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Volume 4 Issue12

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1. Development and Testing of Novel Mini Wind Turbine (NMWT) Set
Prof. Pramod B. Magade, Dr. S. P. Chavan
2. Terminal Heat stress in Bread Wheat: A Critical Study
Radha Sharma, Richa Sharma
3. Removal of Fluoride from Ground Water using Pineapple peel as Biosorbent
Achla Rani, Dr. Archana Tomar,Dr. Rajiv Sharma
4. Global Tourism Recommendation System Based on GPS and Geotagged Web Photos and Optimization
L.Maria Michael Visuwasam, 2.Deepika, 3.Babyshamini
5. Portrayal ofWomen in Khalid Hosseini’s Novel: A Thousand Splendid Suns
Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Tantray, Dr. Kranti Vats
6. An Experimental Study on Clock Stabilization of IRNSS-GPSSBAS (IGS) Receiver
Somnath Mahato, Atanu Santra, Sukabya Dan, P Banerjee and Anindya Bose
7. An Exploratory Study for Enriching TPM Implementation through OD Interventions
Ashok Kumar V
8. Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Helical Coil
Malik Parveez
9. Influence of Altered Ph Media on the Gill Histology of Prawn Litopenaeus Vannamei during Acute Aand Chronic Exposure
Suneetha.T., Ramanamma.T., Sailaja.V
10. Building Information Modeling Interoperability Issues
Prof. Narinder Singh , Prof Bikramjit Singh , Prof. Harvinder Singh, Prof. Hardip singh rai
11. Aquifer Modeling for Identifying the Dry Cells in Greater Noida Region for Rain Water Harvesting
Mohd. Saleem, Shobha Ram , Gauhar Mahmood
12. A Study on the Cause and Relationship of the Stock Exchange Rate, Inflation Rate, Industrial Production Index and Oil Price in India
