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Volume 3 Issue 8

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1. Indiscriminate use of Chemical Pesticides vs Recommendations: A Case Study
Surender Kumar Singh
2. Review on Need of Utilization of Biopesticides in Agriculture for Safe Environment
Kamble K. J., Dr. N. J. Thakor, Dr. S. P. Sonawane and Dr. A. A. Sawant
3. Applications of Theory of Relativity: A Discussion in Protecting Society
M. Niteesh Babu, G.Krishna Reddy
4. Optimal Filtering of Noise in Stochastic Nuclear Signals with Genetic Algorithm
G.Srinivas Reddy, K Vinay Kumar Reddy and B Sreenivasa Reddy
5. Physicochemical Nature of the water at Thakur Talab Chandra Mahuli, Mauganj, Rewa (M.P.)
Anupama Mishra
6. Nano-hierarchical Hydrophobic Structure of Polycarboante Fumed Silica Composites as a Thermal Barrier
Neha Katiyar, Neha Bhadauria
7. Feminism in Nayantara Sahgal’s A Situation in New Delhi
Dr. Bhumika Khatri (Chopra), Dr. Krishna Rathore Tomar
8. Awakening of Woman in Nayantara Sahgal’s This Time of Morning
Dr. Bhumika Khatri (Chopra) , Dr. Krishna Rathore Tomar
9. Seasonal Variations in Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Dammashi and Bidoli in Tonk and its Ecological Best-Designated Use
Priya Mishra, Prof .Veena Garg, Dr.Kakoli Dutt