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Volume 5 Issue 3

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1. Creating Entrepreneurs in India: Management Education in Perspective
Dr. Deepti Dabas Hazarika, Shilpa Arora
2. Preparation of SWCNT and MWCNT from Biological Molecule
Vipin Kumar & S.K. Srivastava
3. Perceived Risk Dimensions in Online Shopping.
Nutan N Thoke, Dr Shivaji Madan
4. RC Beam Strengthening by Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer
Radhikesh Prasad Nanda, Biplab Behera,Subhrasmita Majumder,Hasim Ali Khan
5. Wettability and Optical Property Analysis of Hafnium Nitride Coating
Harshal T. Pandya, Vandan V. Vyas, Kamlesh V. Chauhan
6. Production of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) from Biowastes (Oil Cakes)
Nandini N C, Kavyashree H and Roopa K B
7. Numerical Study of 1-D Heat Conduction in Non-Uniform Grid by Finite Volume Method
Dr. Sarbendu Roy
8. The Development of the Value of Agricultural Production – A Case Study of Yemen
Yasmeen Mohammed Alwan, S.N. Yogish
9. Analysis of Portfolio Risk and Return with reference to Securities Market- A Study
Dr. G. Sabitha
10. Experimental Investigation of Temperature and Reaction Time for Preparation of Silica from Wheat Husk
Raju K Marag, Prashant A Giri
11. Impact of Benefits Provided by Organisation on Employee Motivation
Kallavi Srikanth Harshitha, Dr. Balu L
12. Investigation of Nanofluid as a Coolant for Different Machining Process – A Review
Yashkumar S. Patel, Dattatraya Subhedar, Bharat Ramani
13. Nanotechnology and its Potential –“Big things from Tiny World”
Shalini Gupta
14. Plant Breeding its Applications and Future Prospects
Amreen Kaur Cheema
15. The Influence of Human Resource Onboarding on an Employee’s Intention to Stay in Rockwell Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Prathna Kisha David, Dr. Balu L
16. The Impact of Workforce Diversity on Employee Engagement in Manasco Group
Twinkle Panicker, Dr. Balu L
17. Improving Surface Hardness in Aluminum Plate by Adding Alumina Powder (Al2O3) through Friction Stir Processing
Kamatchi Hariharan.M, Thamilarasu.S, Sengolerayan.A, Kumar.V, Raman.G
18. Human Resource Management Issues in Hospital with regards to Manjunath Hospital
Mathew Antony, Dr. Balu L
19. Retrofitting of RC Beams Partially Replaced with Quarry Dust using GFRP
Samuel Jeyaraj.S,Ganga Lakshmi.C.J.
20. Automation, Job-Loss and the Law of Entropy
Rakesh Kumar Pandey
21. Bidding and Generation Strategy for Hybrid System in Electricity Market
Arun Kumar Sharma, Shimi S.L., Yajvender Pal Verma
22. Moments of Wavelet Packets Approximations of some Smooth Functions
Tarun Kumar Garg
23. Accelerometer Based Wireless Gestur`e Controlled Robot for Medical Assistance using Arduino Lilypad
Saikat Mukherjee, Mainak Dhar, Arpita Ghosh
24. Feasibility of Renewable Energy Source as an Electrification Option for a Residential Load in an Under-developed Colony
25. Women as Entrepreneurs in India
Prerna Tikku
26. Single Axis Solar Tracking System by BLDC Motor
Dr. Ajay K Datta, Dipankar Saha, Subhojit Mukherjee
27. Emission Control by Catalytic Converter in Diesel Engine by using Alternative Fuel with Injecting Urea Solution
A.Sengole Rayan, V. Kumar, P S Chakraborty, D.K.Mandal
28. Analysis and Fabrication of Graphene Embedded Hybrid Photovoltaic Cells by Increase in the Current Output
S.Lakshmi Narashiman, Ravi Manish, V.Kumar, M. Kamatchi Hariharan, A.Sengolerayan
