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Volume 5 Issue 1

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1. Multi Criteria Decision Analysis for Optimal Selection of Supplier Selection in Construction Industry – A Case Study
Ms. S.V.S.N.D.L.Prasanna and Mr. Praveen Kumar
2. Slope Stability Analysis of Nung Dolan Landslide, NH-37 Manipur, NE-India: Geotechnical approach
Kh Mohon Singh
3. Representing Girmitiyas in Amitav Ghosh “Sea of Poppies” and Giriraj Kishore’s “Pehla Girmitiya”
Divya Sharma
4. A Comparative Study and Analysis of Emission Norms Adopted by Developed and Developing Nations
Pankaj Sharma , Mohit Yadav , Deepak Yadav, Devendra Vashist
5. Application of CAS Maxima to the reliability of Skimmed Milk Powder Production System of a Dairy Plant
Tarun Kumar Garg
6. Stabilization of Subgrade Black Cotton Soil using Cement and M- Sand
Likhitha.H, Raghavendra.H.N, Rakesh.K.P., Uday Shrihari.P
7. Evaluation of Methanol Gasoline Fuel Blends on Performance of Single Cylinder SI Engine : A Mathematical Model
Naveen Kumar, Devendra Vashist
8. Antimicrobial Activity of Crude Stem Extracts of Some Medicinal Plants against Skin Disease Causing Microbes from Chhattisgarh Region
Surbhi Dubey and Dr. Shweta Sao
9. Review on Construction and Demolition Waste Management
Zodpe Shraddha R., Konnur B. A.
10. Social Interaction in Built Environment: The Urban Context
Swasti Sthapak
11. Solid Waste Management of Kashmir Valley
Danish Ahmed, Dr. M.A.Lone
12. Comparison of Heat Transfer Performance of Plain Tube and Rifled Tube by Experimentation and CFD Analysis
Kute S. B., Sonage B. K.
13. Complementary Blended Sustainable Hybrid Biodiesel for Fuel Property Enhancement: A Review
Jigish J.Goswami, Pravin P. Rathod, Janak B. Valaki
14. Thermal and Morphological Characterization of Coir Reinforced Poly Butylene Succinate
Mr.Prasanna M Bhagwat, Mr. Nilesh N Patil, Mr. Wasim .I. Shaikh
15. Effects of Azadirachta Indica Leaf Oil Volatiles on Immature Stages of Corcyra Cephalonica and Characterization of Active Ingredients by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Vikas Chandra Verma and P.H. Pathak
16. Global Financial Crisis in the Life Insurance Sector in India
Dr Meghna Aggarwal
17. Parametric Amplification in Electrostrictively Doped Piezoelectric Semiconductors
Mahinder Pal, Manjeet Singh, Devender Dudy
18. Solar Powered Field Operations: Manure, Spraying, Seed Sowing and Crop under Sizing
Aniket Sakharkar, Roshan Shegokar
19. Challenges and Opportunities for E-Leaders through Effective Virtual Teams
Prof. Jayadatta S, Prof. Chaco P J, Prof. Cherian Xavier, Prof. Manjunath Naik
20. MASSIVE Effects of Passive Smoking in Respiration of Children – A Review
Suhas S. Gonawala, Hemali Jardosh
21. Route Optimisation for Solid Waste Management using ArcGIS Network Analyst: A Review
Slesha N. Desai, Mitali Shah, Payal Zaveri
22. P - delta Analysis of RCC Framed High Rise Building Equipped with Shear wall and Damper: An Overview of Experimental and Numerical Study
Tejas Jain, S. B. Patil
23. Formulating a Soil Erosion Model & Accounting for its Effects on the Dam Capacity - Pavana Dam Catchment
K N Kulkarni, S P Khedekar, S S Bhuinyan
24. The Impact of Metacognitive Listening Instruction on the Performance of Engineering Undergraduate Students in IELTS
M M Sastry, Dr. A Sherine Joy
25. Future of Nano Technology in Quantum Physics
26. Contribution of Religious Elements in the Conservation of Plants in Tribal Area: A Study
Jaiswal A. G.
