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Volume 4 Issue 8

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1. Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-Bacterial Activity of Certain Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Poly(ester-amides) containing 2,6-bis(3-methoxybenzylidene) Cyclohexanone Moiety in the Main Chain
Kavitha Erra Kalappa, S. Arul Antony, N. Ramalakshmi
2. Overview on Sikkim Organic Agriculture and Strategies for Future Market Potential
Vishal Kumar, G. T. Patle and Ravishankar Kumar
3. Investigation into Effect Of Injection Pressure On Combustion Characteristics Of Diesel –CNG Dual Fuel Engine
Dr. Sridhara Reddy
4. Geological Investigation In Malikhera-Mokanpura Area Of Dariba-Rajpura-Bethunmi Polymetallic Sulphide Belt Rajasthan
Dr. Samir Nawal
5. The Impact of HR-Outsourcing On The Performance Management System Of The Organisations With Special Reference to IT And Pharmaceutical Industry
Dr. T.S.Poornachandrika
6. Design Criteria for Hot Fluid Flowing in Inner Pipe of a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
Suresh Babu Koppula, Dr. N.V.V.S.Sudheer
7. Impact of Work Life Balance on the Career Advancement of the Gen Y Women Professionals in Indian IT Industry: A Review Study
Ms. Shivani Inamdar, Dr. Asha Nagendra
8. Temporal Evolution and Statistical Behavior of Surface Ozone and Model Observations in Semi-Arid Rural Environment
A.P. Lingaswamy, K. Rama Gopal
9. Design and Fabrication of Hybrid 3D Printing Machine
K. Prudhvi, Dr. B. Satyanarayana
10. Compatibility Studies in Polymer Blends (PAA-PEO ) In DMSO Through Ultrasonic Measurements at different Temperatures
11. Status of Higher Education in Jammu and Kashmir
Muzafar Ahmad Mir Dr. Chanchal Kumar Buttan Dr. P Veeraiah
12. Re-looking Recruitment Strategies: Use of Social Media
Prof. Lavina Sharma, Dr. Asha Nagendra
13. Structural Analysis Of Merino Wool, Pashmina And Angora Fibers Using Analytical Instruments Like Scanning Electron Microscope And Infra-Red Spectroscopy
Dr. Gurumurthy.B. R and Dinesh Bhatia, Dr.Ramesh.K.P
14. Financial Performance Analysis of Bharti Airtel in the Context of Pre and Post Acquisition of Zain Group (A Kuwait Basis Telecommunication Company)
Sayyad Saadiq Ali, K. Hema Divya, Dr. J. Pardha Saradhi
15. The Effect of Corporate Governance on Profitability of a Firm: A Study of Indian Automobile Industry
Dr. Harileela.Vemula
16. A Preview of the Syllabus for English Language at Osmania University
Dr.Shabana Thayniath
17. Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of Moringa oleifera and Mass spectra
Sandhya sharma, Dr. Madhuri singhal
18. In Silico Protein – Protein Interaction Studies Of Sirtuins As Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Cancer Agents
DSVGK Kaladhar and Shri Kant
19. Load Bearing Capability of CFST Columns with and without Shear Connectors
G. Sunil Reddy, G.N.Sreekanth, DR. S.Balamurugan
20. Influence of Processes Parameters of Al 6063/ZnSio4p Metal Matrix Composite on WEDM using Response Surface Methodology(RSM)
