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Volume 4 Issue 5

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1. Performance Evaluation of RZ Format Wavelength Converter using Electro Absorption Modulator at Different Bit Rate
Taranjeet Kaur 1 Dr. Surinder Singh2
2. Structural Property Analysis in Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Gokila G, Dineshkumar G
3. Characterization of Fault using Voltage Sag Profile
Mangal Hemant Dhend, Dr. Rajan Hari Chile
4. Modified Improved Kernel Fuzzy Adaptive Threshold Algorithm on Modified Level set method for Picture Segmentation
T.Saikumar1, G.SudhaRani2, K.Keerthi2,K.Sneha2,B.Srikar2
5. Outage Probability Analysis of Multi-Tier Wireless Network
Nishi Shree1, Saif Jahangir2, Shuvabrata Bandopadhaya3
6. Partial Discharge with Short Circuit and Transients Generated on Current Transformer
V S Deolankar and W Z Gandhare
7. Dual Band RT Duroid Annular Ring Patch Antenna
Thingbaijam Rajkumari Chanu, Ankit Kumar, Abhishek Kumar
8. Fractionation of Airborne Fine Particulate-Bound Metalsand Associated Health Risks in A Site in Indo-Gangetic Plain
Dinesh Sah, Puneet Kumar Verma, K. Maharaj Kumari and Anita Lakhani
9. Synthesis, Characterization of Nano Structured Co doped Nickel Oxide for the Application Glucose Biosensor
N. H. Bansod1*, G. N. Chaudhari1, A.B.Bodade2 , S. A. Wadhal2
10. Antidotes Used For Scorpion Sting By The Tribals Of Siddeswarm Sacred Grooves Of Spsr Nellore DT.A.P.
Umamaheswari . P. , S. K. M. Basha, C.V.Narasimha Murthy
11. Adaptive Security Architecture for Physical layer security in Wireless Networks
Varad A. Sarve, Dr. Swati S. Sherekar, Dr. Vilas M. Thakare
12. A New Cascaded 2-Level Inverter based MultilevelSTATCOM for High Power Applications
Vyshnav B, P.R Subadhra
13. A Study of Congestion Control in MANET: Review
SapnaKhurana, Dr. Suresh Kumar
14. Spectrophotometric Determination of Vitamin C using Iron(II)- 4,7-Diphenyl-1,10-Phenanthroline Complex
Ashwani Kumar, Parveen Kumar
15. NFC Based Mobile Health Care System
Rahul Nallagatla, Ravi Teja Reddy, Awadhesh
16. Back Stepping SMC for Blood Glucose Control of Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Deirdre D. Sylvester∗ and Ravindra K. Munje†
17. Design and Analysisof an Implantable Patch Antenna for Biomedical Applications
Paikhomba Loktongbam, Lakhvinder Singh Solanki
18. Predictive Modelling For Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer
Arpit Tyagi, Sarthak Deshwal, Sumit, Rahul Yadav
19. Liberation and realization in Maud Diver’s Lilamaniand KiranDesai’s Inheritance of Loss
Sk Shameem Banu, Sk Saleem Babu, Dr G Chenna Reddy
20. Anti-termite Potential of L. Leucocephala plant on Indian white Termite in Sub-Tropical High Infestation Areas
Shipra Jha
21. Solution of Multidimensional Integration using Adaptive Monte Carlo Method with General Division Approach and its Validation
Falguni Kudu, Tapan Santra*, AnupamMaity, Anik Roy
22. Efficient Utilization of Cloud Bandwidth and Disk Usage
Bhushan Choudhary, Prof. Deeksha Bharatwaj
23. A Study of Human Resource Development System of IGNOU
Dr S K Pulist
24. Modeling of Solar Photovoltaic Assisted Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System for Storing Different Vegetables
Kamaljyoti Talukdar
25. Brand Pruning-A Powerful Weapon for Corporate Success
Dr. M. Veerabhadra Rao, B.V.S.S. Subbarao
26. Criteria for Language Course Design involving the Hetero-balancing Approach to Curriculum Planning
Dr K. Ram Chandra
27. Optimization of Process Parameter for Mechanical Properties of S.S 304 by TIG(Tungsten Inert Gas) Weldingusing Filler Wire
Angad Yadav, Dr. Dharamvir Mangal, Dr. Chaitanya Sharma
28. Review on Device-to-Device Communication
AnkitaSingha, Sona Sharma
29. Experimental and Numerical Method to Predict the Micro-hardness of SS316
Hreetabh Kishore, Ravindra K. Saxena
30. Automatic Smart Parking System using Internet of Things (IOT)
Dr Y Raghavender Rao
31. Review of Cooperative Sensing and Non Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radios
Shewangi1 Roopali Garg2
32. Authentication using LDAP in Wireless Body Area Network
Miss W. S. Dharme., Dr. R.V. Dharaskar., Dr. V.M. Thakare
33. Magnetic Nature of Trust: Features That Can Break Its Magnetic Nature and Mitigation Strategies
Alebachew Alemnew (Mr.) and Anjali Sharma(Dr.)
