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Volume 4 Issue 5

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1. Performance Evaluation of RZ Format Wavelength Converter using Electro Absorption Modulator at Different Bit Rate
Taranjeet Kaur 1 Dr. Surinder Singh2
2. Structural Property Analysis in Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Gokila G, Dineshkumar G
3. Characterization of Fault using Voltage Sag Profile
Mangal Hemant Dhend, Dr. Rajan Hari Chile
4. Modified Improved Kernel Fuzzy Adaptive Threshold Algorithm on Modified Level set method for Picture Segmentation
T.Saikumar1, G.SudhaRani2, K.Keerthi2,K.Sneha2,B.Srikar2
5. Outage Probability Analysis of Multi-Tier Wireless Network
Nishi Shree1, Saif Jahangir2, Shuvabrata Bandopadhaya3
6. Partial Discharge with Short Circuit and Transients Generated on Current Transformer
V S Deolankar and W Z Gandhare
7. Dual Band RT Duroid Annular Ring Patch Antenna
Thingbaijam Rajkumari Chanu, Ankit Kumar, Abhishek Kumar
8. Fractionation of Airborne Fine Particulate-Bound Metalsand Associated Health Risks in A Site in Indo-Gangetic Plain
Dinesh Sah, Puneet Kumar Verma, K. Maharaj Kumari and Anita Lakhani
9. Synthesis, Characterization of Nano Structured Co doped Nickel Oxide for the Application Glucose Biosensor
N. H. Bansod1*, G. N. Chaudhari1, A.B.Bodade2 , S. A. Wadhal2
10. Antidotes Used For Scorpion Sting By The Tribals Of Siddeswarm Sacred Grooves Of Spsr Nellore DT.A.P.
Umamaheswari . P. , S. K. M. Basha, C.V.Narasimha Murthy
11. Adaptive Security Architecture for Physical layer security in Wireless Networks
Varad A. Sarve, Dr. Swati S. Sherekar, Dr. Vilas M. Thakare
12. A New Cascaded 2-Level Inverter based MultilevelSTATCOM for High Power Applications
Vyshnav B, P.R Subadhra
13. A Study of Congestion Control in MANET: Review
SapnaKhurana, Dr. Suresh Kumar
14. Spectrophotometric Determination of Vitamin C using Iron(II)- 4,7-Diphenyl-1,10-Phenanthroline Complex
Ashwani Kumar, Parveen Kumar
15. NFC Based Mobile Health Care System
Rahul Nallagatla, Ravi Teja Reddy, Awadhesh
16. Back Stepping SMC for Blood Glucose Control of Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Deirdre D. Sylvester∗ and Ravindra K. Munje†
17. Design and Analysisof an Implantable Patch Antenna for Biomedical Applications
Paikhomba Loktongbam, Lakhvinder Singh Solanki
18. Predictive Modelling For Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer
Arpit Tyagi, Sarthak Deshwal, Sumit, Rahul Yadav
19. Liberation and realization in Maud Diver’s Lilamaniand KiranDesai’s Inheritance of Loss
Sk Shameem Banu, Sk Saleem Babu, Dr G Chenna Reddy
20. Anti-termite Potential of L. Leucocephala plant on Indian white Termite in Sub-Tropical High Infestation Areas
Shipra Jha
21. Solution of Multidimensional Integration using Adaptive Monte Carlo Method with General Division Approach and its Validation
Falguni Kudu, Tapan Santra*, AnupamMaity, Anik Roy
22. Efficient Utilization of Cloud Bandwidth and Disk Usage
Bhushan Choudhary, Prof. Deeksha Bharatwaj
23. A Study of Human Resource Development System of IGNOU
Dr S K Pulist
24. Modeling of Solar Photovoltaic Assisted Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System for Storing Different Vegetables
Kamaljyoti Talukdar
25. Brand Pruning-A Powerful Weapon for Corporate Success
Dr. M. Veerabhadra Rao, B.V.S.S. Subbarao
26. Criteria for Language Course Design involving the Hetero-balancing Approach to Curriculum Planning
Dr K. Ram Chandra
27. Optimization of Process Parameter for Mechanical Properties of S.S 304 by TIG(Tungsten Inert Gas) Weldingusing Filler Wire
AngadYadav, Dr. DharamvirMangal, Dr. Chaitanya Sharma
28. Review on Device-to-Device Communication
AnkitaSingha, Sona Sharma
29. Experimental and Numerical Method to Predict the Micro-hardness of SS316
Hreetabh Kishore, Ravindra K. Saxena
30. Automatic Smart Parking System using Internet of Things (IOT)
Dr Y Raghavender Rao
31. Review of Cooperative Sensing and Non Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radios
Shewangi1 Roopali Garg2
32. Authentication using LDAP in Wireless Body Area Network
Miss W. S. Dharme., Dr. R.V. Dharaskar., Dr. V.M. Thakare
33. Magnetic Nature of Trust: Features That Can Break Its Magnetic Nature and Mitigation Strategies
Alebachew Alemnew (Mr.) and Anjali Sharma(Dr.)
34. A Study on Friction Stir Welding on various Materials-A Review
D. Jayabalakrishnan, M.Balasubramanian.
35. Characterization of Ox-bow Lakes of the Ghaghara River Basin, North India, using Remote Sensing Data
Kuldeep Prakash