29. Predicting the Secondary Structure of Protein using the Back- Propagation with MADALINE
Ketan Priyam Khare, Vidhi Rastogi, Shivani Agarwal
30. A Study to Understand the Awareness about Bitcoins among the Youth Population in Bangalore
Anmol Mehrotra, Dr. Vanishree M R
31. Work-Timings and its Effect on Work-Life Balance in the Ritz- Carlton, Bengaluru
Jesson, Dr. Balu L
32. Transparent Concrete
33. Optimizing Process Parameters of Lapping by Analysis of Variance and Taguchi approach for Stainless Steel
K.Ramesh, Dr.B.James Prasada Rao, D.Jojappa
34. Novel Approach of Designing of a Smart Mirror using Raspberry Pi
Mayuri Katole , Manisha Khorgade
35. Photocatalytic Degradation of Polluted Water in Presence of Copper Hexacyanoferrate (II)
Paras Tak, Surbhi Benjamin and Pinki B. Pujabi
36. Capital Investment Analysis for Reparable Aviation Assets : Use of Reduced Gradient Algorithm .
G Srikantha Sharma, Dr. Kamal Vagrecha
37. Challenges to India’s Financial Structure
Gentina George, Sakshi Babbar, Deepika Arora
38. Digital Permeations in Architectural Design Studios
Neerja Babbar, Dr (Ar) Prabhjot Kaur
39. Stabilization of Collisional Drift Waves in a Complex Plasma
Ajay Gahlot
40. FPGA Implementation of Biometric based Elevator Controller
Dilip Mathuria, Aditya Gaur, Ashish Gupta
41. Design and Concept of Broadband Dual Directional Coupler
Sweta Sorathiya, Mr. Sunil Kumar, Priti J. Muliya
42. Automated Tuberculosis Classification of Chest Radiographs by Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Rahul Hooda, Ajay Mittal
43. Multiferroic Nanocomposite 0.5LaFeO3-0.5PbZr0.58Ti0.42O3: Studies of Magnetoelectric Coupling and Dielectric Response
Debajyoti Nath, S. K. Mandal, A. Nath
44. Characters of Prosperity Development by Money Received in Land Acquisition
Naveen, Nishakant Ojha
45. Green House Drying : A Comprehensive Review
Oshin Chatta, Akhil Sharma, Ankush Gupta
46. Impact of Perceived Organisational Support on Employee Engagement at Tas Impex Private Limited, Hyderabad
Mustafa Shabbir Chass, Dr. Balu L
47. TiO2 Photocatalysis in Cementitious Systems
Isha Arora, Jatinder Kumar Ratan, Ajay Bansal
48. Velocity Distribution in Vortex Settling Basins
Mohammad Athar, Humaira Athar
49. A Review of Solar Energy use in Drying
Akhil Sharma, Oshin Chatta, Ankush Gupta
50. A Research Paper on Wearing Down and Attrition Analysis of Employees at HDFC,SLIC
Ankit Malik, Dr. Balu L
51. Understanding the Relationship between Aesthetics and Product Design
Jitender, Prabir Sarkar
52. The Effect of Employee Relation on Employee Morale at St. John’s Medical Hospital, Bengaluru
Nyongabsen Hillary, Dr. Balu L
53. A Change over Tax System in India Impact of Goods and Services Tax on Behavior of Tax Payers
Deepa. A
54. Assessment and Analysis of Water Parameters for the Sustenance of Aquatic Ecosystems
Snehaa S., Shrinidhi S., K. Gopalakrishnan
55. Magnetoelectric Coupling and Magnetic field Dependent AC Electrical Response of 0.5 Zn0.3Ni0.7Fe2O4 – 0.5 PbZr0.58Ti0.48O3 Multiferroic Nanocomposite
Sarit Chakraborty, S. K. Mandal, P. Dey, B. Saha
56. Room Temperature Magnetoelectric Coupling and AC Electrical Response of 0.2 NiFe2O4 0.8 ZnO Multiferroic Nanocomposite
Papia Dutta, S. K. Mandal, A. Nath
57. Weak Form Efficiency of Gold Prices in the Indian Market
Nikeeta Gupta, Dr. Ravi Singla
58. Temperature Dependent Dielectric and AC Electrical Response of 0.5La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 – 0.5Polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF) Hybrid Nanocomposites
Rajesh Debnath, S. K. Mandal, A. Nath
59. Modified Statistical Approach for Summary Generation
Aditi Shashank Chikhalikar
60. Performance Evaluation of Selectivity Skills of Fund Managers in India: An Analysis of Index Funds
Dr. Dhanraj Sharma, Dr. Ruchita Verma
61. MapReduce: An Efficient and Simplified Technique for Big Data Processing
Saurabh Sindhu and Divya Sindhu
62. Cervix Cancer Classification using Colposcopy Images by Deep Learning Method
Vasudha, Ajay Mittal, Mamta Juneja
63. Colorectal Cancer Detection from Colonoscopy Videos: A Comprehensive Survey of Computer-Aided Diagnosis Techniques
Manveer Kaur Saini, Mamta Juneja, Ajay Mittal
64. Attitude of In and Out-group Employees and Leader member Exchange
Dr. Jagdeep Singh, Neha Rukta
65. A Comparative Study of the Indian Stock Market with Two International Stock Markets between 2012-17
Smriti Menon
66. Review of Assistive Technology and Applications for Visually Challenged
Rahul Dev Singh, Ajay Mittal, Rajesh Bhatia
67. Enhancement of Compressive Strength, Split Tensile Strength and Flexural Strength of Geopolymer Concrete by Adding Polypropylene Fibers.
Urmila Rajaram Kawade , Dr. Mujahid Hussain
68. Composite Fabrication and Characterization using Chicken Feather Fiber, Fish Residue Particulate and Epoxy Resin Matrix Amalgamation
Gagan Bansal, Animesh Jain, .Rishabh Makhija, Resham Taluja, Saumya Verma
69. Rockwell Hardness and Izod Impact Characterization of Chicken Feather Fiber reinforced epoxy Composite
Gagan Bansal, Abhijeet Roy, Somya Panwar, Ankit Ghanata, Resham Taluja
70. Removal of Nitrate and Hardness from Synthetic Water using Chitosan as an Adsorbent
B. Manoj Kumar, Vishishtta Nagaraj
71. Anticancer, DNA Cleavage and Docking Studies of Metal(II) Complexes With Imine Base (E)-N-((1H-Imidazol-2-Yl) Methylene)-Benzo(D)Thiazol-2amine