Dr. T. Vijaya Babu, Dr. B.Subbaratnam , Dr. J.S Soni
21. Experimental Studies on Blended Concrete with Chemically Cured Coarse Aggregate
G. Madhava Krishna Reddy, Madhan Gopal Kallutla, Sreenivasulu Gopu, C.Sashidhar
22. Breast Cancer Risk Evaluation By Firefly Optimization Algorithm
K. Saravana Kumar, Arthanariee A. M.
23. Security And Privacy Aware Biometric Recognition System Using Multimodel Biometrics
Dr. M. Senthamil Selvi, Mrs. J. Angel Ida Chellam
24. Morphological Component Analysis to Enhance Textures of an Image
Asma Shaik, Dr. G. Mamatha
25. Numerical Modelling and Corroboration of Wave Interaction with Coastal Vegetation using Open Source CFD Tool: REEF3D
Ashwin S Prabhu, Abhijith P A, Arunakumar H S, Pruthviraj .U, Arun Kamath
26. Seismic Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dam
M. Madhu Mohan Reddy , DR. C.Rajaram
27. Physical Properties of Self Curing Concrete by using Polyethyline Glycol
K.Gangadhar, E.Hanuman Sai Gupta
28. Impact Of Synthetic Pyrethroid Lambda Cyhalothrin On Protein Metabolism In Selected Tissues Of Albino Mice
M.Suseela, K.Gokul and P. Jacob Doss
29. Variation Of Compressive Strength And Split Tensile Strength Of M40 Self Compacting Concrete With Different Sizes Of Coarse Aggregate
B.Chandraiah, C.Krishnama Raju, S.Talha Zaid
30. A High Impact on Environmental Upgradation- A Hybridization of M sand (Manufactured Sand) as alternative of River Sand in Construction Industries
Dr V Pon Panneerselvam
31. Face Emotion Recognition Using Combined Sift, LBP and Local Phase Quantization Features
X.Arputha Rathina
32. Conjunctive use and Management of Surface and Groundwater Resources in Irrigation Sector
Sudhakar Pathak, Abhishek Saxena
33. Characterization of Oil Field Formation Water and its Effect on Tap Water Dilution for Eco-Friendly Environment
Joyshree Barman, Subrata Borgohain Gogoi, Shilpi Sarmah
34. Correlation Analysis of Formation Water of Upper Assam Basin for a Greener Ecosystem
Konwar D., Gogoi SB, Barman J , Gogoi MP
35. Hybrid Solar Desalination and Water Heating System: A Review
S.B.Nithyananth, S.Gopala Krishnan, S.Santhosh
36. Hologram Based Three Dimensional Projection
T.Vishnu, C.R.Balamurugan, C. Tony Roy
37. An Automated Compatibility Prediction Engine using DISC Theory Based Classification and Neural Networks
Chandrasekaran Anirudh Bhardwaj, Megha Mishra, Sweetlin Hemalatha
38. Utilization & Minimization Of Waste Plastic In Construction Of Pavement: A Review
Ankita Chakraborty, Sapna Mehta
39. Green synthesis of Nano Zerovalent Iron using Glycine Max Leaf Extracts
Ch Chandra, Dr. (Mrs.) Fahmida Khan
40. Analysis of Functionally Graded Material Plates using Sigmoidal Law
Nisha Grace Mathews , Narasimha Murthy K N
41. Effect of QOS Class in Delivery Probability of WSN
G. Y. Akshatha 1 , G. Chandana 2 , M. Raghavendra 3
42. Telecommunication Infrastructure:Using Statistical Analysis to Identify Significant Factors and to Design Policies for Indian Smart Cities
SudattaKar, Prof. M. P. Gupta
43. A Review on Ultraviolet Protection of Textiles
Mohammad Mahbubul Alam1, Mohammad Tajul Islam2
44. Feasibility Study for Construction of an Additional Floor on the Existing Building
Shiek Hafizur Rahman, Prof. Raghu M A, Mr. Sunil v Sonnad
45. Synthesis and Characterization of a Low Cost Flat Membrane Support
Shweta Kumbhaj, Ketan S. Kulkarni, Anand V. Patwardhan
46. Star Model of Entrepreneurship
Dr. Bhavya Soni
47. Indian Feminism in the Novels of Anita Desai
Sajid Ahmad Bhat,Dr. Sonali Dutta,Muzafar Ahmad
48. Enhancement in Stabilization Properties of Soil Using Waste Polypropylene Plastic Fiber
Hemant Kumar Gupta, Anant Kumar Gupta, Sarika Awasthi
49. Alternate Materials for Wall Construction
Ar.Shruti Kanotra, Ar. Esha Sharma
50. A Literature Survey On Thermodynamic Analysis Of A Flat- Plate Solar Air Heater Having Different Obstacles On Absorber Plate
