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Volume 5 Issue 2

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1. An approach towards feasibility Survey to Overcome the Electric Power Deficiencies at Various States of India
Shambhabi Chatterjee, Dr. Kamalika Ghosh, Dr. Debashish Das
2. Exploring the Linkage between Employee’s Mindset to Change and Organizational Capacity for Change
Tamanna Kapoor, V. Prem Swarup, Sanjeev Swami
3. Bacterial Concrete: A Review
Shubham Abhayanath Thakur, Sudesh Atmaram Thombare, Tanvir Liyamuhammed Kadvekar
4. Performance and Emission Test on Compression Ignition Engine by using Neem and Eucalyptus Oil as an Alternative Fuel
V.Kumar, A.Sengolerayan, Paratha S Chakraborty, D.K. Mondal
5. Effect of Piston Bowl Geometry on Smoke Emission for Two Cylinder Genset Engine
P.D. Shinde, A.P. Shah
6. The Collateral Damage of New Media Technology Interventions in Virtual Culture: Slouching Towards the Lesser Human Beings
Virendra Singh Nirban, P. K. Chandel
7. Trauma of Partition in Bhishma Sahnis “Tamas”
Dr Preeti Pareek
8. Finite Element Analysis of Biaxial Stretch Forming of Very Thin Sheets
Dr. Dhruv Anand
9. Different Approaches for Supporting Loads of Rotating Parts of Machine
Pritesh Khatwani
10. Indication of Process Parameters of Honing on Surface Quality of Cylinder Liners using Variance Analysis
K.Ramesh, Dr. B.James Prasada Rao, L.Sreenivasa Rao
11. Noise Reduction of an I.C. Engine by using Enclosure with Glass Wool as Noise Absorbing Medium
S. S. Shinde, S. R. Patil, P. D. Patil
12. Bacteria Impregnated Concrete - Effects on Strength Parameters
Dr. Javed Ahmed Naqash, Mr Aijaz Ahmad Masoodi, Prithudyuti Chakraborty
13. Customer Relationship Management Processes in Processed Foods Industry
Dr. Sapna Dadwal, Ritu Malik
14. Structural Behaviour of Polyproplyne and its Blend with Thermoplastic Elastomer Composites for Bumper Application
Kamatchi Hariharan.M, Thamilarasu.S, Raman.G
15. Translation - Difficulties in Interaction between Languages: A Study
Foram A. Patel
16. Introduction of British Judicial System in the Central Provinces
Dr. (Mrs.) Shubha Johari
17. Dielectric Relaxation Phenomena of nicotinamide with1- propanol from Conductivity Measurement under 9.385 GHz Electric Field
Swagatadeb Sahoo
18. A Critical Study on the Empirical Period - Height Relationship for Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Buildings.
Shilpa Pankaj Kewate, Dr. M.M.Murudi
19. Movie Recommendation System using Enhanced Collaborative Filtering by Fusion Biclusters
G. Hemalatha, Dr. K. Vivekanandan
20. Design of Compact Aerosol Particle Sensor by Integrated Spectropolarimeter using III-V-on-silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits
Sandeep Battula, Aleti Krishna Chandra Mouli, Suresh Jaka
21. A Survey on Academic Progression of Students in Tertiary Education using Classification Algorithms
Sujith Jayaprakash, Dr. Jaiganesh V
22. Human Expression Identification using Different Classification and RLBP
Ms. Jadhav Rutuja S., Prof. M. S. Borse
23. Magnetic and Enhanced Microwave Absorption Properties of Ni-Co-Zn Ferrite/Polyaniline Nano Composites
Ravindra N Kambale, Akhilesh Patel, K G Suresh, Vaishali Bambole
24. Analysis of Pradhanmantri UJJWALA Yojana
Dr. Mamta Sharma Pareek
25. Synthesis of Iminolactones through Iodocyclization of Functionally Substituted Alkynes
Saurabh Mehta
26. Enhanced Communication Skills for Better Opportunities
Rajanikanth K
27. Role of SEBI in Promoting Corporate Governance: A Conceptual paper
Ms. Amita Rani
28. A Case Study of a Dynamic Organization
Radha Raman Chaudhary, Prof. Satyendra Kumar Sharma
29. Polymers: The Futuristic Materials of the Cement Concrete Industry
Mohan Kantharia, Dr. Dinesh K. Swarnkar
30. Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Efficient Energy Generation, Storage and Monitoring of Electric Vehicles at Remote Charging Stations
Vipul Dhongade, A.D. Shaligram
31. Energy: Rechargeable Batteries and Sustainable Development
Dr. Santosh Kumar, Ms. Shubhangi Satdeve, Mr. Yash A. Zode
32. An Adaptive Framework for Making Use of Cloud Computing in Creating Virtual Learning Environment at Educational Institutions
Dr. P. Neelakantan
33. Hydroponics Emerging Technique of Plant Cultivation
Labya Prabhas, Megha Agrawal & Kamlesh Shukla
34. A Comparative study of PHEV & Gasoline Engine Emissions
Aditya Bhat, Parijat Gorhe
35. Serviceability Limits in Asbestos Fibre RCC Beams
Er. Aijaz Ahmad Masoodi, Dr. Javed Ahmed Naqash, Zubair Rashid
36. Simulation of Front End Converter Based Power Conditioning Unit
Akshata A. Supekar, P. M. Kurulkar, K.P.Rathod, J. K. Biswas
37. Material Management System for Ware Houses
V.Sreeram , Dr.K.Umapathy
38. Proposal of an Integrated Photovoltaic Solar Powered Vehicle
Santanu Kumar Parida, Debashish Mishra, M. Srivalli