Akhil Bhargava, Dr. Shivi Khanna
13. Harnessing the Mammoth through Artificial Intelligence: Managing Number in ODL
Dr. S K Pulist
14. Design and Analysis of Impact Attenuator for Formula SAE Race car And Passenger Vehicle
Prateek , Awaishuddin , Sandeep, Mr. Gurpreet Singh Matharou
15. Vertex Coloring Problem Approach using Adjacency Matrix
Charu Negi, Ajay Narayan Shukla
16. Optical Properties of Amourphous Se90Sb10-xAgx using TAUC and URBACH Model
Nidhi Yaduvanshi, Deepak kumar, Nikhil Rastogi
17. Consumer Decision Making in Rural Market
Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Neha, Ranu Kumar
18. The Role of Environment and Eclectic Personality of Ved Nayar in His Contributions to Indian Contemporary Art
Ghazala Parveen
19. Estimation of Vehicle Operating Cost for Railway Over Bridge with Geometric Parameters
Prof. Omprakash Netula, Saurabh Agarwal, Er. Nikhil Kr. Sharma
20. Comparison of Algorithms used for Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using MATLAB
Shubhra Aakanksha, Sucheta Singh, Manisha R Singh, Dr. Mohit Shani
21. A Review Paper on SPC Process in Tablet and Syrup Manufacturing Area of a Pharmaceutical Company.
Deepika Gurjar
22. Empowering the Employee: Managing Job Stress in the Workplace
S. Kumari, Dr. M. S. Arunachalam
23. Congo Red Dye Removal From Aqueous Solution Using Activated Orange Peel
Seema, Anil Yadav, Mamta Bhagat, Virender Yadav
24. Meaning & Benefits of G.S.T
Neetu Rani
25. Concept of Underpinning & Response of Underpinned Building for Ground Excitation
Shubham Babar, Prof. B. S. Karkare, G. R. Chillal
26. Reflection of Women in Contemporary Indian Art Context
Mohsina Aaftab
27. Sheikh ul Alam’s Poetry: The Discourse of Knowledge
Sumaya Firdous
28. Career Opportunities in Home Science
Mrs Ranjit Kaur
29. Long Term Impact of Financial Education Courses Taken in High School and Under-Graduation on Financial Behaviour
Movina Periwal, Dr. Shivi Khanna
30. On the Asymptotically Regular Sequences and Maps with Application
Umashankar Singh, Neeraj Malviya and Naval Singh
31. Developing an Index to Determine the Degree and Influence of Management Subject Taught to Students Pursuing Technical Courses
Diksha Singla, Akash Bharadwaj and Sanjive Saxena
32. Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine in the Presence of AscorbicAcid using Curcumin Modified Carbon Paste Electrode
Harshavardhan Aand Manjappa S
33. Combustion of Polluting Gases from Automotive Exhaust
Marvi Kaushik, Sanchita Chauhan
34. Ozone Hole and Global Warming
Gursharn Singh, Beant Singh
35. Light Weight Aggregate Concrete by using Coconut Shell
B.R. Gautam, L.R. Gangwani
36. Experimental Study on Grain Sized Crystals in the thin Layers of OFETs
Silpa S. Prasad and K. Shreekrishna Kumar
37. An Analysis of Impact of Brexit on the Indian IT Sector
38. Cultural Empathy and International Adjustment: A Study of Professional Indian Expatriates
Shavina Goyal and Navjot Kaur
39. Fluidized-Bed Combustion Technology in the India; A Review
Raghvendra Gautam
40. Nutraceuticals-Health Benefits : A Review
Tehmeena Ahad, Jasia Nissar and A. H. Rather
41. Sustainable Development Imperatives for new Towns in Hilly Areas: A Case of India
Arbooj Gaurav, Khakhar Mona
42. Detecting Hate Speech and Insults on Social Commentary using NLP and Machine Learning
Hitesh Kumar Sharma, T.P. Singh, K Kshitiz, Harsimran Singh, Prince Kukreja
43. AC Conductivity of Ternary Chalcogenide Glasses Se85- xTe15Inx (x =2,6,10 and 15)
Ram Murti, Navdeep Goyal
44. Effect of CTAB on the Surface Activity of Hydroxypropylcellulose
Paray Aijaz Ahmad
45. Transforming Growth Factor-β and Smad Dependent Signaling
Sabreena Aashaq, Asiya Batool, Younus A Bhat
46. Applications of Biotechnology in Food Technology
Jasia Nissar, Tehmeena Ahad, Fiza Nazir, Rehana Salim
47. Introduction to Prebiotics
Fiza Nazir, Rehana Salim, Jasia Nissar
48. Antimicrobial Food Packaging
Rehana Salim, Fiza Nazir, Furheen Amin and Jasia Nissar
49. QSAR and QSPR Model Development and Comparison for Drugs Having Low Solubility
Nupur S Munjal, Sumita Dutta, Manu Sharma, Chittaranjan Rout
50. Investigations on the Impacts of Mining Activities on Water Bodies and Its Mitigation Measures
Ravi K. Jade
51. A Study on the Impact of CSR on Financial Performance of Companies in India
Arpit Bafna
52. Irrigation scheduling to Potato based on soil matric potential in the North-Western Indian Plains
Sanjeev Ahuja, Kulbir Singh
53. In Vitro Pollen Germination, Tube Growth and Pollen Viability of Some Angiospermic Taxa from Srinagar Valley (Garhwal Himalya)
Komal Verma, M. Urfan and P. Tiwari
54. A Study on Consumer’s Satisfaction towards Online Shopping in Small Cities of Madhya Pradesh
Ms. Alka Digwani, Dr. Anand Singh
55. Financial Literacy Paving way for Financial Inclusion in India
Anubha Bendre, Dr. Veermati Singh
56. Noise Attenuation for Muffler Design in Automobile Engineering - A Review
Haresh V. Vegad, Brijesh R. Naik
57. Spectral Characteristics of Mechanically Induced of Ultralong Period Fiber Gratings (UPFG) as a Pressure Sensor.
V. Mishra, V V Dwivedi
58. Rainfall Threshold Analysis of Himalaya’s Region using Matlab
Shashank Tiwari, Dishi Agarwal
59. Flux: The Teacher and the learner
Dr. Anita Yadav
60. Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics of Air flow in a Rectangular Duct of Solar Air Heater with Inclined Ribs with a Gap in Staggered Arrangement
Mukesh Kumar Solanki, Dr. K. R. Aharwal
61. Study and Comparison of Structure Having Different Infill Material (Bricks, AAC Blocks and Hollow Concrete Blocks) using ETABS.