Jagadish Tota and Satyanarayana Battu
72. Smart Spirit level
Syed Mohd Faraz , Saif Wakeel , Ateeb Ahmad Khan
73. An Assessment on Application Of Business Process Re Engineering In Gear Manufacturing Unit
Neeraj Kumar, Anurag Bhargav
74. Extreme Programming Considered Harmful
G.Sathish Kumar, S.Saravanan
75. Virtual Conversational Assistant –“The FARMBOT”
Mrs. L. Kannagi , Ramya .C, Shreya .R, Sowmiya .R
76. Thematic Concerns in Novel “Strom in Chandigarah” By Nayantara Sahgal – A Study.
Dr. E.Bhavani
77. Copy-Move Forgery Detection Techniques: A Literature Survey
Ritu Agarwal, B.N. Deepankan
78. Temperature Quantification in Orthogonal Machining of Metal Matrix Composites
A.A. Sri Rama Krishna, M. Sri Sai Kaushik, Vikramaditya T.V
79. Effect of EDM Process Parameters on Machining of Aluminum based Hybrid MMC
Harish Kumar Garg, Rajesh Kumar
80. Monitoring and Controlling of Fire Fighthing Robot using IOT
Kalathiripi Rambabu, Sanjay Siriki, D. Chupernechitha, Ch. Pooja
81. Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Quadcopter
G Premkumar, R Jayalakshmi,Md Akramuddin
82. Construction of Perpetual Composite Pavement
Manikanta Vangari, C.L Pravallika,G. Sai Reddy
83. Evaluation of Antioxidant Potential of Butea monosperma Bark and Sesbania cannabina Leaves.
Deepika Jain, Dr. Savita Shrivastava
84. Financial Performance of RINL Using Financial Ratios and Comparison with TATA, SAIL and JSW
Kommu U. K.S. Alekhya, K. Simhachalam Naidu, Tippana Lochana
85. Review on Research Aspects and Trends in Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining (Micro-EDM)
Shrikant Vidya, P. Mathiyalagan, Reeta Wattal
86. Financial Performance of BHEL (Visakhapatnam) using Financial Ratios
Madhulatha Karri, Sheeba.V.Thomas, Omkar Venkata Chinnam Naidu Murru
87. Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Wind/Fuel Cell/Ultra- Capacitor-Based Hybrid Power Generation System
P. Naresh, P.Maniraj
88. Implementation of IT Tools to Create a Learning Environment through E- Learning and Home Schooling
Uddeshya Shankar, Uday Kumar, Amit Kumar, Bhaswati Sahoo
89. One Hundred Names – Tale of a Journalist’s Dedication & Desperation
Dr. B.Mary Florence
90. Adsorption of Crystal Violet Dye from Wastewater by Zeolite Synthesized from Coal Fly Ash
Chanchala Alawa, I.P. Tripathi, M. K. Dwivedi
91. Automation: The Probable Threat to Human Potentiality in Future
Dr. Suneetha Yadav
92. Design of Multiband Triangular Slot Rectangular Patch Antenna using CST
T.Prudhvi, S.Satyanarayana,Y.Srideep, P.Asha, G.Mahesh
93. Nanofluids and Applications
Rose Paul, Julie Andrews
94. Study of Strength Characteries of Fiber Reinforced Concrete using Natural Fiber
Dr. Omprakash Netula, Shishupal Kumar, Er. Mahendra Saini
95. A Review on Smart Materials, Types and Applications
Jaishree Damodharan, Abhishek Sreedharan, Thirumalaikumar Ramalingam
96. To Study the Partial Replacement of Natural Sand by Quarry Sand in Concrete
Sonali K. Gadpalliwar, Sanket Amle
97. Man And Environment
Dr. Nusrat Jahan
98. Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Mould Vibrated Aluminium [Al 6063] Alloy Casting