34. A Study on Friction Stir Welding on various Materials-A Review
D. Jayabalakrishnan, M.Balasubramanian.
35. Characterization of Ox-bow Lakes of the Ghaghara River Basin, North India, using Remote Sensing Data
Kuldeep Prakash
36. A study on FundamentalAnalysis –Factors affecting Selection of Security for Portfolio Construction with special reference to Automobile Industry.
Krishna Joshi, Dr. Chetna Parmar
37. A Comparative Study on Static & Dynamic Analysis of High Rise Building with & Without Open Ground Storey
Mr. Surjeet Kumar Verma1, Er. Shubham Srivastava2 , Mr. Mohd. Zain3
38. Plasma: Unconventional Technology for Textile Wet Processing
C. R. Madhu
39. Study of Structural, Elastic, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Ga0.875Cr0.125P
Kirandish Kaur*, Anita Rani
40. Methods of Teaching English –A Survey
41. The Impact of Data Analytics in Crop Management based on Weather Conditions
A.Swarupa Rani
42. Graphene and PerovskiteSolar Cells: A Review on Recent Emerging Revolutionary Technologies in Chemistry
Tank Sinderpal KabalSingh, Amarjeet Singh
43. Investigation of Material Removal Rate on Mild Steel–using Taguchi Technique
K.Siva Prasad,K.S.V.K. Sainath, B. Vijay Kumar
44. A Comparative Study of Defuzzification Methods for an Interacting and Non Interacting System
K.Saraswathi1, and Dr.R.Senthil2
45. Absorption of SO2 in a three-Phase Bubble Column and Foam-Bed Slurry Reactor
Avanish Kumar,Sushanta Kumar Jana
46. Potential and Installed Capacity of Major Renewable Energy Sources in India
Vivek Patel
47. Study of Irrigation Efficiency of Kaddam Project, Nirmal District, Telangana.
T.Venkateswarlu, V.Anusha
48. Comprehensive Review of DSTATCOM for Power Quality Improvement
Mrs. PratibhaHurkadli, Dr. D. B. Kulkarni
49. Technology and Development
Papaldeep Gosal, Sandeep Kaur& Jagjeet Singh
50. Relevance of Shakespeare in Contemporary World
Dr. PeenaThanky
51. Analysis of Multi-Element Airfoil Configurations: A Numerical Approach
YD Dwivedi, Vasishta Bhargava, PMV Rao
52. Water Quality Assessment of Dal Lake, Kashmir, J&K.
Shabina Masoodi
53. Electricity Price Forecasting TechniquesUsing ANN
Loveleen Kaur, Ishita Prakash, Dr.S Chatterji, Amod Kumar
54. Extraction of Apple Juice using Pectinase Enzyme
Indu Mehta
55. Influence of Parameters on Adsorption of Aromatic Compounds From N-paraffins using Commercial Adsorbents
Anil Yadav
56. Use of Parawada Fly Ash in Concrete as Partial Replacement of Cement
Dr. Narasinga Rao, B.N.D.1, AnanthaSairam, K.