Prof. Omprakash Netula , Shailender Pal Singh, Er. Rohan Bhomia
62. Non-Financial Determinants of Corporate Credit Ratings
Rahul Gupta, Sumit Sharma
63. A Review on the Importance of Antioxidant Activity and Other uses of β-carotene
64. Relationship among Market Orientation and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Major Hospitals of J&K
Dr. Sumaira, Dr. Fouzia
65. Structural and Physical Properties of Pb0.8Co0.2TiO3+δ Nanoparticles
N. Suresh Kumar, R. Padma Suvarna, U. Naresh, M. Prakash, K. Chandra Babu Naidu and V. Ramesh Kumar
66. Computation of Scour Depth Due To Rock Sills in Alluvial Channels
Ismeet Singh Saluja, Mohammad Athar
67. Storage Tanks for Rain Water From Roof Catchment in A.M.U. Campus, A Case Study
Khalid Rasheed, Mohammad Athar
68. Patent Insurance: A Way to Prevent Patent Infringement for SMEs in India
Dr. Surabhi Goyal
69. Hemolytic Activity of Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia coli
Surendra Singh Gound, Rajesh Mondal
70. Emerging Trends and Reflections of Globalization on Human Sensibility, Aspirations and Ambitions: An Overview of Chetan Bhagat’s Select Novels
C. Sree Vijaya Durga, Dr. V.B. Chithra
71. Screening and Characterization of Plant Growth Promoting Endophytic Bacteria Associated with Medicinal Plant Rauwolfia Serpentine
Verinder Wahla
72. Porosity dependence of Elastic Modulii for Ceramic Materials
R. K. Sharma, A.K.Upadhyay & S. B. Sharma
73. Cadmium Induced Histological Damage Oxidative Stress And Antioxidative Responses In Kidney Of Freshwater Catfish H.fossilis (Bl.)
Anjali shah, Suresh Kothari, M.S. Parihar
74. Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Methanolic Extract of Leaves of Plant Boehmeria rugulosa
Abha Shukla, Aanchal and R.K.Shukla
75. Fixed Point Theorem in Fuzzy Metric Space
Rajesh Shrivastava, Megha Shrivastava
76. Emerging Issues of Human Resource Management in Public Sector Bank in India
Dr. Monika Malviya
77. Optimization of Hardness in Aluminum Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite
Mohammed Azam Ali, V Vasudeva Rao, B Balu Naik
78. Hurdles of Revolutionary Voices with Special References to Chetan Bhagat’s Novels
Javaid Ahmad Tantry, Showkat Ahmad Sheikh
79. Effect of Extrusion on Strength and Toughness of Boron Carbide Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites
Manjunatha B., Niranjan H.B.
80. Autophagy, A Cell Survival or Cell Death Mechanism
Sabreena Aashaq, Shabir A Mir, Younus A Bhat
81. BER Performance Analysis of STBC from Orthogonal Design over MIMO Fading Channel
Hemlata Sinha, M.R. Meshram, G.R. Sinha
82. Effect of Vehicular Pollution on Micro-Morphological Structure of Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis
Riya Shrivastava and Jyoti Prakash
83. Effects of Precursor Compounds on Natural and Anthropogenic Emissions of Ozone : A Review
Dr. Bindu Khare, Dr. Kanchan Khare
84. Effect of U.V. Irradiation in Vitro on the Chemical Constituents of Snake Corals Sloughs
Nitin Kumar Chaturvedi and S.K. Upadhyay
85. Reconnecting with the Self: Ecological Psychotherapy in Margaret Atwoods Surfacing
Dr. Vinod Bhatt
86. Speech Enhancement using Adaptive Turbo Filter for Cochlear Implants
Rohini S.Hallikar , M.Uttarakumari, K Padmaraju
87. Amelioration of Cisplatin Induced Hepatotoxicity in Swiss Albino Mice by Gallic Acid
Feroz Ahmad Shergojri, Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Madhavi Gaur, Qaiser Jehaan shammi
88. Portraying the Religious and Caste Discrimination: A Critical Study of Sharankumar Limbales Novel Hindu
Dr. U.S. Saranya
89. Impact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Economy of India- A Review
Dr. Rita Sharma
90. Predictability of Students Communication and Decision Making Skills from Past Educational Performance
Dr Shruti Gupta
91. Study of Ecofriendly Light Weight Bricks using waste Paper- A Review
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Srivastava& Dr. Abhilasha Asthana
92. Crataegus songarica: Phytochemical analysis and In vitro Antioxidaant Activity
Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Feroz Ahmad Shergojri, Madhavi Gaur, Qaiser Jehan Shammi
93. A Review on Various Issues Related to Stone Matrix Asphalt
Bindhu Bernard
94. Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis of Aqueous extracts of Leaves and Stem of Tinospora cordifolia Leaves and Stem
Nandakumari Kamble*, Puranik. D.B., Salooja M.K.