27. Joining and Investigation of Similar Metals of Al(6061-T6) and Al(6082-T6) by using EN19 Taper Profile tool through Friction Stir Spot Welding
B. Srinivasulu, Dr. G.R.Selokar, Dr. Namish Mehta
28. Ammonium Acetate Assisted one-pot preparation of Curcumin derivatives: A Greener Approach
Dilpreet Kour
29. An Overview of Gait Biometrics
Pramod Jagan Deore , Sagar Arun More
30. Effect of Film Thickness and Post Deposition Annealing Temperature on Dislocation Density, Strain and Full Width at Half Maximum of α-quaterthiophene (α-4T) Thin Films
V. Sasidharan, C.S. Menon, K. Shreekrishna Kumar
31. The use of Priming and Framing Theories in Photographic Communication in the Press: A Case Study of the 2014 Indian Elections
Farhat Basir Khan
32. Suitability Analysis of Vegetable Oils for High Voltage Applications
Anil Brahmin, Dr. D.D. Neema, Kushal Brahmin
33. Performance Analysis of Solar Air Heater Duct Roughened With Inclined Ribs with and without a Gap in a Staggered Roughness Arrangement on Absorber Plate
Mukesh Kumar Solanki, Dr. K. R. Aharwal
34. Employment Generation against Population Growth: A Hit by India as a Solution for Unemployment Problem
Dr. Vidya K, Dr. Ravindranath N. Kadam
35. A Review of 100KW Roof-Top Solar PV Plant
Jayanna Kanchikere, Kalyankumar , Sudha Kumari Jha
36. A Study on Fundamental Analysis of Natural Gas and Crude Oil
37. Influence of Quality of Work Life on Work Performance of Employees
P. Nagesh
38. Employee Welfare and Safety Measures at VST Industries Limited
Dr. Rakhee Mairal Renapurkar
39. A Study on Share Price Movement of Equities Using Technical Analysis
M. Jayasree
40. Stress Management : A Study On Indian Women
41. A Study on Impact of Performance Appraisal of Employees Leading to Growth of an Organisation in Select Companies
Mr Guntur Venkata Akshay, Ms Shivani Sunil
42. A Study on Inter-relativity of Job Satisfaction & Employee Commitment in Global Organisations
Shreya S Hundiwala
43. Anger Management Techniques
Dr. H.Srinivas Rao
44. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): A Future Key Driver for India’s Growth
Ms. Smriti Nagaria
45. Diversity Management at Workplace: Aspects, Challenges, and Strategies
Dr. R.Anita, Dr. V.K. Swamy
46. Impact of Smart Phones on the Quality ofWork Life of Lecturers
Mrs. O.S.Suguna Sheela, Aditya Shekar
47. A Study on Effect of Performance Appraisal System on Employees with special reference to ACZEL INFO SERVICES LLP
Prof. Vasudha Srivatsa, Prof. Poojitha Acharya
48. A Study on International Human Resources Management Practices (IHRM)
Monica Michael, Richard Francis
49. A Study on Women Entrepreneurship in India
Mrs Sreelakshmi
50. A Study on Trends and Challenges in Global HRM
Mrs. A. Mary Francina
51. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : The Indian Ethos
Aparna Rajhans , J.Vedhanth
52. The Role of Gender on Job Insecurity
Dr..Vandana.Samba, Dr.Vani.H
53. Women Empowerment: Role of Telangana Government
Miss. M.Debora
54. A Study on Implications of Implementing Green HRM with Reference to Developing Nations
Ms. S. Swapna
55. Determinants of Passenger Satisfaction on Service Quality in Southern Railways with Reference to Salem Division
Dr. I Parvin Banu
56. Digital Banking – Moving Towards Digital Transformation with Specific Reference to an Initiative of SBI
Mrs. A. Danam Tressa
57. A Study of Brand Communication among Consumers using Social Networking Sites
Ms.Aala Shaheryer, Mrs. Dhivya Kumari. G
58. A Study on Mergers and Acquisitions – A Business Strategy for Value Creation
A. Sonam Dubey
59. Challenges to Financial Inclusion in India: The Case of Andhra Pradesh
60. Cryptocurrency and its Future
Faizan Ali Khan, Syed Naser, Khadija Faisal
61. Demonetisation to Digitization
Abdullah Khan
62. Forensic Accounting in India
