Dharamvir Singh Ahlawat
78. Use of Waste Plastic Material in Road Construction
Mr. Shri Om, Mr. Gaurav Saini , Mr. Manish Kaushik
79. Increasing Role of Science and Technology in creating the Importance of English Language
Saru Sachdeva
80. Multi-Metal Citrate Complex
Anil Kumar
81. Characterization and Structural Analysis of Glucose
Sonika Rathi and Preeti
82. Smart Kitchen Gardening
Meghana Sarvani, Mounika Sai, Madhumitha
83. Transition from Liner Supply Chain to Circular Economy
Saurabh Agrawal
84. Effect of Guide Vane Opening on Francis Turbine Noise
Paras Kumar
85. A Recommendation System of Yogaasana for the Healthy Life
Varsha B G, Dr. Shantharam Nayak
86. Study on Indoor Air Quality Status of Fine Particulate Matter: A Case Study
Rajeev Kumar Mishra, Shailendra Kumar Yadav, Deepak Baghel, Mridul Arora
87. Influence of Ni2+ Ion Substitution on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Copper Ferrite Nanoparticles
Sonia Gaba , Ashok Kumar, Pawan S Rana
88. Partial and Total Ionization Cross Section of Sodium Atom by Electron Impact
Praveen Bhatt, Ravinder, Nidhi, Umesh Bhardwaj
89. Ion Dissociation of Si Atom by Electron Impact
Praveen Bhatt, Priyanka, Parmjeet Kaur
90. Environmental Friendly Corrosion Inhibition of Low Alloy Steel through study of Calotropis Procera (Aak) in Phosphoric Acid Medium
Parmod Kumar, Priti Pahuja
91. Effects of Yield Stress and Flow Index Behavior on Non-Newtonian Flow of Blood by Overlapping Stenosed Arteries
Shyamvir Singh, Archana Dixit
92. Impact of Gender on Decision Making Style
Shanif Majeed Zargar, Dr. Supran Kumar Sharma
93. Retrofitting of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam using GFRP Laminates
Saranya Gandhi.R,Ramya Ancelin.R
94. Experimental And Analytical Investigation On Wall Panels using SC & EPS Sheet
J.Jenefa Deva Rubini , .S. Selva Sajitha
95. ToD Based Land Use Planning Proposal for A Stretch in Surat
Ms. Urvi Rathod
96. M-Learning in Education: Benefits and Challenges
Rajesh Beniwal, Sakshi Sharma, Divya Raj
97. A Pre & Post Analysis of Corporate Financial Performance of Mergers and acquisitions in India
Zuhaib Ahemad Dugga, Dr. Sushil Kumar Mehta
98. Waste Heat Harvesting of Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant using Thermoelectric Generator
Prashant Singh, O.P. Pandey
99. Synthesis and Characterization of Thiosemicarbazone Metal Complexes
Shankar Suman, Ram Singh
100. Design and Simulation of Ultra- Compact Plasmonic Subwavelength Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Diksha Chauhan, Dr. Ram Parkash Dwivedi, Raj Kumar Saini
101. Performance Evaluation of a Three-phase Induction Motor Operating with DTC Strategy
Rucha K.Thakor, Hiren H. Patel
102. Influence of Recycled Coarse Aggregate and Metakaolin on Properties of Concrete
Rakesh Muduli, Bibhuti Bhusan Mukharjee
103. Measuring the Effect of Non-Performing Assets on the Profitability of the Public and Private Sector Banks in India
Mohsin Raja, Dr. Sushil Kumar Mehta
104. Influence of Rice Husk Ash on Properties of Cement Mortar
Rakesh Muduli, Tanmita Kar, Bibhuti Bhusan Mukharjee
105. A Literature Review on Different Types of Phishing Attacks and Detection Techniques
Shilpa Srivastava, Prof. (Dr.) Mohit Gangwar
106. Effectiveness of Product Placements in Movies: An Exploratory Study of Universities in Jammu Region.
Dr. Deepak Jain, Amit Kumar Gupta
107. The Market Crisis Response of a Brand: Case of Repositioning of Maggi
Sharaya Mahajan, Sunali Bindra, Dr. Saurabh
108. Global Warming: The Past, Present and Future
Laishram Sherjit Singh and Kh Mohon Singh
109. Significance of Parameters Influencing Surface Roughness during Incremental Sheet Forming of AISI 202
Harshil Shah, Snehal Trivedi, Dr. Anishkumar H. Gandhi
110. Identification of Factors Causing Delay in Road Construction Projects
Dr. Amrita Jhawar
111. Investors’ Buying Behaviour towards Life Insurance Products in Jammu Region
Sumiran Kaushal
112. Smart Note Talker
Anil kumar Gona, Ashwini Gona
113. Phase Fault Analysis of Three Phase System with Auto Reset for Temporary Fault and Trip for Permanent Fault
Prem Kundalik Badhe, Avinash surendra Tanti, Pooja Prakash Kokate, Shalaka Chaurang Ghule
114. Assessment of Biodiesel Properties of Bombax ceiba, Annona cherimola and Agave americana Seed Oils: Evaluation based on Component Fatty Acids
Sneha S Kulkarni, Ravindra S Munnolli, Kariyappa S Katagi
115. Study of Properties of Sintered Forged Aluminium Powder Made by Unconventional Die
Adarsh Sharma, Vijay Kumar Dwivedi
116. Development of a Mix Design Methodology for Concrete Paving Blocks. Part I: Mix Design Procedure
A.K. Pani and Dr. B.C. Panda
117. Flexible Manufacturing System: A Review
Rahul, Sanjeev Kumar, Rajesh Attri
118. Green & Sustainable Hotels
Ms. Shweta Dwivedi , Ms. Neha Kalia, Mr. Akhil Chawla