95. True to the Spirit of Age: Beckett and Other Advocates of Existentialism
Javaid Ahmad Ganaie, GH. Mohd Mir, Nisar Ahmad Dar
96. Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Coconut Coir (Cocos Nucifera) And Evaluation Of Its Antioxidant Bioefficacy
Saakshi Gaur, Mukti Sharma, Saurabh Yadav and M.M. Srivastava
97. Wireless Healthcare Monitoring System using Arduino Uno
Ratnmala Bhimanpallewar , Swati Patil , Saurabh Kambale, Ramdas Kedari
98. Numerical Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Performance with Different Baffle Cut Percentage along with Different Orientations
Kiran Kumar K
99. Make in India: Reality Test about the Foreign Direct Investment
Sarthak Agarwal
100. Effect of Aluminium doping on Structural and Morphological Properties of Spray Deposited Zinc Oxide Thin Film
Syed Ghause Ibrahim
101. Synthesis, Characterization and Photo catalytic study on Nano TiO2, ZnO and ZnS Semiconductors
102. Women Empowerment through Protecting and Educating Girl Child: A Good Start
Dr. Vidya K, Dr. Ravindranath N. Kadam
103. “Motivation is a key to Successful Organization”
Ms. Sneh Lata
104. Effect of Yoga Exercises on the Anxiety Level and Mental Health of Prospective Teachers.
Dr. Swami Amrita
105. Business Excellence Model : A Research Working Paper Review
Harleen Kaur
106. Motivation
Neetu Rani
107. To Study the Relationship between Service Quality Tourist Satisfaction and Revisit Intension
Seema Wadhawan, Raghav Jain
108. A Study on Factors that Influence Power Struggle and Peer Relation
Dr.P S V Balaji Rao, Girish K
109. Review of Carbon Capture for the Production of Fuel
Dr.B.Sridhar Reddy, M. Shireesha , P. Kartheek Rao,A.Manjusha
110. GIS Integrated Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling for Flood Risk Assessment
Chithra M
111. The Effective Way of Building Personality is to Know One’s Inherent Qualities and Responsibilities.
CH. Aparna
112. Development of Probiotic Guduchi Whey Beverage
Nandakumari Kamble, D.B. Puranik and M.K. Salooja
113. Solidification Process of Pure Metal
Ramachander Jatoth, G. Veerendra Naik
114. Detection of SQL Injection Attacks using Errors and Query Result Handling
Rajashree A. Katole, Dr. Swati S. Sherekar, Dr. Vilas M. Thakare
115. Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Commitment: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Telecom Companies in India
Dr. Alka Sharma, Dr. Swati Singh
116. Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Film Synthesized by Spin Coating Method
Divya G. , K. Shreekrishna Kumar
117. Data Packet Delivering Through Green Internet Routing Mechanism
Pavani, Gayathri
118. Cancer Cells Detection using OTSU Threshold Algorithm
Nalluri Sunny, Mithinti Srikanth, Kodali Eswar
119. Study on Correlation between Compressibility and Diffusivity Factor of Hard-Sphere Fluid Dynamics
Jai Prakash Singh
120. Trajectory Planning and Collision Avoidance of Satellites in Formation Flight
Babitha Kodavanla, Mary Thraza and P. K. Dash
121. Effect of Ceramic Coatings on Aluminum Material to Review Mechanical and Chemical Properties
B.Sudhabindu, G.Ambika
