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Volume 3 Issue 1

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1. Satisfaction of Diabetic Patient with Primary Health Care Centre in Tamil Nadu
Dr. J. Fredrick
2. Influence of High Temperature Solution Treatment on Aging Characteristics of Al-4Cu-6Si Casting Alloy
Suresh Chand, Madhusudhan D
3. ICT Adaption Model for Students: Usability & Availability, Problems & Solutions
Chaman Verma, Sanjay Dahiya
4. Employees’ Communication and Trust and Introduction of Organisational Culture: An Empirical Study of Hospitality Industry.
Dr. H. S. Chahal, Poonam
5. Enhanced Quantum Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm For Automatic Synthesis of Reversible Circuits
Swanti Satsangi, C. Patvardhan
6. A Review on Automated Regression Testing
Nishant Gupta, Vibhash Yadav, Mayank Singh
7. Review of the Various Techniques used for Load Balancing in the Cloud Computing
Mehak Mahajan , Anil Kumar
8. A Review on High Performance Simulation of Tumour Growth using 3-D Parabolic Equation on Distributed Systems
Sukhpreet Kaur, Anil Kumar
9. Linkage between Business Strategy and Human Resource Strategy to gain Competitive Edge for an Organizational Success
Gulati J.K, Monica
10. Synthetic Biology- A New Emerging Field
Ashwini Dinodia
11. Corporate Transparency & Disclosure Practices - A Case Study of Fortune 500 Energy Sector Companies of India.
SachinVerma , Pravin Saxena
12. Locus of Control among University teachers: an Empirical Study
13. Microinsurance for Vulneable Section of Society: An Analytical Study
Dr.Rupali Satsangi & Ms.Namrata Anand
14. Analysis on Microbes in Fresh Water
Minaxi Rani, Pariyanka Chaudhary
15. Review on Isolation Mechanisms in MIMO Antennas
Rekha G Nair
16. Investigation of Preliminary Phytochemical and In-vitro anti-diarrhoeal Studies of the Stem and Root Extracts of Alangium salviifolium
T. Raga Sudha
17. Performance Analysis of Particle Swarm Optimizer based on Three Different Test Functions
Dipali Pattanayak
18. Impact of Human Resource Practices on Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Indian Public Sector Banks
Ms. Namrata Anand