Mrs. Ritika Bajaj Waghray
63. Impact of Demonetisation on Consumer’s Financial Transactions
Mrs. Anita D’souza
64. Impact of Monetary Reforms of the Modi Government-A Critical Analysis
Vyomakesisri Tippabhotla
65. Indian Commodity Market: Need for Awareness and Education
Pulipaka Vasant Vikas, S. Bhanu Prakash Sarma, K Srinivas
66. Retrieval Methods in M-Commerce Applications – Challenges and Prospects
T. Esther Ratna
67. Performance Evaluation of Select Mutual Fund Schemes: An Analysis of Return
Syed Jaffer, Dr.Badiuddin Ahmed
68. Risks associated with Cryptocurrencies
Manish Kumar Jha
69. A Study on Forensic Accounting
A.E Glory Sharon, Siddharth
70. A Study on Green Banking Practices on Renewable Resource Energy
T. Renuka
71. Blockchain & Decentralized Organizational Structures (DOSs)
George P. Babu
72. Dark Data and Its Future Prospects
Sarang Saxena
73. Demonetization – It’s impact on Common Man
Mrs. N.Supriya, Ms. Asra Sultana
74. E-Commerce
Saurabh Verma
75. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India
Nitin Pandey, Hitesh Choudhary
76. FDI Promotions and Advancement through Make in India Programme
Dr. D.Ramesh Kumar, Dr. R.Geetha
77. Entrepreneurship and Innovations in E-Commerce
Nagesha N.S
78. GST – The Business Vision Foreseen
N Anil Kumar, Ashish Kumar, Harsh Choudhary
79. Information Technology in Health Care: Global Opportunities and Challenges with Electronic Health Records
Dr. Ramaiah Itumalla
80. A Study on Benchmarking Practices in Marketing - A Drive to Achieve Organizational Excellence
Dr. P. Vijay Kumar
81. E-Tailing in India: Prospects and Challenges
Dr. G. Shashidhar Rao, R. Sunil
82. A Study on Cause Related Marketing and its Impact on Selected FMCG Brands in Hyderabad Metropolitan City
Nagaraja Pandukuri
83. The Global Impact of Social Media- The Marketing King
Rafay Mohiuddin Mohammed
84. Emerging Markets - A Challenge Ahead
Mrs. Shanti Kiran, Mohd. Abdul Bari, Shikha Nagar, Hazel Zacarias & P. Lakshmi Sailaja
85. Recent Trends in Marketing
Dr. Pallavi K. Ranganadh
86. Digital Marketing Importance in the New Era
87. Netflix : Company Analysis
Manas Vyas
88. New Era of Digital Currencies: Cryptocurrency
Shivani Mehrotra Bajaj
89. Problems and Prospects of GST on Telangana State
Dr. K.Anjaneyulu
90. Protecting Online Copyright Infringements: The Emerging Legal Issues and Challenges
Dr. G. Mallikarjun
91. Reinsurance and Liability Insurance in India: Critical Analysis
Rahul Ageeru
92. Role of Information Technology in Civil Aviation: A Focus on Cyber Crimes and Emerging Legal Issues
Dr. Shaik Nazim Ahmed Shafi
93. Study on Demonetization and Digitalization
Manya Singh, J.Sai Tharun
94. Transition in GST and Sector Wise Impact of GST
G Durga Vaidehi
95. An Empirical Study on Effectiveness of Digital Marketing in the New Era
O.Lakshmi Narayana
96. Forensic Accounting – A Vision for Fraud Detection
Aishwarya Arun Kumar
97. Role of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) In Creation of Employment-A Study on Post Telengana Government
Ms. Y.Geethanjali
98. Agricultural Marketing System in Telangana– A Study
Ilaiah Macharla
99. Impact of Retail Banking in Indian Economy: A Boom
100. Impact of Self-Help Groups on Empowerment of Rural Women –A Case Study
Sk.Asha Begum
101. Indian Banking Development – Challenges & Prospects
Karlapudi Ramesh Babu
102. Green Marketing in India
Mrs. Aarthi Samala, Mehul Kumar Patel
103. Work Life Flow of Employees in Diversified Sectors
M. Soujanya, M. Ashwini
104. Green Banking and Its Prospects in India
Mrs. T.R.Srilatha
105. A Study on Welfare Schemes of ESI
Mrs. Sumitra Pujari
106. Trends in Digital Marketing – In Indian Sub Continent
Dr. Kiran Kumar Kotha
107. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologys Role in Emerging Digital Economy.