122. Condition Monitoring of Rotationg Equpiment’s using Vibration Signature Analysis- A Review
Murgayya S B, Dr. H.N Suresh, Dr. Sarvanabhavan B
123. Analysis of Speaker Independent Emotion Recognition System Using Principle Component Analysis (PCA) And Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
Jagini Naga Padmaja, R. Rajeswar Rao
124. Effect of Discarded Plastic Waste as Stabilizer on Engineering Properties of Cohesive Soil
Anand Kumar B.G,Vageesh H.P
125. Study and Investigations of RCM Methodology in Manufacturing Industry to Minimize Breakdown Maintenance
A. P. Dawane, R. L. Karwande, Mohammad Irfan
126. Study on Mathematical Prediction of the Stochastic Bifurcation Structure
Dilip Kumar Singh
127. Selective Laser Sintering:Effect of Part Orientation on Building Time
Battula Narayana, L. Mahipal Reddy, Sriram Venkatesh, CH.V.N. Dilip Kumar
128. Wettability Studies of Titanium and its Oxide Based Coatings- A Review
Vandan V. Vyas, Kamlesh V. Chauhan, Sushant K. Rawal
129. Innovations in Management and Commerce : A Study on Web Advertising in P&G Company
K.Durga pavani., N.Siva bharathi. M.Nirmala Rani
130. Ground Response Analysis of a Particular Site at Indore using Borehole Data
Deepshikha Shukla, C.H. Solanki, Mayank K. Desai, S.K. Sohani
131. Performance of High Strength Steel Fiber Reinforced Metakaolin Concrete Subjected to Elevated temperature
R.R. Pawar, D.S. Wadje, G.R. Gandhe
132. Analysis of Fluid Flow in Pressure Controlling Valve (PCV)
P.Chandra Kumar, Dr L.Madan Ananda Kumar, N.Praveen,Shaik Gulam Abul Hasan
133. Analysis of Ejector Refrigeration System Using Different working Fluids
Shaik Ismail, Shaik Mohd Amoodi, DRS Narsingh rao,C.Naveen raj
134. Production of Copper Metal Matrix Composite through Powder Metallurgy Route
Dr. P. Prabhakara Rao, J. Pranay Kumar, R. Rahul
135. Investment Analysis of Co-Operative Bank: A Case Study
Dr. Manisha Vikas Jagtap
136. A Sub-surface Tunnel System for Management of Storm Water Drainage in Mumbai City
S. Sangita Mishra
137. Numerical Analysis to Predict the Aerodynamic Performance of Tilt Wing of a Solar Powered UAV
Dr. S. Thanigaiarasu, L. Sankaralingam
138. Internet of Things (IoT) – Its Impact on Manufacturing Process
Dr. R.Anita, Bodla. Abhinav
139. Conventional and Computer Aided Ore Reserve Estimation
Saboor Ahmad Torabi, Dr. B. S. Choudhary
140. Design and Analysis of Centrifugal Blower Impeller using Stainless Steel (SS304)
Bharath Parshi, Anoop Kumar
141. Design and Analysis of Disc Brake using Structural Steel
Sainath Chary , Anoop Kumar
142. Review on Bitcoins
G U N Sravani, B Radhika , N Leelavathy
143. Predicting the Casting Defects through Simulation
Dr. P.Prabhakara Rao , B. Shradesh Kumar
144. Triple Talaq and the Land Mark Judgment: Women One Step Up the Social Ladder?
Devjani Chatterjee, Arbind Samal
145. Work Life Balance and Performance of Women Employees
Harshitha S, Dr. Kiran Reddy
146. Fin Tech in India - A Revolution in Banking
P.Punitha, S. Vidyavathi, K.Chandra Sekharaiah
147. Design and Synthesis of Tetrabromopyridyl Chalcogen (Se and Te) Compounds and their Utilization as an Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Agent
