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Volume 3 Issue 4

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1. Multi Limb Transformer
Akhil K J, Shelton Shibu, Rajath P, Mr.Dinesh C K
2. ISSR Marker based Inter and Intra- Specific Diversity Analysis in Different Genotypes of Cannabis sativa
Sunita Khatak , Mansi Ghai and Swati Dahiya1
3. Automatic Road Light Controller through Electricity Generation from Speed Breaker
Neeraj Kumar, Prashant Saini, Mahesh Kumar
4. To Study the Effect of Bleaching on some Parameters of Groundnut Oil and its Applications in Industrial Field
P. C. Verma
5. Experimental Investigation to Identify the Parametric Effect on Material Removal Rate and Electrode Wear Rate during PMEDM
Gaurav Arya, Dr.S.K Garg, Er. Amit Kumar
6. Sustainable Forest Resource Management
S.Naveen Nivas, I.Sundar
7. Preparation of Low Cost Activated Carbon Adsorbents from Natural Sources
S.Arjuman Banu, S.Nagarani, M.Kirubha
8. Does Hardiness Improve Resilience?
Dr Ravinder Puri
9. The Internet of Things: Study of Security and Privacy Considerations
10. Challenges Facing the Current Higher Education System in India
Pragati Chauhan
11. A Study of Quality and Sustainability SHGs Promoted By Government Organizations
Dhake Saroj P., Dr. Narkhede Sameer
12. Gender Issues in the Novels of Chitra Banerjee Devkaruni
13. Comparison of Image Retrieval Techniques Using Wavelets and Basic Features
Mohini. P. Sardey, G. K. Kharate
14. Indra Prakash Mishra, Narendra Kumar Singh
Facts as An Effective Solution for Mitigation of Transmission Congestion
15. Understanding Folklore- Religious and Social Practices, Beliefs and Intelligence behind Emergence
Dr. Hargunjot Kaur
16. Extract of Heliotropium Indicum as Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Acidic Medium
Kirti Sharma*and Dr. Jyoti Sharma
17. Analysis of Multi-Cell Prestressed Concrete Box-Girder Bridge
18. Prediction of the Mechanical Behaviour of High Performance Concrete with Industrial By-Products through Regression Analysis
Dr. B. Vidivelli, T. Subbulakshmi
19. Study On Variation of Geotechnical Properties of Soil in Various Locations of Sirsa City
Gourav Soni, Rahul Bansal
20. Study on Saw Dust Ash as Partial Replacement with Cement
Sanjay Chugh, Rahul Bansal
21. Physico-Chemical Properties of Substance
N.K.RAUT , S.R.Mitkar
22. Intelligent Home Security System
Mr.Vishnu C. Khade
23. Study of Welding on the Various Properties use Aluminium Alloy AA-5083 and 6061-T-6
Kumar Gaurav, Sunil Kumar
24. Wastewater Characterization and Management In and Around GCEK Campus
P Sanghamitra, Bithnath Pattnaik, Rajshree Nayak, Dr. Jatindra Kumar Pradhan
25. Unconfined Masonry and Confined Masonry Construction: A Comparative Study
Vishnu J , Mathew C S , Leny Thomas , Deepu R , Praveen A
26. Energy Saving Algorithm in FiWi Network
Uma Rathore Bhatt, Nitin Chouhan, Raksha Upadhyay
27. Implementation of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Survivable optical network
Uma Rathore Bhatt, Tapesh Sarsodia, Raksha Upadhyay, Raghav Sharan
28. Risk Analysis for the Major Factors Affecting the Construction Industry
B.Vidivelli and K.Jayasudha
29. Concrete Mix Using Fly Ash As Supplementary Material
Raghav, Yudhvir Yadav
30. Use of Demolished Concrete as Coarse Aggregate
Raghav1, Yudhvir Yadav2
31. Team Integration in Indian Construction Industry
Sharmin Khan, Anwar Hussain
32. Simulation of Radiation Pattern of a Reconfigurable Plasma Antenna
Rajneesh Kumar, Prince Jain
33. Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Thick FGM Hollow Cylinder using Exponential Law
Mukesh Kumar Sainia*, VikasBansalb
34. Performance Analysis of Baseband Modulation Techniques for Visible Light Communication
Nooguri Kavya , Duggirala Aishwarya, Sunayana Baruah Mrudula Mahadasyam , Mrs. C.T. Manimegalai
35. CFD Simulation based Investigation on Soil Thermal Saturation and Regeneration of an Earth Air Tunnel Heat Exchanger during Intermittent Operation: Winter Heating Case
RohitMisra1*, Vikas Bansal2, Abhishek Agarwal3
36. Foreign Institutional Investors(FIIs) and its Role in the Current Indian Economic Development
Pashmeen Kaur, Dr. Vandana Khanna
37. Review on Cooling and Dehumidification Process
Bharat Singh Yadav, Kuldeep Thakran, Ashutosh Bhojasiya, Rohan Singh, Amit Kumar Bhamu, Mahendra Kumar Verma
38. Unconventional Energy Harness: A Review on Developments of Solar Power based Multipurpose Refrigerator
Gaurav Gupta , Gaurav Gattani, Jerin Samuel, Rakshit Ratan and Shivank Bhardwaj