Dr. T. P. Surya C Rao, Dr. K. Sankar Reddy
108. A Study on Feasibility of Application of Raspberry Pi in Teaching - Learning Process with Reference to Select Colleges of Hyderabad
Rev. Fr. Dr. Vincent Arokiadas
109. Self Help Groups and Rural Women Entrepreneurship Development
110. GST Awareness among Commerce Students
Mr. B. Satyanarayana Rao, Mr. Rajvir Singh Oberai, Mr. Keshav Bangad
111. Impact of Dividends on Share Prices of Select It Firms
Rafat Ahmedi
112. Consumer Buying behaviour – A Study with reference to Organic Products in Hyderabad City
B. Lavanya, Dr. S. Saraswathi
113. A Conceptual Study on Recent Trends , Challenges and Opportunities in E-Marketing:- in Special Reference with 7 Up Case Study
Mrs.Molly Chaturvedi
114. Artificial Intelligence in Business: Opportunities & Challenges
Mrs. M.Kiran Jyothi
115. A Dialogue of Corporate Social Responsibility and its use for Engineering Project Justification
Ryan M. Storz
116. The Impact of Information Technology Advancement in Indian Banking Sector
Mrs .Sangeeta Thakur
117. Cyber Liability Insurance- A Protection to Cyber Losses
Mrs. Sarika Verma, Mr. Aditya Shekar
118. Brand Awareness and Selection Criteria
Mrs. Savita Praveen Kumar
119. Virtual Crimes and Human Disasters Facet of It Revolution in Indian Perspective
120. Corporate Social Responsibility: The Need of the Hour
Urvashi Mukesh Patel, Aditi Anup Pillai
121. Artificial Intelligence with Augmented Reality: A Match Made in Paradise for Digital Marketing
Shashank Navandhar, Aditya Shekar
122. Augmentation of Tourism and Hospitality Sector in India
Ankit Sharma
123. Goods and Service Tax (GST) - Impacts on Five Key Sectors of Indian Economy
Dr B.Bondyalu
124. A Study on Crowdfunding
Harsh Agarwal
125. Marine Monitoring & Early Warning Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks: Challenges
Mrs. P. Madhuri Paul
126. Six Sigma in Human Resource Management: The Changing Face of People Management in India
Dr. A Nageswra Rao
127. Impact and Preparedness for –Automation (with reference to 21st Century Youngsters-Under Graduates, Employees and Professional)
Pooja Kalla
128. CYBER-CRIMES: A Growing Threat to Indian Banking Sector
Simran, Akshay Manvikar, Vaishnavi Joshi, Jatin Gu
129. Performance of Indian Equity Market and its Stability Nature by Risk-Return Dynamics
Dr. K.Venkat Janardhan Rao, Srivalli Jandhyala
130. Role of Social Media for Social entrepreneurship
Mrs. Shashi Kantha
131. The effect of Money Supply and Inflation rate on the Performance of National Stock Exchange
Mr. Ch.Sanjeev, Dr.K.Aparna
132. Financial Inclusion and India 2030
Dr. V.Harileela
133. A Replacement to Sand – Slag Sand
Ganesh Khatri, L. Aparna, P.Thrivikrama Reddy
134. Experimental Studies on Performance of Diesel Engine with Neem Oil and Its Blends with Diesel as Alternative Fuel
Dr. K. LalitNarayan, Dr. K. Rambabu, Satya Amarnadh Parimi
135. Economic Operation with DC Link Placement Problem by using Self Adaptive Firefly Algorithm