Nagaraju Tenali, Avinash Babu Gudise, Thota Harish
99. Development of Prototype-Model and Design Modification, Analysis of Aircraft Wheel Hub
A.Damodara Reddy, B.Ramanji Naik
100. A Study on Impact of Smart Phone Usage on Health of College Going Students
Sebin Sebastian, Jinesh .N
101. A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Organic Agriproducts at Horticorp, Trivandrum
Neethu Udayan, Renju Kurian
102. Traffic Signal Synchronization- A Case Study: Bengaluru Ring Road
Shambhavi S, Pruthvi Raj U.A
103. A Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund Schemes
Laxmi Narayana Nadia, Mr. Balanji Reddy Mora
104. Impact of Demonetisation on Stock Market
Swetha Ragi, Mrs. K. Neeraja
105. Public Administration and its Effectiveness in Attaining a Welfare State
A Naga Padmini Rajyam
106. Emerging Trends in Architecture and Civil Engineering: Sustainable Building Technologies
Dr. Parag Govardhan Narkhede
107. Evolving HR Roles in Indian MNCs
Dr. Zuhaib Ahmad, Mohd Salman
108. Application of Schiff Bases and their Metal Complexes as Insecticides and Plant Growth Regulators-A Review
Sanjeev R. Dudhat , Shrikaant Kulkarni
109. A Stack Based Algorithm for Global Pairwise Protein Sequence Alignment
Farhana Desai , R. K. Kamat
110. Modeling & parameterization of Directional Control Valves using Matlab-Simulink/Sim Hydraulics
Vijay Mishra, Dr. Sunil Chandel
111. Review: Phytochemical and Pharmacological Profile of Gymnema Sylvestre.
Shobha Rupanar, Shirish Pingale
112. A Case Study on Drive Mechanism of Guillotine Damper
N. B. More, V. M. Nangre, S.M. Nagure
113. A Finite Element Approach to Double Diffusive Mixed Convection in a Cavity
P Nithish Reddy and K. Murugesan
114. The Value of Export and Import of Agricultural Sector- A Case Study Yemen
Yasmeen Mohammed Alwan, S.N. Yogish
115. GNSS Based Ionosphere Characterization for SBAS
Chetan Jain, Sourav Bagchi
116. V Glide
Akash Satamkar, Ruchir Surve, Abhishek Tilve, Rahul Raju
117. Review of Existing Design Methods for CFG (Cement-Fly Ash- Gravel) Pile Supported Composite Foundation Embankment
Vishal V. Pagar, Vijaykumar Sharma
118. CFD Analysis of Effect of Reynolds Number on Local Heat Transfer Distribution for Jet Impingement on Smooth Plate by Incompressible Chevron Jet
Harpreet Singh , Dr. Sunil Chandel
119. Throughput Enhancement for Device to Device Communication in LTE-A Networks
Ravindra S , Dr. Siddesh G K
120. Numerical Analysis of High Concentration Coal Ash Slurry Flow through Pipelines
Akshat H. Vaishnav, Dr. Sunil Chandel
121. Implementation of PLC Controlled Juice Machine
Mr. Shivaji V.Warankar, Mr. Jayesh B.Patil, Prof. Omkar M.Shete
122. Emerging Trends in Rural Development: Planning for Smart Villages
Prof. Dr. Parag Narkhede, Prof. Pashmeena Ghom
123. Modern outlines in Membrane Bioreactor for Sewage Treatment and Industrial Wastewater and Their Adequate Growth for ZLD in India
Mr. Hemant G. Yeole, Mr. Shekhar A. Lokhande, Mr. Tejmal B. Mahale
124. Review On Climate Responsive Facades: A Step towards Smart Sustainable Development
Er. Dakshayani Shete, Ar. Shilpa Kshirsagar
125. Effect of Sequential Construction on Multistoreyed Building
Dr. Suchita K. Hirde, Prasanna R. Bhosale
126. Seismic Response of Multistorey RC Frames
Dr. Suchita K. Hirde, Deval S. Nakhate
127. Preliminary Design of Turbine Wheel for High-Speed Cryogenic Turboexpander for Helium Liquefier
Mr. Prabeen Kumar Pattnayak, Shri Rajvir Singh Doohan, Dr Sunil Chandel
128. Analytical study of Cryogenic plate fin Heat Exchanger for Helium Liquefier
Srikanta Panda, Rajvir Singh Doohan, Dr Dineshsingh G Thakur
129. Study on Barrel Shaped Folded Plate Retaining Wall
Mr. Surajkumar Patil, Mrs. Smita Kuralkar
130. Comprehensive Study and Design Of Rectangular And Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna
Priyanka P. Pawar , Laxmi D. Kharade, Harsha B. Nagane
131. Intensity-Duration-Frequency Analysis of Rainfall for a Site in Chennai City
James Jesudasan Julius, M Janga Reddy
132. Universal Modern Trailer: A Review
Prof. R.S.Ambade, Shubham D. Navghare, Bhushan S. Kamatkar
133. A Review On- Fiber-Section Model with an Exact Shear Strain Profile for Two-Dimensional RC Frame Structures
Mr. Rahul Jaywant Chavan, Mr. Vinesh S Thorat
134. Data Mining: To Analyze Students’ Performance using Prediction Algorithms.
Ms. Prajakta Shirke, Dr. Swati P. Vitkar
135. Impact of Masonry Infill Walls on the Seismic Response of G+7 Reinforced Concrete Building
Shubham M. Adkar, Pradnya R. Sikachi, Dr. Satish B. Allampallewar
136. Comparative Study of Multi Storey Building under Action of Shear Wall Using ETAB Software
Shubham Kasat, Prof. Vinesh S. Thorat
137. Study of Structural Response for Regular Buildings on Dynamic Input on Sloped Ground With Different Soil Structures
Mr. Ruhikesh Tilekar, Prof. Vinesh Thorat
138. Placement of FACTS Device using Reduction of Total System Reactive Power Loss Sensitivity Indices Analysis Method
Abhijeet V. Gawande, Chetan W. Jadhao
139. Analysis of Diesel Engine Performance and Emission by using Pongamia Biodiesel
Khadre Supriya Tanaji, Bhosale Pranav Hindurao, Patil Akshay Ashok, Patil Harshavardhan Arvind, Jagdale Ramesh Rajaram, Prof. Mr.Bahubali Farande, Prof. Mr. R. S. Pawar
140. Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) Study of an Oil & Gas Industry in India
Dr U K Chakrabarty
141. An Evaluative Study of NBFC- MFIs in India
Ms. Aisha Badruddin, Dr. Mohd Anees
142. RE-ELECTROMAGNETISM- The Energy Generation from Waste Strong Electromagnetic Fields
Kapde Moazzam W, Mutke Sagar D, Ingale Saurabh M
143. Towards Improvement in Effectiveness of Robotics –An Overview
Kapil V.Deshmukh, Nilesh D. Dhote, Mrs. Snehal K. Deshmukh
144. Investigation of Applicability of Sea-Wave Response Spectra in the Analysis of Near-Shore Structures
Rahul M, Joshi V.P
145. Study of Resilient Bridge Rocking Columns with Polyurethane Damage Resistant End Segments and Replaceable Energy Dissipating Links