Amritpal Singh, Kamalpreet Kaur, Sunita Rani, Manpreet Kaur, Jaspreet Singh
148. Information Systems: A Spiritual Luminary Approach Vs Information Communications Technology (ICT) Approach.
A.Radha Krishna, K.Madan Mohan, Dr. K.Chandra Sekharaiah
150. Innovations in Management Technological Innovations of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
A Sree Lakshmi
151. Role of Self-Help Group (SHG) In Economic Empowerment of Rural Women
Dr. Giri Yogeshwari L, Virat V Giri
152. Experimental Study of Helical Compression Spring
Zeeshan Khutbuddin Shaikh, Sayyad Asma Naser
153. Simulation Analysis of Linear Programming Based Load Balancing Algorithms for Routers
Dr Ajay Tiwari
154. Potential use of Nano Materials for Improving Thermal Stability of Cement Composites -A Review
Amruth Raj I, Aiswarya S
155. Emotion Detection in Code-Switching Text
Ch.Supraja, V. Madhusudan Rao
156. Effect of Film Thickness and Post Deposition Annealing Temperature on Grain Size and Interplanar Spacing of α-Quaterthiophene (α-4T) Thin Films
V. Sasidharan, C.S. Menon, K. Shreekrishna Kumar
157. Multi-Use Traction Table in Combination with Lumber- Cervical-Tilt Techniques Of Physiotherapy For Optimal Performance
V.G.Parhate, Dr S.S. Choudhari
158. Self Help Groups for Women Empowerment: A Study in Kadur City of Karnataka
Dr. Vidya K, Dr. Ravindranath N. Kadam
159. Entrepreneurship for Empowering India (Street-smart Entrepreneur)
Prathyusha Sripada
160. Make In India: The Vision, New Processes, Sectors, Infrastructure and Mindset
Deepika Chiluka
161. Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility In India
Chintala Nikitha
162. A Study on Recruitment and Selection in Higher Educational Institutions
Dr. Veldandi Ramchander Rao, Dr. P. Kishore Kumar
163. Role of CSR in Modern Era
S. Sobha Rani, T. Bhuvaneswari, Kumbhagiri Radha
164. Corporate Social Responsibility-A Study of Select Companies- Lessons to be Learnt.
Dr.K.Surya Narayana, Dr.G.Sudhir
165. Online Advertise with its Impact on Consumer Behavior
K.Jeevan Kumar
166. Competitive Advantage of the Entrepreneurship in Telangana State- A Study
Subrahmanyam Pudukodu, Dr. G. Chandra Sekhar
167. Introduction to Advertising Media towards Children In India
Dr. T. Mallikarjuna Raju, Dr. G. Chandra Sekhar
168. A Study on Employee Engagement of Employees Working in Private Organizations in Warangal
M. Harisha, Dr. K. Sravan Kumar
169. Implementation of GST in India :A Administration or Management
Dr. K.Venkat Janardhan Rao, Srivalli J
170. Digitalization Impact on Women Empowerment in Telangana State
Mrs. K. Poojitha
171. Design Improvement in front Bumper of a Passenger Car using Impact Analysis
P. Sridhar, Dr. R.S Uma Maheswar Rao, Mr. Y Vijaya Kumar
172. Optimization of Process Parameters in Ultrasonic Machining of WC Using Grey Relation Technique
Dr.B.James Prasada Rao, .Mr. K.Ramesh, .Mr.V.S.Phanindra Vamsi, . Mr.U.Sai Krishna
173. Investigation of Friction Stir Welding Parameters of 5083 Aluminum Alloy by Taguchi Method
M V A Ramakrishna , T Mahender
174. Mechanical behavior of Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites – A Review
T Mahender, D Upendra Chary
175. Reclamation of Mechanical Seal Faces used in Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps
Rameshchandra C Duvvada, Sumanth Pothana
176. Designed Experimental Study on Pure Titanium using Ultrasonic Machining
Dr.B.James Prasada Rao, Mr.D.V.Srikanth,Mr.G. Srinivasa Rao, Mr.V.S.Phanindra Vamsi, Miss. R. Anusha
177. Comparative Analysis of Solid Wall and Multi Layer Composite Pressure Vessel
Srikanth Porandla, U. Sambhavi
178. Design and Dynamic Analysis of Hydraulic Press Machine for Sheet and Pipe bending Operations
Chinthakindi Vinod, P. Chandra Kumar, CH. Sharath Reddy
179. Synthesis of Novel Diphenyl Ether Heterocyclic Compounds using Ru(0)/Rh(0) and Pd(0) Nano particle Catalysts and its Applications.