Dr. B.Suresh Babu
136. Economic Operation of AC/DC Hybrid Systems by using Teaching Learning based Algorithm
Dr. B.Suresh Babu
137. Reducing Real Power Loss of AC/DC Hybrid Systems by using Teaching Learning based Algorithm
Dr. B.Suresh Babu
138. Volatility of Bitcoin and Its Implication to be a Currency
Shubhashree Acharya, Andrea Thomas P, Bhagyashree Pani
139. Novel Method of Phase & Frequency Extraction during Grid Abnormalities
Saroj Kumar Panda, Nanda Kishore Ray
140. Experimental Investigation of Natural Convective Heat Transfer from Vertical Rectangular Fin Array at Different Angle of Inclination
Snehal Vasant Kadbhane
141. Software Engineering A Profession: Indian Perspective
Juneed Iqbal, Bilal Maqbool Beigh
142. Arsenic Remediation of the Waste Water using Adsorbent: A Review
Ghazi Mohd Sawood and Dr.S.k.Gupta
143. A study on the Energy Efficient Interior Lighting System of a Heritage Building
Anubrata Mondal, Dr. Kamalika Ghosh
144. Modification in Manufacturing Process of Sinter Plant Roll Liner used for Coke Crushing
P. Pavani, C. Naga Kumar, M. Prasanthi, Y. Renuka
145. Present Scenario of GST Model in India
Dr Meghna Aggarwal
146. Intelligent Controller for Inverted Pendulum System
Mr. Anurag, Mr. Dheeresh Upadhyay, Mr. Shailendra Kumar Agarawal
147. Integration of IoT and Fog: Need of the Hour
Ramanpreet Kaur
148. Study on Mechanical Properties of Rice Husk Ash and Fly Ash Reinforcement in Aluminium (Al 6061) Metal Matrix Composites
T. Prasad, M. Rajkumar Reddy, P. Chinna Sreenivas Rao
149. Skilling India: Initiatives, Efforts, Progress & Prospects
Dr. Shushma. H
150. Construction of Permeable Asphalt Pavement using Recron Fiber
Vangari Manikanta, Gopi Sai Reddy
151. Introducing Robots without Creating Fear of Unemployment and High Cost in Industries
N. Keerthi Shravani, Sri .BVS Rao
152. Electrostatic Precipitation of Black Carbon
Ashwin J, Arjun R, Don Joy, Ashiq Muhammed N, Eldho Mathew
153. A Study on Influence of Ethics Upon Viewer’s Attitude
Dr. Deepa Saxena
154. Effective Method for the Removal of Lead through Electro- Coagulation Process in Waste Water
Purushotham Theegala, P Kartheek Rao
155. Geoenvironmental Challenges – Beyond the 2011 East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
E. Rakesh Reddy, Haritha Bandi, Prof. E.Saibaba Reddy
156. Emancipation of Women in Terms of Communication before Independence and After
Dr Preeti Pareek
157. Synthesis and Characterization of SnO2/SiO2 Nanocomposite Catalytic Material
Dr. Ajeet A. Yelwande, Dr. M. K. Lande
158. Linking Devices as a Remedy for Improving Coherence of Speech of Telugu Students in Group Discussions – A Study
AV Surya Seshagiri, Dr. Akkara Sherine
159. Design of Secure Speech Coders for Military Communications
Akella Amarendra Babu, Aadem Kavitha, V Sudha Rani, E. Soumya, B. Saratha
160. Construction Quality Monitoring By Deploying Digital Rebound Hammer and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Methods – A Case Study of Indore Region