Chandulal Prajapat, Girish Joshi
146. Assessment of Parameters based on Magnetorheological Abrasive Flow Finishing Process.
Vilas S. Kanthale, Dr. D.W. Pande
147. Visual Surveillance System to Detect Abandoned Object for Public Security
Jagruti R. Shinde, Prof. Narendra M. Wagdarikar
148. Occlusion Handling Methods : A Survey
Poonam B.Yewale, Shridevi S.Vasekar
149. A Constructionist Learning Atmosphere for Teachers to Model Learning Styles
Sreekanth Nara, Dr. R.Vivekanandam, Dr. R.P.Singh
150. Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Power-Loom Industry Women Workers from Solapur City, Maharashtra, India
Somnath Kolgiri, Dr. Rahul Hiremath
151. Vehicle Brake Failure and Road Accidents- An Investigation
Anant W. Nemade, Samir A. Telang, Dr. Arvind L. Chel
152. Commercial Exploitation for Transport Infrastructure Project Case study of Metro Transport Infrastructure
Yojana B. Patil , Girish.Joshi
153. Investigation of Rigidity of Raft and Modulus of Soil on the Behaviour of Space Frame
Dr. D. Daniel Thangaraj, Dr.k.Ilamparuthi
154. An Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Quarry Chips
Dr. D. Daniel Thangaraj, Dr.k.Ilamparuthi
155. Compressor Control & Safety Using PLC
Yash Tatkare , Nitesh Kanashetti , Akshay Mane
156. Study of Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of High Strength Metallic Material
Ms. Manashree Hedaoo, Prof. M. R. Rampure, Dr. Suchita Hirde
157. Case Study on Design and Analysis of Simply Supported and Continuous Bridge-A Review
Akash Nalawade, Rahul Jadhav, Yogesh Bharat, Ayodhya Phad, Supriya Tipole, Dinesh W. Gawatre
158. Solar Panel Using Blu-Ray (BR) Light Trapping Technology
Patel P.B., Kulkarni A. R., Kumbharikar A. R.
159. Experimental Study of Compression Ignition Engine with Change in Intake Manifold Temperature
Kantaprasad.S.kodihal, Sambhare
160. Investigation of Cutting Force of the AISI D2 Steel in the CNC Turning Process
P. B. Pawar, R. S. Powar
161. Emerging Challenges of Indian Banking Sector
Dr. Savita Sindhu
162. Material Segregation & Waste Management using PLC
Rahul Deshmukh, Chinmay Joshi, Yash Bachhav, Sachin More, Amit Mishra
163. New Technology in Commerce
Prof. Rewati Soman
164. Analysis of V shaped Folded Retaining Wall
Miss Monika Arun Verma, Mrs. Smita Kuralkar
165. Universal Modern Trailer A Design Paper
Rakesh S Ambade, Hitesh M Jaisingpure, Akshay P Gawande
166. Implementation and Interlinking of PFD, PFMEA and Control Plan in Small Scale Industry: A Case Study
Mr. Vitthal R.Jumbad, Mr. Samir Telang, Mr. Anant W. Nemade, Dr. Arvind L.Chel
167. Static and Dynamic Analysis of Steel Chimneys Using Different Codes
Prof. Udaysingh Patil, Prof. Devendra Padole, Prof. Rashmi Gadpande
168. Smart Watch for Healthcare Monitoring
Pydimarri N V Rajya Lakshmi, Dr. P.Venkatesan, Ganga Prasad R
169. Looking into the High Fantasy Elements in Deepa Agarwal’s Anita and the Game of Shadows
Rosebel Wilson C, Dr. Avis Joseph , Dr. Baskaran
170. IoT based Agriculture Monitoring System
Bermila B M, Sahaya Edal Queen G, Sumathi.D,Valli Suseela.R, Dr. D. Ramalingam
171. Effect of Austempering on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ductile Cast Iron
V. P. Patel, A. V. Patel
172. Collaborative E-Procurement: Laying the Groundwork for the Construction Industry
Vaibhav Joshi, Dr. P. G. Gaikwad
173. A Modified Version of Reciprocating Engine with Fuel Free Electromagnetic in Conventional Internal Combustion Engines
V.Kumar, A.Sengolerayan, Dr. K. Duraivelu, T.S.Jagathis kumar, G.Hyder Ali
174. Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Analysis of poly (NTA-co- MACU) Copolymers
R.Ambika and P.Pazhanisamy
175. Finite Element Approach to Magneto Hydrodynamic Double Diffusive Natural Convection Using Velocity-Vorticity Formulation.