Dr. D.Rajesh, B.Bala swamy, D.Subbramanyam and B.Jhansi
180. Cyclic Voltammetric Determinations of Dart (Drug) and Cd(II) Ion in Pharmaceutical Preparations
D. Rajesh, B. Bala Swamy & K. Raja
181. Role of the Teacher of English: Enhancing Employability Skills to Engineering Students
Md Husain,Ch. Sravan Kumar, G.Saritha
182. The Accuracy of Numerical Solution of Initial Value Problem (Ode with Initial Condition) by Single Step and Multi Step Techniques
Narasimha rao kola , Venugopal M, Venkatreddy J
183. Synthesis of air stable Nano Zerovalent Iron particles and application for environmental remediation
D. NeelaPriya, B. Rajkumar, Dasari. Rajesh
184. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Moxifloxacin -Cu (II) Metal Complex
Seku Kondaiah, G. Bhagavanth Reddy, Dasari Rajesh and Badathala Vijayakumr
185. Robert Frost’s Relevance in Today’s World through his Poem Road Not Taken
Koppadi Sai Babu, Joseph, R. Jayaker
186. Automatic Medicine Vending Machine
Sarika Oundhakar
187. Wear of Self Mated Ceramics under Dry Sliding Conditions
Mohammad Mursaleen Butt
188. Productivity Improvement in Construction Industry
Shinde V. J., Hedaoo M. N.
189. A Review on Last Planner System
Shingate N. P, Dr. Hedaoo M. N.
190. Prospects of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Technological Research.
Praveen N. Vaidya
191. Comparative Evaluation of Structural Systems for Tall Buildings: Diagrids vs. Outrigger Structures
Kyoung Sun Moon
192. Integrated Design of Damping Systems for Tall Buildings
Kyoung Sun Moon
193. Health Care System for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Prediction (HSDTP)
Sijimol P J, Sukanya KS, Prof. Dr. Surekha Mariam Varghese
194. Effect of Level of Trading Involvement on Investment Success in Stock Market
Dr. Joychen Manuel
195. Reactive Power Compensation in Transmission System with the help of FACTS device Thyristor Switch Capacitor(TSC)
Mr. Bhavesh S. Patel
196. Review on Joint Ventures and Public-Private Partnership in Construction Industry
Shelar P. S., Konnur B. A.
197. Review on the use of Waste Concrete as Fine Aggregates in the Fresh Concrete
Er. Sandeep Maan, Er. Vineet Garg, Er. Rajan Vinayak
198. Methodology for Benchmarking of Automation in Construction Industry
Shinde N. G., Dr. Hedaoo M. N.
199. Management Information System for Construction Rate in Particular Area
Ashish Waghmare, B.A. Konnur
200. Analysis of Attenuation Coefficient of Halides and Chalcogenides
A. K. Upadhyay and B.S. Sharma
201. A study on Consumer Buying Behavior towards Cosmetic Products
Kruti Bhatt, Peenal Sankhla
202. Assessment Response Reduction Factor of Elevated Tanks with Alternate RC Frame Staging Configurations
Jignesh A. Amin and D.P.Soni
203. MAGMAsoft Analysis of Impeller Die
Mr. Rahul P. Suryavanshi, Mr. Vikram U. Ukirde , Mr. Amar R. Wargante
204. Detection and Prevention Mechanism against Attack for MANET Routing Protocol
Miss A.P.Deshmukh, Dr. V. M. Thakare, Dr. S.S.Sherekar
205. Land Use Study on Koyana River Basin by Remote Sensing
Bansode T. M., Konnur B. A.
206. Earned Value Management Tool for Controlling Project Duration and Budgeted Cost
Kshirsagar A. B., Konnur B. A.