Nalini Dasari, Dr. K. Sridhar
51. Enhancement in Progressive Switching Median Filter for Denoising Noise
Deepika, Yogesh Kumar
52. Modelling and Prediction of Responses in the IC Process using Artificial Neural Networks
Sarojrani Pattnaik and Mihir Kumar Sutar
53. Critiquing Teacher Performance Management in HEIs: Reviving the Observation Cube
Gowri Menon
54. A Review on Dynamic Analysis of Composite Materials with and without Damping
Rajendra Sadangi,Mihir Kumar Sutar
55. Adsorptive Removal of Congo Red Dye from Aqueous Solutions by Activated Carbon Columns
Mamta Bhagat
56. Experimental Investigation of Thermo Acoustic Effect Using a Thermo Acoustic Refrigeration Setup.
Shubham Dighe, M. M. Farhan, Shubhankar Mankame, Mathewlal.T
57. Application of Response Spectra in the Analysis of Sea Structures Subjected to Sea Wave Forces
Rahul M, R.K Ingle
58. Fault Prediction of a Cantilever Beam Using Fuzzy Controller
Mihir Kumar Sutar, Chinmayi Mahapatra
59. Thermoluminescence Properties Of Doped Lithium Tetraborate Phosphor
Th. Ranjan Singh, L. Ragumani Singh and S. Nabadwip Singh
60. Fluency Acquisition In English Oral Communication:: Influential Teaching Methods
Dr. Neelima Choudaraju
61. QSAR Study of Some Anti-Hepatitis B Virus Agents Comprising 4-Aryl-6-Chloro-Quinolin-2-Ones and 5-Aryl-7- Chloro-1,4- Benzodiazepines
Purushottam Das Soni, I.P Tripathi , M.K. Dwivedi
62. Immuno Modulatory Effect of Auricaria Polytrichain Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium Rosenbergii.
P. Sudhakar Reddy, C.V.Narasimha Murthy
63. Current Scenario of Higher Education in India
Nitesh Sanklecha
64. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry in India and Its Key Approaches
Dr. Preeti Mehra
65. Random Forest Using R
Dr. G.Kishor Kumar, Mr. K.Nageswara Reddy, Mr.R.Raja Kumar
66. A Comparative Approach for Analyzing Impact of Different Audio Features on Music Genre Classification
Ms. Sneha D Rodrigues, Mr. Sanjeev Ghosh
67. Impact Strength Prediction of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites
Hardik Modi, Sagar Chokshi, Darshan Patel
68. Selection of Material for Connecting rod using MADM Approach
Prof. H. G. Chothani, Prof. B. B. Kuchhadiya, Prof. J. R. Solanki
69. Non-linear Soil-structure Interaction Analysis of Framed Structure with Pile Foundation
S. A. Rasal, H. S. Chore, V. A. Sawant
70. Design and Simulation of Grid tied 200kW PV System
Vikas Kumar Khinchi,Sukriti Solanki
71. Performance of RC Building with Base Isolation Systems
Udaysingh Patil, Deven Padole, Rashmi Gadpande
72. Melanoma Analysis using Dermoscopy Images
M.Maheshwari,Mr. T.Devakumar, Ms. P.Shiny Chandra Bai
73. Finite Element Analysis of Plate using Composite Material without and with Damping
Rajendra Kumar Sarangi, Mihir Kumar Sutar
74. Biocomposites: An Overview
Arnab Sengupta, Sarojrani Pattnaik and Mihir Kumar Sutar
75. A Study on Improving Branch Prediction Accuracy in the context of Conditional Branches
AN. Sai Parasanna, Dr. R. Raghunatha Sarma, Dr. S. Balasubramanian
76. Review on Advanced Machine Learning Techniques for Solving Problem of Dyslexia in children
Geeta Atkar, Dr. Priyadarshini J., Maya Rathnasabapathy
77. Climate Change and Increasing Water Demand in Manipur
L Sherjit Singh & Kh Mohon Singh
78. Green Synthesis of Nano Zerovalent Iron using Anacardium Occidentale Testa Extracts
Ch Chandra, Dr. (Mrs.) Fahmida Khan, Dr. Dakeshwar Kumar Verma
79. Stock Price Prediction Using ARIMA