P Nithish Reddy and K. Murugesan
176. Performance Analysis of Darrieus Hydrokinetic Turbine
Vipin Kumar, Shibayan Sarkar
177. Efficient Implementation of Wireless Controlled Robotic Arm (R-700)
Dr. Kamel Alikhan Siddiqui, Mr. Mohammed Kaleemuddin, Mr. Mir Omer Ali, Mr. Shaik Imran
178. A Study on Factors Influencing the Consumer Behavior towards the Purchase of the Mahindra Cars at Hyderabad
B. Venkata Krishna Reddy, Mrs. P. Buela Prasanna Kumari
179. Auto Indexing Gear Cutting Attachment for Pneumatic Shaper
Kalepu Veera Durga Prasen, Bhanu Murthy S
180. Study of Buckling Restrained Braced RC- Ordinary Moment Resisting Frame for Response Reduction Factor
M. Nagaraju, K. Baskar
181. Exergy Analysis of Desiccant Assisted Evaporative Cooling System
R. P.Singh, R. K. Das, V K Mishra
182. Analysis of Adiabatic Flame Temperature for different Alkane- Air Mixtures using Simulink Model
Nazish Khan, Arees Qamareen
183. Real Time Vigilance System for Safety Driving
Ms. T. Shunbaga Pradeepa , Periyasamy K., Arsath Ali A., Muralitharan K
184. Serpentine Locomotion: Enhancement in Applications
Mr. Syed Muzammil, Ms.Sumayya, Ms. Arshat Unnisa, Mr. Mohammed Shareef, Ms.Amina Nisha Ansari, Ms.Ayesha Sultana
185. Magnetic Abrasive Finishing on turned M.S. Rods by using Aluminum Oxide and Iron combination Abrasive
Shahaji Deshmukh
186. A Comparative Review of PprA gene with respect to Deinococcus radiodurans using Bioinformatics Tools
Sushma I Hiremath, Adeline Rebecca Hubert and Jayarama Reddy
187. Stock Market Volatility in India - A Study With Reference to Equities
Ms. A. Latha, Prof. K. Omprakash
188. A Study On Inventory Management at Kesoram Cement Ltd
P.Shivakumar, Mrs. K.Neeraja
189. Manufacturing Process Optimisation : A Conclusive Combined Study of Taguchi and Optimisation Technique with Artificial Intelligence
190. VERGE : Consistent Object Sharing For Edge Services Using Express Proxy
K. Kartik Naidu, R. Tulasi Ram, S. Sai Nath, J. Aravind
191. Unique Finger Impression Recognition Based On Pictures and Edge-Feature
Mallavolu Naga Sai Priyanka, Alwala Priyanka, Kakara Sowmya, Busiraju Bhavitha
192. A Study on Investment and Portfolio Management at Karvy
K Sowjanya, Mr. Balanji Reddy Mora
193. Finite Element Analysis of SiC Reinforced and Unreinforced Friction Stir Welding of Mg Alloy AZ31B
Dr. Md. Aleem Pasha, Dr. P. Ravinder Reddy, Dr.P.Laxminarayana
194. A Study on Recruitment at HBL Power Systems Limited
M.Bala Swetha, Dr. K. Anil Kumar
195. A Study on Marketing Strategies of Max Life Insurance Hyderabad
G. Rachana V L R Reddy, Ms. P. Rajitha
196. Experimental Study on Concrete by Replacing Natural Sand by Artificial Sand
Nangare Archana Lahu , Kotulkar Pooja Suresh
197. A Study on Distribution Channels on Ultratech Cement
Vuppana Aravind, Mrs. P. Rajitha
198. Understanding Social Welfare Schemes for Beedi Workers of Allahabad District: A Conceptual Study
Fatima Qasim Hasan, Dr.Sneh P. Daniel, Fehmina Khalique
199. A Study on Marketing Techniques of the Maruti Suzuki Motors at Hyderabad
Abhishek Jadhav, Mrs. P. Buela Prasanna Kumari
200. Analytical Study on Performance of Steel and RCC Frame Structure by Non-linear Static Analysis
Anuj Domale, Kalurkar L.G.
201. Seismic Performance of Steel Frame Structure over RCC Frame Structure
Sudarshan Bhutekar, Mohammed Ishtiyaque
202. A Research Study on Communication and Information Technology To Enhance The Integration Between the Teams in New Product Development of a Generic Pharmaceutical Company
V.Vinothkumar, Dr. A.Prabhu Kumar
203. Log based Intrusion Detection Model
Kalimi Mahesh Kumar Reddy, S.Yogesh Sravan Kumar, N.Ranjith, Mr. Naresh Sammeta
204. Effect of Piston shape on In-Cylinder Flows and Equivalence Ratio Spread in a Direct Injection Engine – A CFD Analysis
