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Volume 3 Issue 3

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1. Ethanol Sensing Properties of Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Deposited CdO thin films
M. A. Barote*
2. Role and Applications of Nanotechnology for Energy Production
Kathare R. V., Undre P. G.
3. Mathematical behaviour of a Mechanical System with Three Types of Failure
Vipin Sharma
4. A Study of Social Intelligence of B.Ed. Student-Teachers in Barshi
Mande Pramod Prakash
5. Effect of Absorber Concentration and Collimator Size on Gamma Ray Attenuation Measurements
Bibifatima M.Ladhaf and Pravina P. Pawar
6. The Mechanism of Reaction of Benzophenone with Grignard Reagent Prepared from Propargyl Bromide
Mei-Lee Hwang; Jyh-Ferng Yang; RongJeng;Yuh-WernWu
7. Geological Features of Tungsten Minerlisation in Rajasthan: A Comparative Study and Exploration Strategy
8. Smart Bioelectronics: The Future of Medicine is Electric
Dr. Thonte S.S., Omprakash G. Bhusnure*, Makanikar V.G., Ovhal Pravin, Deshmukh Sagar
9. Biowaiver Implementation in Pharmacuetical Industry
Miss. Manjusha A.Bhange., Dr. Bhusnure O.G., Mrs. Giram P.S., Miss. Warad Tanuja A
10. On-Line Total Organic Carbon as Process Analytical Technology for Cleaning Validation Risk Management
Ms. Mane Jyoti Madhukar, Dr. Bhusnure Omprakash G., Dr. Gholve Sachin B., Suryawanshi Ranjana N.
11. Recent and Emerging Trends in Treatment of Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Neuropathic Pain (PNP
Padmaja S. Giram*1, Upasani C.D.2, Omprakash G. Bhusnure3
12. A Process Analytical Technology Approaches to Control API Manufacturing Process Development Validation and Implementation.
13. Conservation and Management of Terna Reservoir, Maharashtra- Physico-Chemical Investigation of Water
Dr. Somwanshi J. L., Shri. Kulkarni G. A., Dr. Shelke S. B.
14. Environment & Administration
Dr. Smita Kailas Khanapur
15. Growth and Characterization of CdO Thin Films by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Technique
P. M. Devshette
16. Spectral Behaviour of Infrared Spectra of Silver Doped Lead Borate Glasses
M. A. Giri, S. P. Yawale* and S. S. Yawale
17. Study of Structural and Morphological Properties of MnFe2O4 Ferrite Material
A.R. Biradar
18. Decreasing Trends of Export in India
Kritika Purohit, Mohit Jain , Siddharth Jain
19. Robotic Bridge Maintenance System: A Comprehensive Study
Mathew C S, Dayal Kurian Varghese
20. Mitigation of Voltage Sags/Swells using PWM Switched Autotransformer through MATLAB Simulation
Rachana, Gaurav Gangil
21. CRM-A Tool of Competitive Advantage in Modern Management
Neha Sharma
22. Fire Resistance of Concrete
Aqeel Shams
23. Study of Structural, Morphological and Spectroscopic Properties of Chemically Synthesized ZnO Nanoparticles
Shaikh R .S. , Ravangave L.S.
24. Linear Attenuation Coefficient of Water Soluble Suger (C6H12O6) At 0.662 MeV Gamma Energy by Varying Concentration
P. U . Malwadkar , S.M.Dongarge
25. Why is Data Loss Prevention Important in Enterprise!
Shivaji P. Mirashe, U. N. Chavan, Dr.Shivaji B. Chavan, Dr. Satish Alandkar, Anil B. Alde
26. The Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Cd2+Substituted Copper Ferrite
S.V.Rajmane1*, U.B.Dindore2, K.M.Jadhav3
27. Environment Science & History of Human Beings
Dr. S.G. Jadhav