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1. Indian Railways Passenger Coaches: Safety Features and Technologies Adopted
Dr. Suresh D. Mane
2. Design and Simulation of Orbital Welding Head used in Welding Pressure Vessel Tube -A Review
Devang R.Kanaiya1, Pankaj Rathod2
3. A Comparative Study of Indian Sectors’ Contribution: With Special Reference to Nifty Index
Veerangna Singh,
4. Comparative Failure Analysis of Transmission Line Tower using Software
Kandarp Samirkumar Prajapati, Vipul Vyas , Nitin Patel
5. Comparative Failure Analysis of Transmission Line Tower using Software
Kandarp Samirkumar Prajapati, Vipul Vyas , Nitin Patel
6. Design of Three Phase Inverter using SPWM Technique in MATLAB
Shivpal Verma1 , Rohit Bansod2 ,Snehal Walke3 , Snehal Ganvir4, Pramod Harinkhede5 , Pranali Khobragade6 , Sangharsh Meshram7
7. Effect of Borrowed Subgrade Soil on Cost of a Rigid Pavement
C Shanthakumar Naik* &Dr. S.N.Sachdeva**
8. Synthesis and Characterization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Water Purification Applications
Sukhman Kaur Gill, Gursharan Singh, Madhu Khatri*
9. Complimentarity - Basis of Designing Soft Materials
Mompiya Sanyal® , Maina Malviya , Dr. Uma Sharma
10. Optimisation of Surface Roughness in Turning Process on AISI Carbon Steel 1040 through Regression feed Differential Search Algorithm
D.Ramalingam, Dr.M.Saravanan, R.Rinu Kaarthikeyen
11. Smart Street Lighting System using Sensors and Solar Panel
1Upendra Pal Singh, 2Shubham Kumar, 3Pankaj Mishra, 4Arun Sisodia, 5Vishwadeep Singh
12. Experimental Study of Thermal Energy Storage System using Rock Pebble Bed and Refractory Brick
Ankit Bansal1, Dr. Vijay Kumar Bajpai2
13. Joint Sparse Representation Mechanism for Multimodal Face Recognition
B.Veera Jyothi, Dr P. Surya Narayana Babu
14. Effect of Wide Slots on Bandwidth & Gain of Broadband Microstrip Antenna
A. R. Chaudhari
15. Semantic Text Similarity in Web Search Engine Implementation
Jafar Ali Ibrahim and Dr. M. Thangamani
16. New Trend in Concrete: White Concrete
Rathod Pritesh R, Patel Shivani, Patel Milind, Patel Nirmal, Lad Jay, Tandel Shivangi
17. Performance And Exhaust Emission Evaluation of I.C Engine using Biodiesel Derived from Non-Edible Oils: A Review
Rohit Sharma, Sudhir Kumar
18. A High Reliability Wearable Device for Elderly Fall Detection
G.Jalalu, K.Murali
19. Discontinuity Removal in Concatenative Synthesized Speech
Sarpreet Kaur Gill, Parminder Singh
20. Comparative Model Studies on Circular & Square Footing Supported on Geocell Reinforced Sand
Chaitanya A Shetgar1, Dr. Vijay Sharma2
21. Automatic Control of Railway Crossing Gate Based On PLC
1Harsh Mohan Sharma, 2Shubham Sharma, 2Sumit Srivastava, 2Abhay Sharma, 2Aakash Kumar
22. Smart Railway Track System using RFID
Rahul P. Kamdi, Prasheel Thakre, Sandeep Tiwari
23. Comparative Neurotoxicity Evaluation of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles by Crawling Assay on Drosophila melanogaster
Kritika Sood, Jasreen Kaur, Madhu Khatri*
24. Estimation of Non-stationary Noise Power Spectrum using DWT
Haripriya.R.P., Lani Rachel Mathew, Dr. K. Gopakumar
25. Driving and Controlling of three Phase Induction Motor with the Help of Single Phase Supply
1Neeraj Solanki, 2Rupendra Singh, 2Astitva Gupta, 2Dhreeraj Kumar, 2Himanshu Kein
26. Compact Shorted Antenna Design For GSM
Pranjali Jumle, Dr. P. L. Zade, Suresh Gohane
27. Active Queue Management Techniques for Congestion Control: A Review
Minakshi Mehta , Gauravdeep
28. Study of Absorption Properties of Photo catalytic Titanium Oxide Thin Films Prepared by SILAR method.
Praveen N. Vaidya,
29. Production of Iron –Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) Composite by Mechanical Alloying
*Akshay Kumar 1, U.pandel1 and M.K.Banerjee1
30. Memory Optimization for Efficient Implementation of AES on SPARC based Processor
Vinay Kumar, R. K. Sharma
31. Performance Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger using CFD
MadhuriKumaria,Jatinder Kumar Ratana
32. A Review on Various Techniques of Image Forgery Detection
Tarman Garg, Hardeep Saini
33. Study on the Properties and Prospects of three Varieties of Banana/Cotton Mixture Fabric
R. Sucharitha, Dr. N. VasugiRajaa
34. Challenges in Biogas Production from Anaerobic Membrane Bio-Reactor and the Future Scope of Anaerobic Digestion. A Review
Manish Kumar1, Dr.Rajneesh2
35. Financial Inclusion via Islamic Microfinance: A Pragmatic Approach through Corporate Social Responsibility in India
Dr. Saeed T. V.
36. Frequency Dependent Conductivity and Dielectric Study of Polyaniline and Chromium Oxide Composites
37. A Review of Various Data Indexing Techniques for Broadcasting on wireless channels
Ms. Prachi Goyal, Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta, Dr. Vikas Goel
Panjabi Singh, Dhanpal Singh and S D Ram