207. Role of Architecture and Aesthetics in designing Therapeutic Spaces
Ar. Abhiney Gupta, Ar. Satyanshu Kumar, Harshita Garg
208. A Study of Employee Attrition Rate in Hospital Sector
Arati Sudhir Bhokare, Paul D. Madhale, Prajakta Ashok Rajput
209. Language Laboratories as Vibrant Learning Centres- Retrospect and Prospect
Dr K. Ram Chandra
210. Application of High Pressure Processing in Meat Industry- A Review
Tehmeena Ahad and JasiaNissar
211. Change in Delta Plate Angle Effect on the Reactive Muffler
Haresh V. Vegad, Brijesh R. Naik
212. Learning Environment for Autistic Children: Architectural Approach
Swasti Sthapak
213. Experimental Investigation and Comparative Thermal Performance Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger by Using CFD
Gajanan P Nagre, Prof. A.V.Gadekar,Prof. D.V.Nehete
214. A Study of IFRS and its Adoption in India – Prospects and Challenges
Dr. Mukti Bapna
215. Analysis and Optimization of Various Mould Attributes in Sand Casting
G.Mahesh, K.Sai Krishna, S.Naveen Kumar, S.Suresh, S.Sanjay Kumar
216. Behavior of Torsional Reinforcement in R.C Slab with Two Ends Discontinuous and Other Ends Continuous
V. Selvan, Dr. R. Sundararajan
217. De-Replication Strategies for the Discovery of Peptide Secondary Metabolites of the Microbial Origin
Richa Sharma, Ankita Magotra, Radha Sharma
218. A Novel High Capacity Data Embedding Image Steganography using Spiral Scan
Dr. S. Kiran, R. Pradeep Kumar Reddy, N. Subramanyan, D. Naga Sravanthi
219. Evaluation of Immunomodulatory Efficiency of Fish Protein
Indira,N., Valivittan, K and P. Dhasarathan
220. Performance Studies of Honey Combed Structure of an Automobile Bumper
221. Recent Development in Aerospace Materials- Composite Materials
Prof Talape A.V, Prof Kare R.N , Prof Ukirde V.U
222. Methodology for Productivity Improvement
Shinde V. J., Dr. Hedaoo M. N.
223. An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Expansive Soil using Vitrified Tile Ash
Adapa Kiran, B.Ganesh
224. Some Studies on Portfolio Management
Arati Sudhir Bhokare, Snehal Sambhaji Rajmane, Mohan Yashwant Khire
225. Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Flexural Modeling of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Prabhpreet Singh, Karamjot Singh
226. X-Y Plotter
Mane Rajashri Anil, Dange Aishwarya Ganpati, MRS. J. M.Waykule
227. Strong (Weak) Triple Connected Perfect Domination Number of a Fuzzy Graph
S. Revathi, C.V.R.Harinarayanan and R.Muthuraj
228. Indian Diaspora as Forced Diaspra in Gaiutra Bahadur’s Coolie Woman and Peggy Mohan’s Jahajin
Joshua Daniel Bulla, Dr. G. Chenna Reddy
229. Common Fixed Point Theorem in Fuzzy Metric Space
Jyoti Nema
230. Self-Purification and Assimilation Power of the River Yamuna at Agra
Alka Yadav, R.P. Singh, and R. Upadhyay
231. Intelligent Traffic Management using Drones
S.Suresh Kumar, Dr. M.Rajesh Babu
232. Impact of Demonetization on Rural India: A Study of Shivamogga Taluk of Karnataka
Dr. Vidya K, Dr. Ravindranath N. Kadam
233. START UPS as a New Paradigms for Youth: Issues and Challenges in India
Dr. Pallavi Shah
234. Novel Visual Detection of Mercury (II) Ion Based on Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles
Bhagavanth Reddy Gangapuram, Rajkumar Bandi, Kondaiah Seku, Girija Mangathayaru Kotu
235. Corporate Social Responsibility : A study of Select Companies- Lessons to be Learnt.
Dr. K. Surya Narayana, Dr. G. Sudhir
236. Power Generation using Two-Wheeler Silencer
J.Emeema, C. Lakshmi Sindhuja
237. Improvement in CBR Value of Clayey Soil with Geogrid Reinforcement
Ravinder Singh, Lovepreet Singh, Manpreet Kaur