57. Non-Linear SeismicAnalysis of Multi-StoreyBuilding
Uzair Khan, Hina Gupta
58. A Comprehensive Model for Handles the Traffic of Computer Networks and Uncovers Anomaly in Real Time
Miss. Prachi N. Deshmukh,Dr. V. M. Thakare, Prof. R. N. Khobragade
59. Suboptimal Control of Power Steering System
Abdul Hafeez, Prem Narayan Verma, Shikha Choudhary
60. Role of Information and Communication Technology in Wildlife Conservation
Pardeep Kaur Sandhu
61. Humor as a Pedagogical Tool in Theory and Practice of ESL
62. Heart Rate Monitoring using Human Speech Features Extraction: A Review
Alampreet Chahal,Silki Baghla, Dr. Rajbir Kaur, Gautam Kaushal
63. Brief Scientific Studies on Radio–imaging Facilities in Manipur, India and Safety Compliances
Md. Raheijuddin Sheikh and B. Arunkumar Sharma
64. Rejuvenating the Water Sources of Well by Collection & Filtration of Runoff Water by (Rain Water Harvesting)
Prof. Naveen U Gunagi, Suresh D. Mane, Chinmay S M, Vinayak Gourannavar, Sheela M S
65. Power Quality Improvement of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using DVSI
Khadeeja Najeer, Laly M.J
66. A Study Investigating Relationship between Perceived Risk and Online Shopping Experience
Dr. Pawan Garga, Ruchi Sharma
67. Voltage Regulation with Electric Spring and STATCOM
Anusmrithi K, Rathi K
68. Analysis and Design of a Low Power and Wide Tuning Range Voltage-Controlled Ring Oscillator in 45 nm CMOS Process
Jayanta Kumar Panigrahi, Deepa Das, Subhrajyoti Sunani
69. Earthquake Load Comparision on Different Shapes of High Rise Building
D.K Sharma1, Sourav Kr. Agrawal2, Shubham Chauhan2, Suryakant Singh2, Shashank Gupta2, Rohit Khandare2
70. Energy Management &Planning in DC Microgrid
Vijay Kumar S.Patil , Somnath.S.Hadpe
71. Student Tracking System with Bluetooth Low Energy
Vinay Mahendraker, Savitha D
72. Design and Analysis of CMOS based Low Power Carry Select Full Adder
Mayank Sharma1, Himanshu Prakash Rajput2
73. LQR Control of Backward Motion of Tractor-Trailer
Satheesh Krishnan G1,Gireesh V Puthusserry2, Anjali S Nair3
74. IoT enabled Automated Robotic Service for Warehouses
Rameel Khan, AbhayBhujbal, Dr. Mahesh Goudar
75. PokaYoka for Filter Pin Detection in Nozel Holder Body
1Arati S.Pingle , 2Prof . Dr. S. A. Patil (Ugale)
76. Simulation and Modelling of an Automatic Drivetrain of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Pardeep Kumar, Dr. G. Amba Prasad Rao
77. Contact Analysis of a Cam and Follower in Two Wheeler
1Rudragouda R Patil, 2 Santosh S Ghorpade, 3 R Harish, 4 V Santosh Kumar.
78. Vehicle Positioning Using Kalman Filter for Dedicated Short Range Communication
Miss. KulkarniPrachi Sunil, Dr.Ms. LabadeRekha P.
79. Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Five Machines N-Jobs with Transporting Agent
Sayali D. Choudhari1 ,Dr.Ritu Khanna2
80. Kalman Filter based Adaptive Attitude Estimation of Rigid Body
Rashmi M. Kittali, B. G. Sheeparamatti, Arshath Sheeparamatti
81. Experimental Investigation of Effectiveness of Slope Bottom Tuned Liquid Damper
Amardeep D. Bhosale, Dr. Mohan M. Murudi
82. GSM Operated Wireless Sensor Based Mine Security and Safety Approach
Ganesh L. Borhade, Mahesh B. Kadu
83. Effective Touch Screen Based User Interface
Nikita S Ranadive, Prof. A.R. Suryawanshi, Mr. Ajinkya Gautame
84. Electron Microscopy Study of Green Synthesized Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticle
Vijayshree Sharma*and Dr. Jyoti Sharma
85. Sound Level Meter
Joel D’souza, Steffy Simon,Anuja Padwal, Jenila Hendry and Dr.Milind Shah
86. Design, Implementation and Analysis of a High Speed Multiplier for Low Power Application
Vinutha P1, Praveen Kumar Y G2,Dr. M Z Kurian3
87. Secret Data Hiding Approach with Compression and Enhancement
K,Anitha, P.Ravisankar
88. Analysis of G+35 Storey RCC Building using Viscoelastic Damper on ETABS
Devang B. Lad, Ashish K. Sanghavi, Komal M. Panchal, Prashant R.Barbude
89. The Wear Resistance of HVOF Sprayed Nickle Chromium and Boron Carbide Coatings.
Suresh. R, M. Prasanna Kumar, S.Basavarajappa, Kiran TS
90. Carbon Steel EN8 and EN 19 Tool Wear Reduction by Cryogenic Treatment
Mr.Vasa Ramu, Nishok Sriram .S.R, P.Hani Deep
91. A Comparative Study on the Role of the Plasticizer on (PEO+KBrO3) Polymer Electrolytes
T. Sreekanth
92. Sensors Data Acquisition Systemusing ARM Microcontroller
Bhushan D Tribhuwan, Ajinkya C Dhapare, Ashish D Khetre, Nishikant Survade
93. Energy Band-Gap of Transition Metal Oxide Doped Borate Glasses by UV/Visible Spectroscopy
Devinder Singha, Randev Singha*, Balkaran Singhb
94. Study of Different Slotted UWB Antennas for Capsule Endoscopy Applications
Taimoor Khan and Shaban Barbhuiya
95. Fabrication of Phosphor Converted White LED forSolid State Lighting Application
Devayani Chikte(Awade)1*,S.K.Omanwar2,S.V. Moharil3
96. Conjuntival Vasculature based on Multiscale Multidirectional Operator for Human Recognition
Vrushali Pravin Bhokare1,Prof. S.N. Dharwadkar2
97. Effect of Stress on the Hippocampal Region of Brain and use of Centella Asiaticaas a Neuroprotector
Dr. Sachin Gupta* and Dr. Anuj Saxena
98. Product Label Reading using Text Extraction Algorithm from an Image for Blind Person
SachinMohite, Prof. A. R.Suryawanshi
99. Vessel & Optic Disk Detection using Statistical Measures
Jyoti Patil, Sharmila Chaudhari
100. Stress Analysis of Engine Camshaft and Choosing Best Manufacturing Material
Samta jain, Mr. Vikas Bansal
101. Processing Geo-Dispersed Traffic Data Using Java Media Framework
Pavithra C, Dr. Mydhili K Nair
102. Image Enhancement Techniques- A Review
103. A Hybrid Approach of Encryption and Compression Algorithm for an Image
Shruti Ashok Tatkare, Prof. Sujata Mendgudle
104. Compact Metal Routing in DSM Technologies
Mr. Pratik P. Kulkarni, Prof. DeeptiKhurge, Mr. Vinay Sharma
105. Fading Mitigation Techniques in Wireless Mobile Communication Systems
V.Thrimurthulu, Dr. N S MurtiSarma
106. Smart Irrigation System
1Gauri Tope
107. Analysis of Cough Sound for Pneumonia Detection
Tejashree H. Pingale, H. T. Patil
108. Effect of Fuel Injection Pressure on a CI Engine with Karanja Blends in Combination with Diesel: An Experimental Investigation
Pabbathi Vijaya Rao1*, B. Sudheer Prem Kumar2, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy3
109. Deposit and Financing Facilities in Islamic Banks
Dr. Saeed T. V.