Dr. S.K. Sohani, Deepshikha Shukla, Ankit Shah
161. Goods & Service Tax (GST)
162. Production of Lovastatin by soil microfungi Mycocladus corymbifer (Cohn) Vuill.
S.Rajkumar Immanuel, P.Anusha and S.Aiesvaryaa
163. Preparation and Dielectric Studies on CoxSr1-xFe2O4 NanoFerrities
Ashwini Rayar, Ambresh Ambalgi, Sharanappa Chapi
164. Investigation on Corn Starch based Bio plastics for Packing Application with Various Additives
M. K. Marichelvam, K. Manivannan and M.Geetha
165. Optimization of Cutting Conditions for Minimization of Burr in Face Milling of Mould Steel
Dr.B.James Prasada Rao, K.Ramesh, U.Sai Krishna, Bandaru Naresh, Chavagani Sruti
166. Creation of Insect Cell Line Using Periplaneta americana
Chitale Pushkar, Kulkarni Rewa, Kamlapurkar Shriya, Shraddha Kulkarni
167. A Comparative Study of BOD Rate Constant of Two Waste Water Samples
Manab Maiti , Subhanjan Majumder, Chandan Santra
168. Fabrication and Analysis Pneumatic Quadruped Robot
Dr. Ishrat Meera Mirzana, M.A.Muqeeth, Syed Ausaf Qureshi, Mohammed Abdul Muqeet Jibran
169. Waste Free Srinagar City
Danish Ahmed, Dr. M.A.Lone
170. Cyclostationary Feature Detection Based Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Users in MIMO-OFDM-A Review
Amrendra Kuamar, Dr. Ajay Somkuwar
171. Need for Paradigm Shift in Research and Innovation from Science in Society to Science for the Society
Dr. Kirti Agarwal
172. Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for the Extraction of a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug through Emulsion Liquid Membrane
Smita Gupta
173. Evaluation of Properties of Concrete using Basalt Fibre and Rice husk Ash - An Experimental Study
Prof. Dharmesh K. Bhagat,Nishith O. Sardhara, Ronak M. Kevadiya, Parth P. Kheni, Brijesh R. Parmar, Yash B. Patel
174. Experimental Investigation on Blended Concrete with Alccofine
Avuthu Narender Reddy, Prof. T. Meena, K. Varun Teja
175. A Design and Implementation of Grid Connected PV System Using Interleaved Flyback Module Integrated Converter
Mrs. S.Gayathri, Mrs.C.N.Sangeetha, Mrs.S.Trilochana, Ms.D.Navitha
176. The Evolving Payment System-Bitcoin
Kusuma Goli, Alekya Sattu, Pranava Yada
177. Experimental Investigation to Improve Compressive Properties of Sandwich Structure
Vishnu Raj, Antony Samuel Prabu G, Irfan Khan, Amogh Ballolli, Akhil A Chandran
178. Pill Camera
Shravya Yalaka, P.Aravind Kumar
179. Analysis of Quality Parameters and Microbes Grouping in Water
Lakkaraju Aparna, Gaddam Sandhya Rani , M. Dinesh, Chindam Sai Vignesh
180. Ni (II), Cu (II) and Zn (II) Complexes of Benzoxazine Schiff Base: Geometry Optimization and Non-isothermal Kinetic Parameters
N. Kavitha, P.V. Anantha Lakshmi
181. Application of Ionic Liquid Based Viscoelastic Surfactant in Enhanced Oil Recovery Process
Shilpa K Nandwani, Mousumi Chakraborty , Smita Gupta
182. Augmented Reality[AR]: The World 2.0
Geethika Gandrala, Sasi Prabha Bavirisetti, Rama Satyanarayana Motukuri
183. Experimental Test and Analysis of Piston Coated with Aluminium Silicon Metal Matrix Composite Material
Dr. Ashok Kumar Vootla, Dr. K Prasanna Lakshmi
184. Experimental Investigation on Volcanic Ash – Based Geopolymer Concrete
Sultan Saleh Al-Tais, D. Annapurna
185. Solar Energy as Renewable Energy Systems: Perspective and Challenges in Indian Context
Dr. Neeta Saxena
186. Ethno-Medicinal Uses of Some Common Medicinal Plants used by Tribals of Navapur Taluka, District Nandurbar; Maharashtra (India)
Jaiswal A.G.
187. Numerical Study on High Speed Flows- Supersonic to Hypersonic Using Unstructured AUSM+ Based Euler and NS Solvers
Pabitra Halder
188. Studies on Self Curing Concrete with Manufactured Sand
M. Jagadishwar Reddy, V.Sheela
189. Equity Linked Saving Schemes- a Smart Way for Tax Planning
Dr. Mamta Sharma Pareek
190. Synthesis of New Ethyl 6-(Benzimidazol-2-Yl)-2-Methyl Nicotinate
P. Mahesh, Ch. Venkata Ramana Reddy, P.K.Dubey
191. L-Proline Catalyzed Synthesis of Indolylidine Barbituric Acid Derivatives and their Alternative One-Pot Approach
G. Ganga Reddy, P.K. Dubey & Ch. Venkata Ramana Reddy
192. Bacterial Flora of the Sea Urchin stomopneustes variolaris (Lamarck1816) from St Mary’s Island, West Coast of India.
