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Volume 4 Issue 1

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1. An Investigation on Effects of Cement Concrete with an Addition of Corrosion Inhibitors – Review
J. Abdul Bari, M. Velumani, B. Monisha
2. Design and Analysis of Satisfaction at Work in Selected Financial Institutions of Punjab – A Case Study
Munish Kumar, Sunatya Kumar, Dipender Kumar Dev
3. Residual Life Assessment of Rotating Machine using Fuzzy Logic Based Approach
Alok Richhariya, Anurag Kumar Burman, Dr. R K Jarial
4. Replacement of Polyethylene (LDPE) and Wax Coating in Paper Cup by Alternative Coatings
Dr. M. K. Marichelvam , M. Nagamathan
5. Energy Consumption Reduction of AHU using Heat Pipe as Dehumidifier
Rohit R. Parab, Laxmikant D. Mangate
6. Advancements in Efficiency Optimisation & Speed Control of Induction Motor Drives
Ajay Singh Negi, Veer Singh Meena, Rachna Panwar , Dr. R K Jarial
7. Real Time Low Power Bluetooth Communication between FPGA and Android System
Ms. Nutan N. Chavhan, Prof. Mujib. A. Tamboli
8. Time Domain Analysis of Heart Rate Variability – An Attempt towards Characterization of Trends
Sumana Chatterjee, D.N.Tibarewala
9. Design and Stress Analysis of Ramshorn Hook with Different Cross Section using CAE Tools
Nausad Khan, Gian Bhushan, Pankaj Chandna
10. Problems and Government Schemes of Handloom Industry in Andhra Pradesh.
Makam Satyanarayana, Dr. Suja S Nair, Prof. P.Venkata Rao
11. An Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties & Development of M50 Grade Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) & Comparison with M50 Conventional Concrete
A.Devi Prasad, A. Matha Prasad
12. Experimental Investigation of Effect of Curvature Ratio on Coefficient of Static Pressure Disrtribution on the Concave Curved Surface due to Impingement of Air Jet from An Circular Orifice of Dia 10mm for Confined Flow
Anilkumar Hanchinal, Karthik Ramadurg, Ranganath N Patil
13. Dynamic Analysis of Elastic Vibration of Connecting Rod of a Slider Crank Mechanism
K.Venketesh, V.P. Singh
14. Diabetes: A Forecast for 2030
Dr R K Gupta
15. A Survey on Predictive Analysis of Weather Forecast
Sri Venkatesh S., Chandrakala D.
16. Emergence of Green and Safer Chemistry in Cosmetic Products
Kiran, Kamalpreetkaur, Suveena,
17. Mechanical and Chemical Activation of Fly Ash for Drilling Fluid Applications
Soubir Das, Varun Asthana
18. Designing of an OP-amp using CMFB Technique
Deepti Rajput
19. Survey of Forest Fire Detection using Wireless Sensor System
Syeadh Ibrahim.S, Latha.L
20. Evaluation of Mini Sewage Treatment Plant By Analysing Physical Parameters
Jyoti Sharma ,Vijayshree Sharma & Nisha Nihalwani
21. Cost Effective Composite Concrete using Fly Ash and Copper Slag
H R Dhananjaya and Sunil
22. Stress and deformation Analysis of Flywheel using Catia and Ansys
Vikas Kumar, Satnam Singh
23. Analysis of Piston Failure and Metallurgical Investigation
Rahul Parmar, Dr. Surjit Angra, V.K. Mittal
24. Optimization of Machining Parameters for CNC Turning using Taguchi Method
Yajvinder, Vishal Gulati
25. Prediction of Inferior Zone Myocardial Infarction using Welch’s Power Spectral Density Estimation and Discrete Cosine Transform
Tarak Das, Sayanti Guha , Piyali Basak
26. Cause-Effect Diagram Versus System Dynamic Model – A Case Study of Manufacturing Defects Analysis
B.Chowdhury, S.K. Deb
27. Rheological and Thermal Analysis of T-PSS/PES Blends
Prof. Anal D. Bhatt
28. To Study the Effect of Ankle Foot Orthosis during Walking of Foot Drop Patients
Harish Kumar Banga , Dr Parveen Kalra, Dr Sandip Dhole
29. QLEGAND - GA Based Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithm for Identifying the Cancer Mediating Gene Set
Pritha Kundu, Tania Chakraborty, Oyndrila Majumder, Kritika Kumari, Anupam Ghosh