B. Harshavardhan
205. BLDC Speed Control By Mobile
Akshay B. Shejwal, Vinay R. Ravidas, Amey V. Labde, Priyanka M. Kothoke
206. A Study on Labour Welfare Measures in Singareni Collieries Company Limited
G. Sai Anil Kumar, Dr. K. Anil Kumar
207. A Study On Customer Satisfaction In Retail Outlet
K.Vinay, Mrs. P. Rajitha
208. A Report on Risk and Return Analysis of Insurance Sector
K.Venkatesh, M. Balanji Reddy
209. A Report on Equity Analysis of Telecom Sector
A.Navya, B.Kiran Kumar Reddy
210. A Study on Job Satisfaction and Employee Pay at Ashok Leyland Company Limited
K.Ravi Kumar, Dr. K. Anil Kumar
211. Understanding Indicators and Challenges of Malnutrition in Children
Dr. Anjali Dewan
212. Inventory Management: A Case Study at AGI Glaspac, Hyderabad
Mr. D. Balu, Mr. Bharani Krishnavamsi
213. A Study on Capital Budgeting Techniques in Ultra Tech Cement Pvt Ltd
Mr. Manoj Choudhary, Ms. Sandhya
214. A Study on Inventory Management System in KTPS (TSGENCO) Ltd.
Mr. B. Sainadh, Ms. Sandhya
215. Public Administration and its Effectiveness in Attaining A Welfare State
A Naga Padmini Rajyam
216. Ascent Plunge Methods for Seclusion Preserving
Dr. P. Ithaya Rani , S.Mahalakshmi, A.Manjula, V.Merlin Freeda
217. A Study on Cash Flow Statement Analysis
Karumuri Naga Satish Redddy, Mr.Balanji Reddy Mora
218. A Study on Risk and Return Analysis with reference to Gold and Silver
A.Ramesh, Mrs. C. Sneha
219. A Study on Risk and Return Analysis on Pharmaceutical Industry
P.Ramya Sri, Mrs.K. Neeraja
220. A Comparative Analysis of Sectoral Indices with NSE Index
S.Akhila, Mrs. K. Neeraja
221. Performance Of Regional Rural Banks In India :A Study On Andhra Pragath Grameena Bank In Andhra Pradesh
A.Rosi Pranitha, Mrs. C. Sneha
222. A Study Equity Analysis with Reference to Cement Sector on Kotak Securities
B.Anjali, Mrs. k. Dhanalakshmi
223. A Performance Evaluation of Mutual Fund Schemes
Y.Manasa, K.Neeraja
Amarnath, S., Narayanan, K.R., Venkataraman, R and P.Dhasarathan
225. Risk and Return Analysis of Equity Shares in Banking Sector
P. Naveen, Mrs. K. Neeraja
226. A Study on Equity Shares Volatility of Select Cement Firms
Mr. Ashish Ranajan, Mrs. Dhana Laxmi
227. A Study on Cash Flow Statement Analysis
D.Bhasker, Mr.Bharani Krishnavamsi
228. Risk And Return Analysis on it Sectors at BMA Wealth Creators
Vishwanathula Sharanya, Mrs.K. Neeraja
229. A Study on Cash Flow Management
V Harinarayana, K. Neeraja
230. Smart Mirror
Ahmed Bin Sultan Bahyal, Prathik Raj Singh, Mohammed Khaja Ghouse Mohiuddin
231. A Study on Inventory Management System in FINECAB Wires and Cables Pvt Ltd.
Ms. M.Mounika, Mr.Balanji Reddy
232. A Study on Financial Performance Analysis of Construction Company
Ms. KL Sai Ushasree, Prof. M.Balanji Reddy
233. A Study on Cash Flow Statement in HSBC Ltd
M.Chandu, Mr.Balanjireddy Mora
234. A Study on Customer Satisfaction at Bajaj Auto Ltd
Swadin Kumar Mohanthy, Mrs P. Rajitha
235. Equity Share Repurchases of Indian Companies – Analysis of Share Price Performance
Hariprasad B.
236. A Study on Funds Flow Statement
Rohith Goud.G, Mr. M.Balanji Reddy
237. A Study on Training and Development at Zuari Cement
B.Sai Ram, Dr. K. Anil Kumar
238. A Report on Equity Analysis of Automobile Sector
S.Sankeerthana, K. Neeraja
239. A Study on Brand Awareness of Maruti Suzuki Motors At Hyderabad
Aakashkiran.H, P.Rajitha
240. Impact of High context/Low context Culture on Corporate Communication in MNCs
Fehmina Khalique, Dr. Daleep Parimoo, Fatima Qasim Hasan
241. Development of 3d Food Printer for Food Industry
V. Watile, S. Wadive, P. Urkude, S. Karokar, M. Kumar
242. Effect of Purification (Sodhana) on Phytochemicals and Analgesic activity of Strychnos Nux-vomica Linn.
Gopalkrishna SV, Prashanth B, Ramachandra Setty S
243. Recent Developments in Corrole Synthesis
Anil Kumar
244. A Study on Funds Flow Statement
Moreddy Prashanth Kumar Reddy, Mr. Balanji Reddy Mora
245. A Study on Recruitment and Selection at Eureka Forbes
R. Bhargavi, Mrs. P. Buela Prasanna Kumari
246. A Study on Pay Roll Management at Value Services in Hyderabad
A.Sirisha, Dr. K. Anil Kumar
247. Structural Health Monitoring, Audit, Repair and Rehabilitation of Building in Construction Industry
Sachin Rambhau Shelke, Prof. Darshana Ainchwar
248. “Business Model Canvas” of AAC Blocks Manufacturing Units
Bhosale Nikita K., Dr.A.C.Attar
249. Experimental Investigation of Flexural Strength of Concrete Beam by using Carbon Nanotubes
Archana S. Mali., Prof. G.V. Joshi
250. Weight Optimization of Outer Link Plate of Roller Chain by Topological Approach
Hrishikesh Kakade and Prof. A. B. Gaikwad
251. FEA & Experimental Approach for Weld Fatigue Stress Evaluation of Pressure Vessel Nozzle Joint
Amol A. Kamble, Prof. Dr. D. S. More
252. Vibration Analysis of Open Wind Tunnel by Using Experimental and FEA Technique.
Diksha Bibe, A.P.Deshmukh
253. Review of Researches on Durability of Concrete using Fibres
Sarita Shelake, Yashwant Bundele, Aishwarya Hande, Deep Kotadiya, Jitendra D. Dalvi
254. Vibration Based Condition Monitoring of FD-FAN of Boiler at Power Plant
Nikam Amol S, Garud Amol R, Simraan Khan, Sadakale Aniket R, Prof. V D Tirpude
255. Weight Optimization of Laminated Hook by Topological Approach
Manisha Shegokar, Prof. A B Gaikwad
256. Review of Researches on Preparation of High Strength Concrete using Recycled Aggregate
Dale A.D.,Durge T.V., Hanchate H.N., Tingre O.V., Kakde U.A.
257. Impacts and Effects of RERA on Construction Industry
Abhishek G. Munde, Shriniwas D. Londhe, Bhimrao M. Sonkamble, Sapana G. Swami, Prof. Sanjay Karodpati
258. Application of Line of Balance Scheduling Technique (LOBST) for a Low Income Group Housing Projects in Pune
Shubham B. Jadhav, Piyush D. Kene, Shubham S. Kutwal, Sai S. Rudrawar, Prof. Sheetal Marawar
259. Gust Analysis of Tall Building by IS 875(Part3)-1987 and by ETabs software.
Ravindra Jori , Omkar Kamble, Eklavya Sarnaik, Pooja Niphade, Prof. Amruta G. Whatte
260. “Review of Researches on Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Foundry Sand in Concrete”
Tapkir R. R., Gholve N. N., Jadhav V. P., Dandhare P. S., Koshti R. D.
261. Review on Flexural behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams using Foundry Sand
Bhosale A. S.,Deshmukh M. R.,Yachawad N. B., Shinde V. R.,Koshti R. D.