S.Ravitheja, Chandra M
193. Health Risk Assessment of Workers in Underground Parking Due to Exposure to CO and VOC
Sachin Dhawan, Ananth John Sebastian , Siby John
194. Information Technology and Supply Chain Management
Dr Vikas Misra
195. RP-HPLC Analytical Method Development and Validation For Estimation of the Drug Sparfloxacin using Tinidazole as Internal Standard in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
Dr.Gadapa Nirupa, Dr.Upendra M Tripathi
196. A Study on the Debt Recovery Agencies
Dr. B.Saritha, Mrs. Seema Nazneen, Mrs CH Siva Priya
197. Effect of Surface Texturing & Coatings on Cutting Tool in Turning of Oil Hardened Non Shrinking Die Steel
M.Kamatchi Hariharan, Dr. Anderson, S.Thamilarasu
198. Bit Coin
Vasireddy Rishitha, Seethamraju Saikeerthi, Y.Ananya Reddi
199. Detecting Cyberbullying and Aggression in Social Commentary using NLP and Machine Learning
Kshitiz Sahay, Harsimran Singh Khaira, Prince Kukreja, Nishchay Shukla
200. Analysis on High Speed Convolution and Deconvolution Algorithm based on Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics
SD. Jaki Sharif, Dr. T.Srinivas
201. Preparation, Characterization and Antimicrobial and Antifungal activities of 7-Methoxy-8-{(3,3-dimethyloxiran-2- yl)methyl}-2H-chromen-2-one, an Analogue of Osthol
Javid A. Banday
202. Study of IC Engine Manifold Design Developments
Amit M. Patil, Dr. Ghanshyam Shankar Tasgaonkar
203. Your Safety. Our Concern
Isha Padhy , R Sreedhar , C.V. Madhusudan Reddy
204. Investigation of Mechanical Properties on Natural Fiber (Caryota Urens) Reinforced Polymer
Anbazhagan.V.N, Edwin Raj.R
205. Environmental Impact of Pesticides
Hamida -Tun- Nisa Chisti
206. A Review on Enhancement of Heat Transfer by using Passive Heat Transfer Techniques of Twisted Tape Inserts
Abhijit A Patil, Dr. Uday C Kapale and Dr. P B Gangawati
207. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : A Study on Environmental Protection Programmes in India
Jaganmohan Kongara, Polepaka Babu
208. Participation of Social Work Organisations in the Protection of Environment - A Study
Dr. Thatla Sambalaxmi
209. Laboratory Study on Piled Raft Foundation
Prof. J.M. Raut, Dr. S.R. Khadeshwar, Dr. S.P. Bajad
210. Analysis of Crack for Varying Depth and Location by FEA and Experimental Vibration Analysis Method
Kadam Satish P., Dr. Kachare P.S.