Deepthi Praveenlal Kuttichira
80. Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Sphaeranthus Indicus Leaf Extract and Their Antibacterial Activity
C. Balalakshmi, K. Gopinath
81. Biodegradability Measurement of Unidirectional Cotton/Polyester Composites
Rahul Rohit, Sagar Chokshi, Vijay Chaudhary
82. Investigation on Influence of Naturally Available Additives on Green Sand Mould Properties-A Case Study
Prafulla Kumar Sahoo, Sarojrani Pattnaik and Mihir Kumar Sutar
83. Surface and Underground Water Analysis for Determining the Pollution level in Dist. Bulandshahr Region
Himanshu; Pushpendra Pratap Singh; Sudhanshu Mudgal
84. Augmentation of Correlation Analysis on Physico - Chemical Characteristics of Grand Anicut Canal of Cauvery River
Dr V.Pon.Panneerselvam
85. Interdependence of Returns on Bombay Stock Exchange Indices
Prabhat G. Dwivedi, Ajit Kumar
86. Influence of Leadership on Organizational Commitment: A Study of Senior Level Managers in Electronic Media
Dr. Sabiha Khan
87. Part-of-Speech Tagging of Hindi Language Using Hybrid Approach
Vijeta Khicha, Mantosh Manna
88. Study of Different Radar Waveform Generation Techniques for Automatic Air Target Recognition
J.E. Jeyanthi, Dr. A. Shenbagavalli, Dr.V.R.S.Mani
89. Review of Challenges Faced in Automated Diagnosis of Skin Lesions in Dermoscopy Images
Ms. J. Jacinth Poornima, Dr. J. Anitha, Asha Gnana Priya.H
90. Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Hydropower Generation: A Case Study of Nigeria
Mohammed Baba Machina, Satendra Sharma
91. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Mediated Particulate Matter Toxicity in Progression of Disease: Toxicological Review
Rizwan A. Ansari
92. Security Layer Implementation in EnDeCloudReports Simulator Tool through Modified AES
Shweta Singh, Dr. Amita Sharma
93. Studies On High Strength Coloured Concrete Mixes
Mr. Babu Bhaskar S G, Dr. Santhosh Malkapur
94. Failure Analysis of Thrust-Ring of A Spline Rolling Machine
Chetan S Kadadavar, Dr. Sunilkumar S Honnungar, Vinayak Uppin
95. An In-Depth Study of FactorsAffecting Financial Inclusion
Dr. Vikas Nath, Bhawna Dhawan
96. A Survey on Arbitration Techniques for SoC Design
S.Sundara Mahalakshmi, Mr. S.Cammillus
97. Various Approaches for Managing Intercultural Communication in Business Industry
98. A Study on Quality Assessment of Potable Water in Greater Bajali Area, under Barpeta District, Assam
Trishna Barman, Smriti Barman
99. Modeling and Analytical Approach for Cotton/Epoxy Composite Laminates
Trivedi Bhargav S., Sagar Chokshi
100. Quantification Studies of Apoptosis for Aqueous Extracts of Ipomoea Sepiaria as Anticancer Agents towards Pc-3 Cell Lines
Sudhakar Meesala and DSVGK Kaladhar
101. Influence of Equal Channel Angular Pressing Modified Die on the Mechanical Properties & Micro Structure of Copper Alloy
Sunil Kadiyan, Dr. B S Dehiya
102. Handicap Person’s Mouth Painting Tool (HPMPT)
Prof. Dipti Kulkarni, Prof. Nikisha Gawand
103. Study of Potentiality of Coal Fly ash for the Removal of Cr(VI) from Industrial Wastewater: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies
Pankaj Kumar Tyagi
104. Antibiotic Sensitivity Profile of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Isolates from Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic at Federal Medical Centre Nguru, Yobe State, Nigeria
Musbau, S., Yusha’u, M. and Anasri, Rizwan. A.
105. Resource Management: A Theoretical Study In The Light Of Islamic Texts
Dr. Saeed T. V.
