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Volume 3 Issue 12

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1. Potential of Zinc Solubilizing Bacterial Inoculants in Fodder Crops.
Manu Solanki, Nidhi Didwania and Vandana Nandal
2. Develop the Cloud Based Personal Document Storage System and Retrieve them using QR Code
Ashrut Waghmare, Pritesh Shah, Pranav Deshmukh ,Shubham Mahapure
3. Solving Single Machine Scheduling Problems using an Improved Crow Search Algorithm
M. K. Marichelvam, K. Manivannan, M. Geetha
4. Design with Stimulation Human Values Considerations
Shailendra Kumar
5. A Survey of Literature on Automated Transport Systems (ATS).
Tiza Michael,]Anand Kumar, Shubham Kumar
6. A Study on the Impact of Innovative Human Resource Practices on Job Satisfaction of Employees Working in Information Technology Sector
Manu Melwin Joy, Femina Sidhique
7. Synthesis of Binary Iron-Manganese Oxide Coated Graphene Oxide for Adsorptive Removal of Basic Dyes: Isotherm, Kinetics and Thermodynamics Studies
Equbal Ahmad Khan, Shahjahan, Mohammad Fuzail Siddiqui, and Tabrez Alam Khan
8. A Study on Switch Fabric Architecture in ATM Networks by using VLSI Method
Siva Kumar,R.P.Singh
9. A Perspective Analysis on Removal of Duplicate Records using Data Mining Techniques: A Survey
P. Selvi , Dr. D. Shanmuga Priyaa
10. The nature of Evil in Shakespeare
Dr. Gopal Sinha,
11. Impact of Green HRM Practices on Firm Performance: With special reference to Manufacturing Industry
Haridas P.K, Dr. Chitra Sivasubramanaian
12. Synthesis and Spectral Charactersation of Nickel(II) Complexes with Biologically Active Ligands
Ruchi Verma
13. Role of Financial Inclusion in Empowering Rural Finance: - An Overview
*Dr.Javed Iqbal,Ahsan Ul Haq
14. Nano Herbal Coating on Bamboo Spunlace Fabric to Boost Antimicrobial Efficiency
Hemalalitha. S. N, Dr. N. Vasugi Raaja
15. Applications of Fuzzy Logic
Shivdeep Kaur
16. Properties of Concrete Filled by Steel, FRP & UPVC Tubes in Compression
Durgesh Nandan; Anjali Pahal
17. High Performance Work Systems - An empirical study on implications for Organizational Citizenship Behaviours
Manu Melwin Joy, Sinosh P K