211. Comparison of Polymer Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Conventional Concrete
Aadil Qureshi, Shubham Goyal, Yogendra Choudhary, Leevesh Kumar
212. Opportunity to Use Solar Hybrid Mobile Cold Storage in India -A Critical Review
Surender Kumar, Dr. R.S Bharj
213. Supplier Selection: Key Literature Review
214. Fabrication and Design of Fixture with a New Technique for Friction Stir Welding
Shahabuddin ,V.K Dwivedi
215. Design of WDM-PON using RSOA for Long Haul Transmission
Dinesh Pratap, Dr. Manisha Bharti
216. Pragmatism in Education
Sakshi Sharma, Rajesh Devi, Jyoti Kumari
217. Gandhian Philosophy on Customer Relationship Management
Dr. Sapna Dadwal, Ritu Malik
218. Understanding the Construct of Grocery Store Image: An Extensive Review of Pertinent Literature
Parmod, Dr. Usha Arora
219. Predicting effectiveness of Management Systems: Measuring Successes against Failures
Govindan Pradeep Nair, Dr. Syed Mohammad Tauseef
220. Automation in Government establishments: Lower-level Management Concerns
Rakesh Kumar Pandey
221. Performance Evaluation of Public Sector Banks based on Camel Methodology
Manoj Narayanan K. S., Asha Thomas, Chandapillai M. Abraham
222. Innovation Hub and SMART Incubation Centre - A Success Story
Sacchidanand S. Gogawale, Dr. Sanjeevani Gogawale, Mrs. Mansi Ghamande
223. Preparation and in Vitro Cytotoxic Evaluation Studies of 2- Methyl-4-(7-methoxy-2-oxo-2H-chromen-8-yl)-but-2-en-1-al, an Analogue of Osthol
Javid A. Banday
224. A Review Paper on Mobile Eye Tracking using Virtual Reality for Shoppers Research
Prof. Susmita S. Sharma, Ms. Farajana S. Khatib, Ms. Snehal A. Chavan, Ms. Susmita S. Patil
225. ExR: A Proposed Framework to Detect Potential Suspects Involved in Illicit Activities Via OSN
Ms. Juhi Patel
226. Study on CFD Analysis of IC Engine Manifolds
Amit M. Patil, Dr. Ghanshyam Shankar Tasgaonkar
227. Effectiveness of the Proposed Metric Learning Method for Person Re-Identification
Nidhi Agarwal, Aditya Gupta, Adarsh, Abhinav Tyagi, Alok Vajpai
228. Impact of Store Atmospherics on Customers Buying Behavior in India: A Review
Deepti Tanwar, Dr. Richa Nangia
229. Mechanical Developments in Design Aspects of Textile Warping Machines
Prof. Ashwin Thakkar, Prof. (Dr.) Someshwar Bhattacharya
230. Laser Speed Effect on Quality of Prototype Building Operation: Selective Laser Sintering
Battula Narayana, Dr. Sriram Venkatesh
231. The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Faculty Performance
Jithumon James, Jayamohan M.S.
232. Study of Design of a Conceptual Helmet
Jestin Vincent, Sebin Sebastian, Pradeep Kumar
233. Risk Factors Affecting Building Construction Projects In India
Varun Raj V, Ajith P M
234. Internal Assessment in Education System and Government Jobs- Comparative Study of Deserving Senior Age Group and Young Job Seekers
Shenti Kumar
235. Thermal Characterization of Coir Reinforced Poly Butylene Succinate
Prasanna M Bhagwat, Mr. Milind A. Patil, Mr. Nikhil S. Patil
236. Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of a Wind/Fuel Cell/Ultra- Capacitor based Hybrid Power Generation System
P.Maniraj, P.Naresh
237. A Literature Review and Classification of Researches in ICT
Mrs. Jyotsna Bisht Patwal, Dr. Ajay Surana, Mr.Anand Singh
238. Development of an Intelligent Security Lighting System using Wireless Communication Technology
Parthasarathi Satvaya, Indraneel Mondal, Saswati Mazumdar
239. The Loyalty of Retailers in the Vegetable Oil Industry based On Location
Prashant Mohan , Dr. Namrata Sandhu
240. Attitude towards Mother Tongue: A Case of Kumauni Speakers
Dr Aditya Prakash
241. A Review of Heterocyclic Scaffolds for the Known Inhibitors of Cyclin-Dependent Kinases 1 and 2
Saurabh Mehta
242. Title: “Effect of Kanban and Kaizen on Toyota’s Manufacturing Costs”
Vidya.K, Ahmed Hayam, Harshini Mohan
243. Exploring Impact of ICT Adoption on Business Performance Outcome of Indian MSMEs
Anupam Gayen, Mousumi Roy
244. Devising a Balanced Scorecard to Measure HDFC Banks’ Performance: A Case Study.
Harpreeet Singh
245. Replacement of Conventional Proving by Load Cell in Triaxial Test Apparatus
Prashant B. Pande, Dr. S.R Khandeshwar, Dr. S.P.Bajad
246. Evaluation of Water Quality in Bellandur Lake
Parvathi K S, Shivani P Kumar, Vikash Kumar Gupta
247. Laser Speed Effect on Quality Prototype Fabrication Operation: Selective Laser Sintering
Battula Narayana, Dr. Sriram Venkatesh