106. Strengthof Polyamide Reinforced Recycled Porous Asphalt Aggregate
V. Manikanta, T. Akhil, A. Laxman
107. An Use Case of Smart cards in Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana
Somak Maitra
108. Understanding Maternal Mental Health - An Unexplored Area
Vasundharaa S Nair
109. Compaction and Consolidation Characteristics of Soils and Correlations of Parameters
Bipul Sen , Dr. Sujit Kumar Pal
110. Climate Change and the Facts
L Sherjit Singh& Kh Mohon Singh
111. A New Approach for Information Mining of Item sets Using Utility and Frequency Methods
Paul P Mathai, R.V. Siva Balan, Ierin Babu
112. The Survey Practice in Ash Brick Plant
Dr. M. S. Dhande, Dr. R. L. Himte, Dr. V. M. Nanoti
113. Surrogate Advertisement on Television “An Analysis with Special reference to Indian Youth”
Avadhesh Vyas, Dr Gaurav Bissa
114. Conjunctive Use and Management of Surface and Groundwater Resources as Part of Integrated River Basin Management
Sudhakar Pathak, Abhishek Saxena
115. Detection of Diseases on Plant Leaf with the Help of Image Processing
Prajakta S. Garud, Rajan Devi
116. An Experimental Investigation of effect of Weld Geometry on Natural Frequencies of Welded Plates
Prof. Nilesh C. Gaikwad , Prof. Vinay B. Choudhari
117. TQM and Role of HR in its Implementation(MCCIA860)
Dr. S.Balasubramaniam &, Dr. Safia Farooqui
118. William Dalrymple’s Historical Perspective through Travelling
Ms. Syeda Farha Shah
119. Seismic Analysis of Multistorey Building with Floating Column by using Tabs
Kandukuri Sunitha, Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy
120. Bitcoin and Its Prospects in India
Komal Dhanda
121. Feasibility Study of Replacement of Cement and Sand in Concrete and Mortar by ECOSPHERE
S P Khedekar, Shilpi Bhuinyan, K N Kulkarni
122. Role of Leadership and Change Management in Business
123. Optimization of Fin Spacing By Analyzing The Heat Transfer Through Rectangular Fin Array Configurations - Natural Convection
Vijay Majali, Aditya Yardi, Gourav Tanksale, Ashish Karguppikar
124. Social Media Analytics for Small, Medium Enterprises
Padma Raghappanavar , Dr.Yerriswamy T.
125. Study of Two Dimensional Dam Break Analysis Using HECRAS for Vir Dam
Mrunal M. Joshi , Dr. S. S. Shahapure
126. Dynamic Facility Layout Problems: A Survey
Rahul A. Lad, Dr. M. T. Telsang
127. An Optimal Technique to Limit the Harmonics Level in Brush Less Alternators
M.Yogesh, B.S. Nagaraja, Nandan. N
128. The Analytical Study of Decline in Sales of Coca-Cola Based on Customer’s Inclination towards the Product.
Snehal Galande
129. Xenotransplantation of Caprine Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Rabbits for Full Thickness Skin Wound Healing
R K Singh, Abhisek Saxena, R Singh, Sadhan Bag
130. Leadership Styles and Organizational Commitment: A study on Senior Managers of Print Media
Dr. Sabiha Khan
131. Tribological Behaviour for Friction of Composite Dry Journal Bearing
Tanay D. Shinde, Dr. (Mrs.) P.S.Gajjal
132. Modeling and Analysis of CNC Milling Process Parameters on Aluminium Silicate Alloy
Anand Gupta, C.M. Krishna, S. Suresh
133. Performance Evaluation of a Low Cost Standalone Solar Photovoltaic System used for Rural Applications
S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, K.S.Jairaj
134. Biogas Calorific Value Increasing Processes Using Different Techniques: A Review
Prof. Jayendra B. Patel, Prof. Manish D. Patel, Prof. Rajesh V. Chaudhari, Prof. Vinod P. Rajput
135. Enrichment in Safety System by Utilization of Safety seat belt in Automobile Vehicle System
Prof. Manish D.Patel, Prof. Rajesh V. Chaudhari, Prof. Vinod P.Rajput, Prof. Jayendra B.Patel
136. A Renewable Diesel from Algae: Synthesis and Characterization of Biodiesel in Situ Transesterification of Chloro Phycophyta (Green Algea) using Dodecane as a Solvent
V.Naresh ,S.Phabhakar, K.Annamalai, S.Naveen Chandra
137. A Note on Codes Arising from the Evaluation Maps
Avinash J. Kamble
138. Effect of Different Types of Boundary Conditions on Conjugate Natural Convection in a One Side Wall
Balesh Babali, Aswatha, K. N. Seetharamu
139. Extraction of Liquid Fuel from Waste Plastic
Dr. B. J. Patil, Prof. Raghvendra C.S, Prof. Manik N R
140. Performance Evaluation of Solar Power Operated Paddy Winnower
Samreen and M. Madhava, A. Rama Rao
141. Consumer Behaviour: A Literature Review
Anjali Bhalerao, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey
142. A Survey on Identification of Plant Diseases
Lisha Khadke, Sunil Jadhav, Kalpesh Jadhav, Ashwin Kasbe, Prof. Santwana Gudadhe
143. Optimization of Lathe Machine Parameter of Turning Hardened Material IS 2062:2011 E250 Grade A for Surface Roughness and MRR.