262. Analysis of Water for its Deuterium Content and its Effect on Potablity
Omkar Shivaji Giri,Atul Suresh Jadhav, Swapnil Prakash Mane, Lt. Col. Sanjay M. Karodpati,Dr Prashant P Chaudhari
263. Study and Treatment of Discarded Water by R.O. Filter
Harshada B. Borude, Chaitali K. Mahajan, Pratiksha S. Pejgude, Rajesh C. Katdare
264. To Study the Feasibility of Fixing Aerator in Housing Society for Water Conservation
Lt Col Sanjay Karodpati, Aditya Kumar Dwivedi, Ujjwal Vaid , Suresh Patil, Mohammed Umair Bhati
265. Torsional and Flexural Strength on Sisal Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam – A Recent Review
Piyush B Mahajan, Shubham D Pawar, Vipul V Kadlakh, Suraj V Nakate, Prof. Jitendra D Dalvi
266. Fully and Partial Replacement of River Sand by Crushed Stone Sand for External Plaster Work
Gaurav D Deshmukh, Sumeet S Pophale, Mahesh O Doke, Ketan M Datkhile, Prof. Uday A Kakde
267. Design and Development of Mechanism to Destroy Scrap Products
Ashish B. Bomble , Adwait M. Borkar, Sarthak S. Darawade, Aniket M. Gaikwad, Prof. Aniket Thawkar
268. Design and Development of Pre-stitching Leather Punching Machine
Saique B. Khan, Sammed N. Majalekar, Ashraf M. Khan, Suraj S. Thakur
269. Investigation of Temperature near Cutting Zone in Drilling of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Sagar S. Shinde, Pavan G. Bankar, Pratik G. Daundkar, Tanmay Bijamwar, Rohan Jagtap
270. Design of Shock Absorber Test Rig for Two Wheeler Suspension System
Jay Vijay Kadam, Pravin R. Patane, Amit Ranpise, Akshay V. Survase
271. Design of Various Load Holding and Carrying Device on Two Wheeler
Amarbahadur Pal, Manish Kumar, Kernath Mane, Amol Awatade
272. Design, Development & Manufacturing of Leather Strips Cross Weaving Machine for Kolhapuri Footwear
Prof.Kunal S.Marathe ,Mr.Yash Chavande, Mr.Shubham Dhane , Mr.Sumit Jadhav, Mr.Mahesh Ghumade
273. Design and Analysis of Car Disc Brake by Using FEM
Mahesh Mane, Arun.p.Kamble
274. Design, Development and Analysis of Press Tool for an Industrial Part
Design, Development and Analysis of Press Tool for an Industrial Part
275. Design and Analysis of Disk Furrow Opener
Pravin Ramnath Karad, Amol Gaikwad
276. Design and Analysis of Engine Mounting Bracket
Sagar V. Birari , Dr. Monimoy Saha
277. Design and Modification of Commercial Vehicle Braking System for Reducing Noise and Grabbing
Akash V. Ochawar and Prof. Amol B. Gaikwad
278. Automatic Drainage Cleaning Machine
Rohit R Bukte, Akshay K Waghamare,Nikhil Jain, Sanket V Alhat, Vinod G Patil
279. ‘Colour Booth Machine for Leather Products’
Aghav Nitin Rajabhau, Shubham Subhash Rodage, Akash Jagdale, Prof .D. S. More
280. Design and Fabrication of Vibratory Bowl Feeder
Proff. K.S. Marathe, Akash Sonune , Raghvendra Zade, Nitin Wagh, Jameer Shaikh
281. Different Class of Salagean Operator with Some Missing Coefficients
Rahulkumar Dipakkumar Katkade, S.M.Khairnar
282. Effect of Hydraulic Conductivity on Soils.
Pratik Patil., Aniket Kshirsagar, Harshwardhan Chipade, Sagar Kale, Tushar Salunke.
283. Environmental Aspects of a Smart Village & Case study on Smart village:
Mr.Rakesh.S.Jagtap, Mr.Chireenjivee.G.Naik, Mr.Chinmay.P.Shilavane, Mr.Manoj.L.Vispute, Prof.: R. C. Katdare
284. Development of Transparent Tools for Forging
Ashwin Saindane, Shubham Chinchkar, Mayur Kadam, Ganesh Jambhale, Parag Marathe
285. Multi-Purpose Cleaning Machine
Prof. Amit A. Shinde, Akshay D. Jagtap, Kartik Manohar Pawar, Rohit V. Meshram, Dipak S. Marshivane
286. Design of Cheese Grit Machine
Jedhe Pratik , Munde Ganesh, Kadam Shekhar, Chafakanade Kiran, Prof. S B Shinde
287. Semi – Automatic Shrub Cutting Machine
Prof. Suraj R. Gavali, Aditya R. Patil, Mahesh D. Karpe, Akshay S. Khedekar, Swapnil D. Bhujbal
288. A Review paper on Combination of Oldham’s and Universal Couplings
Hemantkumar Bhure
289. A Review Paper on Fault Detection of a Gearbox
Milind Gaikwad, Prof. Prashant Karajgi
290. Design & Analysis of Piping System for Optimization of Pipe Wall Thickness
Kamalakar G. Wagh, Prof. Dr. M. Saha
291. Design and Analysis of Auxetic Honeycomb
Amruta L. Adasul, Dr. Monimoy Saha, A. B. Gaikwad
292. SOFC Active Suspension System
Harshada Chaudhari ,Amol Kamble, Amol Gaikwad
293. Analysis of Wear Debris
Atul kumar Mishra, Prof.A.P. Kamble
294. Analysis of Impact of Quality on Construction and Construction Cost
Prof. Rushikesh H. Patil, Prof. Sanjay Karodpati
295. A Survey: Medical Image Segmentation
Ms. Dipika Birari, Mr. Kushal Mandge
296. Analysis of Acoustical Characteristics for Understanding of Sound Quality and Acoustic Environment Inside Temples
Anirvan B. Gupta, Laxman M. Chaudhari, Vijay H. Raybagkar
297. Parametric Effect on Performance Enhancement of Offset Finned Absorber Solar Air Heater
General views on Modified Solar Water Heater with Modified Heat Exchanger