Mr. S.R. Meshram, Dr C.L. Prabhune
144. Solving Machine Loading Problem in Flexible Manufacturing System Using Particle Swarm Optimisation and Gravitational Search Algorithms.
Priyabrata Samal
145. Assessment of Watershed Based Water Balance for Irrigation Scheduling through Geospatial Technique
Rao Kumar Raghavendra & Sunil Cholke
146. Development of Adsorption Cooling Technology using Waste Heat Energy Sources: A Review
Vikas H.Chaudhari, Dr. Avinash D. Desai
147. Paper Skin Platform for Environmental Factor Sensing
Harshad S. Hanmante, Prof. A. P. Dhande
148. Effect of Different Catalysts and their Performance In Extracting Bio Diesel –An Experimental Study
Syed Shahbaz P Qadri, Mohammad Salman, Dr. Satyanarayana M.G.V
149. Immobilization of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae on Novel Matrix for Ethanol Production
Dicholkar Mugdha V., Gejji Varun M., Chinchkar Priyanka A., Joshi Shruti S., Jagtap Rutuja S., Kulkarni Sudha J
150. An Analysis of Global Solar Radiation Estimation Techniques
Christy Martina J, Dr. T. Amudha
151. Shashi Deshpande – Life and Work
Dr. Deepali Sharma
152. A Comparative Study of RC Beams Strengthened with GFRP Laminates
S. T. Rushad, S.K. Duggal, K. K. Shukla
153. A Novel Method for Fog Removal in Images based on Turbulence Mitigation and Contrast Enhancement
P.V Sabique, R. Sivaramakrishnan,G. Vignesh
154. Recent Advancement in Solar distillation System :A Review
Arpankumar R. Prajapati, Dattatraya Subhedar, Dr. Bharat M Ramani
155. Design of Pond Water Aeration Systems: A Review
Samitkumar R. Patel, Dattatraya Subhedar
156. Effect of Isolated and Combined Training of Aerobic and Yoga on Leukocytes among School Students
Mr. N. K. Poovaiah , Dr. P. V. Shelvam
157. Design and Development of Curve Shape Chain for Transmission Drive Unit of Rotary Cage
Aniket S Dhore, D.N.Korade
158. An EPQ Inventory Model with Variable Holding Cost and Shortages under the Effect of Learning on Setup Cost for Two Warehouses
Monika Vishnoi, S.R.Singh
159. Excitation Efficiency with Respect to the Spot Size in case of Laser Diode in Visible Spectrum to Mono-Mode Parabolic Core Fiber; Upside Down Tapered Hyperbolic Micro Lens Drawn on the Tip of the Fiber
Mohuli Majumdar, Parthasarathi Satvaya
160. Concepts and Measures of Emotional Intelligence – A Conceptual Study
Anupama Asthana, Dr. R. K. Lodhwal
161. Design and Development of a New and Portable Continuous Passive Motion Device for Knee Rehabilitation
Jyoti Jangra, Mrs Seema Chawla, Dr Geeta Singh
162. Mr. Narendra Modi and the Indian Economy: Status and Challenges
Dr. Sangeeta Kumar, Sumi Goswami
163. Estimating the age of the Historic Imphal River Terraces by Physical Techniques
Md. Raheijuddin Sheikh, A. Nabachandra Singh, S. Bidyashwore Singh